Enthusiasts Kanye West displays his admiration for Hitler and scares the social network to speak

04:50  02 december  2022
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Twitter buyout: shareholders vote for the project of Elon Musk

 Twitter buyout: shareholders vote for the project of Elon Musk © Michaelvi/Adobe Stock Twitter Association: shareholders vote for the project of Elon Musk The shareholders of the social network approved the buyout agreement From the platform by Elon Musk, one month before the opening of the trial that Twitter launched against the multimillionaire to force him to honor his commitment.

Kanye West, le 10 février 2020 près de Los Angeles, en Californie © Jean-Baptiste Lacroix Kanye West, on February 10, 2020 near Los Angeles, California

rapper Kanye West, more and more isolated after his Recent anti -Semitic remarks, sinks a little more Thursday with his admiring remarks for Hitler during a lunar interview and the announcement of the cancellation of the buyout of the Social Network speaks, which he coveted since his troubles with others platforms.

During an ubiquitous appearance in the program "Infowars", hosted by the conspiratorial presenter Alex Jones, the artist, who is now called Ye and wore a black hood covering his entire face, launched himself in A tirade on the sin, pornography and the devil.

Senegal: Official launch of the network of elected officials of the opposition coalition Yewwi Askan Wi

 Senegal: Official launch of the network of elected officials of the opposition coalition Yewwi Askan Wi © AP - Sylvain Cherkaoui Photo taken in March 2021. The political opponent Ousmane Sonko won the town hall of Ziguinchor during the local elections of January 23, 2022. The network of local elected representatives of Senegal was launched on Saturday October 15, and is chaired by Ousmane Sonko. Figure of the opposition and candidate by presidential election, he is also always involved in a judicial case where he is accused of rape, which he categorically denies.

"I like Hitler", launched the star several times.

Far from calming the game after his anti -Semitic remarks which pushed many brands, including the German giant Adidas, to cut the bridges with him, the rapper added a layer, triggering a deluge of convictions on social networks.

In the process, the parent company of speaking, Parliament Technologies, announced that it was giving up being bought by the Rap Titan. A decision in mid-November ", assured the company at the helm of this social network, very popular with ultra-conservatives for its defense of an almost limitless freedom of expression.

Kanye West had initially expressed his desire to buy speaking, after the recent anti -Semitic remarks that made him a persona non grata in the business world and have earned him the deletions of his posts on Instagram and Twitter.

Elon Musk took control of Twitter and dismissed managers, according to the American press

 Elon Musk took control of Twitter and dismissed managers, according to the American press © Hannibal Hanschke, Reuters Elon Musk on December 1, 2020 in Berlin. According to several American media, the billionaire Elon Musk finalized the acquisition of Twitter on Thursday and dismissed several leaders of the social network, including its CEO Parag Agrawal. Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, A took control of Twitter Thursday October 27 after concluding the acquisition of the social network for $ 44 billion, according to several articles in the American specialized press.

- "I love the Nazis" -

on the set of "Infowars" Thursday, the 45 -year -old rapper, who says they suffer from bipolar disorders and recently suggested that he could run for the Presidency of the United States in 2024 , redoubled a provocation.

"I see positive things also about Hitler," he said. "This guy (...) invented the highways, invented the microphone that I use as a musician. We cannot say publicly that this person did anything good, and I have enough."

"I am enough of the labels, all human being brought something having a value, especially Hitler," he insisted, triggering shocked laughs from his host, the far-right conspirator Alex Alex Jones.

"The Nazis were thugs and did very bad things," tried to correct him Mr. Jones, recently sentenced to paying nearly a billion dollars for denying the reality of a killing in a school.

"But they did good things too," said the rapper. "We have to stop insulting the Nazis permanently. (...) I love the Nazis."

Medvedev, Dugin and Co.: Putin's elite shows her fascism very openly

 Medvedev, Dugin and Co.: Putin's elite shows her fascism very openly in Russia, the open right -wing and fundamentally fundamentally religious spirit of President Vladimir Putin. The Russian ex-President and current deputy chairman of the Russian security council, Dmitri Medvedev, said Russian deserters on Friday to "betray figs" and added that Russia was "stronger and clean" without these people. © Picture Alliance/dpa/pool Sputnik Government/AP Dmitri Medvedev supports Wladimir Putin.

In recent weeks, several members of his former professional entourage had denounced the fascination of Kanye West to Hitler.

- "infamous and repugnant" -

stuck in a series of controversies, Kanye West was cascaded by the brands with which he collaborated. The Adidas sports equipment supplier notably cut the bridges with the rapper at the end of October because of the words deemed anti -Semitic.

The Gap ready-to-wear chain and the Balenciaga fashion house also turned his back. At the beginning of October, the rapper had displayed during a parade in Paris the slogan "White Lives Matter", diverting the name of the anti-racist movement "Black Lives Matter".

On the set on Thursday, he appeared alongside the white supremacist Nick Fuentes, with whom he participated this week in a very controversial dinner with former American president Donald Trump.

Beyond the ire provoked on social networks, this new rapper's scandal pushed the Republican Jewish Coalition to directly challenge his political friends on Thursday.

Close to the "Grand Old Party", the organization, which recently received many figures from the Republican Party in Las Vegas, denounced Kanye West as an "infamous and repugnant sectarian who targeted the Jewish community with threats and defamation worthy of the Nazis ".

"The conservatives who made the mistake of tolerating Kanye West must be clear about the fact that he is a pariah," she added.


Twitter: Elon Musk asks users if he has to leave the management of the social network, they vote "yes" at 57.5% .
The billionaire had committed to respecting the result, when he launched this survey, Sunday. © provided by Franceinfo Internet users voted. Elon Musk asked, on the night of Sunday to Monday, December 19, via a survey launched on Twitter, whether or not the users of the social network wanted to leave the management of the social network. The result is final. Out of more than 17 million voters, 57.5% said they were favorable.

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