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21:51  14 february  2018
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  1971 Plymouth ’Cuda Found (AGAIN!) In Shop The car that started me down this path is found! I wasn't one of those who was always into cars. It wasn't until I uncovered a 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda in a repair shop that it flipped the switch in my head. Years ago, I was having a radio installed in my car in this shop when I saw this cool car sitting there. If this was here and I found it by accident, what else was out there? The car eventually disappeared, but in 2016 I decided to stop in and see if they ever saw the car again. No sooner did I walk in that I saw it! (This time painted red.) Sitting in a pile of junk was the original grille with these weird Plymouth stickers.

I'd heard people say, "Oh, Harry still has that car in his parent's barn. I'd just never seen it," Kris Smith said.

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  Watch This Corvette Hit 238 MPH in One Mile That is fast. Very fast.


chevrolet corvette
chevrolet corvette

Of course, in high school glory days, class of '76 in northern Indiana, Smith knew the 1971 Corvette very well. He drove a 1969 Corvette with the L46 option 350-horse 350 that he blew up.

His '69 Vette became much more powerful with an LT-1 replacement, but was his small-block hot enough to outrun a big-block in a 1971 model? In those days, Smith knew his friend's '71 had a 454, but they weren't wise to the option code LS6. "Somewhere around 1976 he and I actually took off down the main street of our little town to race, just 'cause everybody sitting there wanted us to."

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What Smith remembers most is how loud both cars were, so loud they thought they might blow the windows out. Harry's '71 had chromed Hooker header pipes on the sides, a functional scoop on the stock hood, ET mags, metal fender flares and a Baldwin-Motion type paint scheme on the original Mille Miglia red paint.

Rare Find 1966 Corvette Race Car Complete with hi-po 427

  Rare Find 1966 Corvette Race Car Complete with hi-po 427 Some people tell me to leave it as a race car. Some people tell me to restore it. Some people tell me to leave it as a race car. Some people tell me to restore it. There's no log books, and it wasn't Tony DeLorenzo as a driver, or Roger Penske, or Mickey Thompson. It wasn't a high-profile driver.

Smith was astounded to see a vision of this same car parked in the yard of Harry's parent's farm. He thought to himself in reverence, the legend lives. That night Kris Smith tracked down and called his high school classmate Harry and asked him what he was going to do with his old Corvette. "He said his parents had died and he actually thought about renting a backhoe and burying it in the back of the barn."

Harry wasn't ready to sell the '71 and Kris didn't push his old friend into a decision. They would keep in touch. Apparently, Harry needed some time. When Kris noticed the Corvette was still parked in the yard on Thanksgiving of that year—2005—he called Harry and offered to store the Vette in his barn. "I said I won't charge you anything, but at least it won't deteriorate anymore."

02-1971-corvette-coupe-LS6-smith.jpg© Hot Rod Network Staff 02-1971-corvette-coupe-LS6-smith.jpg

Kris stored the '71 Corvette for three to four years and kept in touch with Harry. Finally, one evening on a phone conversation, Harry decided to sell the '71. Kris knew his friend had a hard time letting the car go so he didn't wait. "I thought, man, I better just go meet him tonight. So, I just met him that evening and gave him the money."

Last Corvette Damaged By Sinkhole Will Be Displayed On February 12

  Last Corvette Damaged By Sinkhole Will Be Displayed On February 12 The 1962 Corvette will look brand new when it rolls out of the shop. In 2014, a sinkhole opened up in the center of Bowling Green, Kentucky’s National Corvette Museum and swallowed eight historic Chevy Corvettes. For a while, the museum took the Earth-moving event in stride, allowing visitors to take a look at the sinkhole up close, complete with upside-down Corvettes and all. Research Research New Used New & Used Make Model Eventually, the museum decided it was time to restore the damaged vehicles.

The old Corvette sure needed a ton of work, but it was all there, including its original LS6 engine. The year was 2008. With two kids in college and having just restored a black 1965 Corvette, Kris and his wife had to wait to pay a shop to work on the '71.

The '71 was worthy of a total restoration. Smith was in for a big discovery the day he picked the car up from the farm. A collector and restorer now, Kris Smith knew what 425-horsepower on the console plaque meant. This 454 model could have been one of the 4,473 LS5 390-horsepower 454s built. Instead, it was one of 188 LS6 425-horsepower 454s built for 1971.

Now he knew why he hadn't stood a chance of winning that race in 1976. His LT-1 was a hot small-block, but no match for the legendary LS6 big-block. Vette

The last inspection is dated 1978.

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Vietnam Vet Modified 1969 Corvette Stored Over 40 Years .
We've all heard stories of soldiers that went off to war and in their time overseas dreamed of the car they were going to buy when they returned home.John Adornetto turned 21 in 1968, the year he got drafted. Living in Jersey City, New Jersey, John didn't have to travel but 66 miles to get to Fort Dix, where he spent three months in boot camp followed by about the same amount of time in AIT, short for Advanced Infantry Training. The Vietnam War was raging and the Army needed boots on the ground.

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