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Gigantic Sci-Fi fireworks flopped by Avatar creator-now there is suddenly hope for part 2

Wednesday  22:31,   07 december 2022

The underestimated sci-fi-cracker Alita: Battle Angel flopped at the time. Now the producer has spoken optimistically about a sequel. © Disney Gigantic Sci-Fi fireworks flopped by Avatar creator-now there is suddenly hope for part 2 next to... >>>

IFIG Brouard (here it all starts): "Thomas' favorite for Salomé will immerse him in an impossible situation"

Wednesday  01:30,   07 december 2022

© provided by all TV in here everything starts on TF1, at the start of the month of December 2022, after learning that Salomé wanted to stop the Master module, Kelly returned to his father. As a reminder, Thomas Lacroix abandoned Kelly at birth and >>>

Expert fears environmental disasters through possible Russian "shadow fleet"

Tuesday  18:30,   06 december 2022

The price cover for Russian oil imposed by western states, according to the energy expert Adnan Vatansever, could increase the risk of environmental disasters. According to the prerequisite on Tuesday, the latter told the "Spiegel" that Russia... >>>

The former trainer of Zac Efron hates Burpees: Why he says that most people shouldn't make them

Tuesday  11:40,   06 december 2022

The prominent coach Patrick Murphy does not integrate burpies into his training sessions. Burpees are not an efficient exercise, and most people lack the necessary flexibility to carry them out safely and correctly, says fitness trainer Patrick... >>>

Oise: Houses put on sale from 8,000 euros

Tuesday  01:20,   06 december 2022

three goods, located in the Oise, will be auctioned at prices soon at the Beauvais judicial court. The starting price of one of the houses will start at 8,000 euros. very good deals will be offered at the auction soon in the Oise. Indeed, as... >>>

Special ship for LNG terminal comes in mid-December

Monday  19:00,   05 december 2022

The Gas importer Uniper awaits the special ship “Hoegh Esperanza” as a technical center for the new LNG-Agricultural terminal in Wilhelmshaven in mid-December. This was said by a company spokesman in Düsseldorf on Monday. He denied reports that the >>>

Photocall for the long -awaited film »Avatar: The Way of Water»

Monday  18:20,   05 december 2022

Two zodiac signs have been dancing around each other for some time. Now the year 2022 is coming to an end and they finally jump over their shadows. Curtain up, for a romantic love final! © Liam Daniel/Netflix The Bridgerton dream couple: Anthony... >>>

ASSE - Mercato: A colossus arrives in Saint -Etienne!

Sunday  13:50,   04 december 2022

AS Saint-Etienne welcomed the arrival of Benjamin Guy, the new physical trainer of the Greens. If Cédric Varrault says it is a real good pick, his size can impress. © Icon Sport Laurent Batlles (ASSE) AS Saint-Etienne welcomed the arrival of... >>>

Left criticizes inadequate protection against price increases

Sunday  08:00,   04 december 2022

DIE LINKE has criticized the planned protection against excessive tariff increases in the gas and electricity price brake as inadequate and demands stricter controls. "The federal government has to approve every new tariff for 2023 in the event of... >>>

Chamomile: You will be amazed at what this plant can do!

Saturday  15:30,   03 december 2022

The emergency shots on Saxony's hospitals have to struggle with overload and shortage of labor. "We perceive persistent problems in the emergency shots," said the spokesman for the Hospital Society Saxony, Friedrich R. Munich, at a survey by the... >>>

Youtube audiences: Inoxtag creates surprise with an atypical concept

Saturday  15:00,   03 december 2022

squeezie, inoxtag, amixem ... puremedias.com invites you to discover the audiences of French videos published from Friday November 25 to Thursday December 1 on Youtube. © INOXTAG Squeezie takes over. This Saturday, Puremedias.com invites you to... >>>

Chinese cities loose quarantine rules

Friday  22:30,   02 december 2022

After massive riots, cities across China have started loosening corona measures. The WHO is not enough. © Anadolu Agency/Picture Alliance Loofing: In Beijing, you no longer need a negative test result if you want to ride by train or bus The World... >>>

Elon Musk's satellite internet Starlink doubles the prices in Ukraine

Friday  19:10,   02 december 2022

© YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images Ukraine needs the Starlink system for communication. Ukraine needs the Starlink system for communication. The prices for Starlink Communication devices have almost doubled in Ukraine . The reason is the... >>>

Conspiracy to Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Dax turns something into the plus

Friday  14:40,   02 december 2022

before the weekend, investors are waiting for job data from the USA on the Frankfurt stock exchange. © provided by Finance.net Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images The DAX opened with a minus of 0.17 percent at 14,465.70 points and now moves in the... >>>

Maintenance. "450 victims abused by religious have been accompanied to date"

Thursday  23:10,   01 december 2022

© Daniel Fouray / Ouest-France Sister Véronique Margron, theologian and president of the Conference of Religious and Nuns of France (Corref). The Recognition and Repair Commission supports victims of sexual violence committed by religious. A... >>>