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Junkyard Gem: 1965 Ford Mustang Hardtop

Friday  00:41,   07 september 2018

A 1965 Ford Mustang hardtop photographed in a Denver self-service junkyardThe big self-service junkyard chains of North America, such as U-Pull-&-Pay, Pick-n-Pull, LKQ Pick Your Part, and Pull-A-Part, turn over their inventory quickly and use...[...]

The Lincoln Continental is Probably Dead By 2020

Thursday  18:21,   06 september 2018

The new Lincoln Continental debuted to a ton of fanfare, only to be immediately and brutally met with a market moving swiftly away from sedans to SUVs. So rumors about the demise of the Lincoln Continental started circling a few months ago, but now...[...]

First Look – Chevrolet and AEV Collaborate on 2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison

Thursday  18:01,   06 september 2018

Rugged Exterior Additions Help ZR2 Get Through Rough TerrainThe 2019 ZR2 Bison keeps most of what makes the regular off-roader so special: DSSV shock absorbers, locking front and rear differentials, a wider track, and lifted suspension compared to...[...]

This Vodka-Powered Yamaha Motorcycle Just Set a Speed Record at Bonneville

Thursday  01:47,   06 september 2018

Normally booze and motorcycles aren't a good mix—not so with this modified Yamaha XS650.Speed freaks are known for bringing some truly off-the-wall machines to the Bonneville Salt Flats in search of glory. But a team from a distillery in Montana [...]

Lister Is Turning the Jaguar F-Pace Into the "World's Fastest SUV"

Thursday  01:47,   06 september 2018

With 670 horsepower and a top speed of "over 200 mph," the Lister LFP will certainly haul.The LFP looks much like the F-Pace it's based on, albeit with a number of custom Lister touches. There are new bumpers, widebody fenders, new sideskirts,...[...]

Why buying shares in a classic isn’t as crazy as it sounds

Wednesday  16:36,   05 september 2018

Classic car enthusiasts have known for a long time the potentially exponential value of a carefully selected vehicle. They’ve always understood how a hedonic mix of history, originality, provenance and sheer driving pleasure can combine to form a...[...]

Porsche's Anti-Lag System Is Brilliantly Backwards

Tuesday  21:50,   04 september 2018

Most anti-lag systems dump a bunch of fuel into the engine to keep the turbos spinning. Porsche Dynamic Boost does the opposite. Porsche embraced turbocharging for the 911 Carrera and 718 Boxster and Cayman, but it didn't want to lose the...[...]

This Early Lotus Esprit 'Turbo' is Beyond Sorted

Tuesday  21:50,   04 september 2018

Have you ever seen a 1977 Esprit built to a higher standard? Jay Leno certainly hasn't.This tastefully upgraded S1 was bought new by Detlef Claudius in 1977 for $14,500, who worked for kit car manufacturer Fiberfab before a detour into mobile...[...]

Refreshing or Revolting: 2019 Hyundai Elantra

Tuesday  20:35,   04 september 2018

Bolder for the...[...]

How the Porsche 928 Was Inspired by a '50s Corvette Experiment

Friday  19:21,   31 august 2018

Many people think of the Porsche 928 as a "German Corvette," but the connection is much deeper than you might remember. The fifth-generation (C5) Corvette was an extremely advanced sports car when it debuted, with some radical changes compared to...[...]

Lost Land Rovers among rare vehicles discovered on Scottish estate

Friday  18:51,   31 august 2018

Nestled deep in the Peeblesshire countryside not far out of Edinburgh, a host of rare and one-off vehicles have been unearthed by researchers scouting for photoshoot locations. The landowner currently holds custody of various early Range Rovers,...[...]

Dino with a Ferrari F40 heart

Friday  18:51,   31 august 2018

Restoring and modifying, or resto-modding, is nothing new. You take a classic car that’s in need of some TLC, and restore it beyond its original specification. Porsche 911s are the prime candidates these days, but Ferrari collector David Lee had...[...]

What are the most common seasonal car repairs?

Friday  17:32,   31 august 2018

How car problems change as the seasons change The post What are the most common seasonal car repairs? appeared first on Motoring Research.Top seasonal car repairs revealed Top seasonal car repairs revealed Top Seasonal Repairs in Fall Top Seasonal...[...]

Why GM Finally Let Cadillac Build an All-New Twin-Turbo V8

Wednesday  22:17,   29 august 2018

Meet the spiritual successor to the Northstar, the 4.2L V8 bound for Caddy’s CT6. It used to be that each General Motors division had its own engines-Pontiac had Pontiac engines, Oldsmobile had Oldsmobile engines, and as good as Chevy engines were,...[...]

Find of the Week: 2001 Vauxhall VX220

Wednesday  22:16,   29 august 2018

The autoTRADER.ca Find of the Week this week is a British German British car. It was never sold in Canada, and it's the only time GM and (later) Tesla have ever sold a car based on the same platform. It's a Vauxhall VX220. At the end of the...[...]