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Gas: Poland signs an important supply contract with Norway

Sunday  17:30,   25 september 2022

© provided by Tribune secure Poland 15 % of its gas needs with Norway. Norway confirms its new status as the first gas supplier in Europe. The Norwegian energetician Equinor has just signed an important long -term agreement with the Polish Gassier... >>>

Defense: Switzerland buys 36 American planes F-35

Sunday  11:20,   25 september 2022

© Pixabay Defense: Switzerland buys 36 American planes F-35 Switzerland will pay more than 6.3 billion euros to obtain 36 American combat aircraft F-35. Lockheed-Martin should deliver these devices from 2027. The American company Lockheed-Martin... >>>

summer lilac. So it works

Sunday  10:00,   25 september 2022

Hibernate The summer lilac is not only extremely popular with hobby gardeners because of its impressive floral splendor. Even butterflies are very popular with the fragrant flowers of the plant. Actually easy to care for and robust, the summer lilac >>>

risk of listeria. Carrefour recalls raclette cheese throughout France

Sunday  09:30,   25 september 2022

© Marc Ollivier / Ouest-France Logo of the Carrefour Alma store in Rennes. Illustration photo. of the raclette cheese sold by Carrefour under a distributor brand has been the subject of a recall since Thursday, September 22, 2022. The product could >>>

"You are great": a bit angry, fans of "12 noon shots" find a smile ... Jean-Luc Reichmann announces excellent news!

Sunday  05:50,   25 september 2022

After the dissatisfaction of his fans of "12 noon shots" on social networks, Jean-Luc Reichmann expressed excellent news on his Instagram account, this Saturday, September 24, 2022! © Abaca "You are great": a bit angry, fans of "12 noon shots" find >>>

Linke demands the elimination of gas surcharge and debt brake

Sunday  05:30,   25 september 2022

DIE LINKE has expressed sharp criticism of Economic Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and accused him of a rip off of gas customers. Member of the Bundestag Sören Pellmann told the German Press Agency: “It should not be that citizens and companies... >>>

Multi -production for ID.Buzz? - VW in Hanover "full"

Sunday  05:20,   25 september 2022

because of the high demand for the ID.Buzz, the Volkswagen Urzank Daughter VWN is expanding to expand parts of the production. However, many customers will have to wait a while for the electric buses ordered. At the VWN headquarters in Hanover, the >>>

Energy crisis: Scholz promises quick relief for citizens and companies

Sunday  05:10,   25 september 2022

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has guaranteed citizens and companies rapid help in view of the high energy prices. To implement the relief packages, "the necessary support is quickly organized", Scholz said "Chancellor compact" on Saturday in his... >>>

Bernard Arnault offers three prestigious addresses in Paris for 900 million euros

Sunday  04:40,   25 september 2022

© Galli Jean Claude/Sipa Louis Vuitton, avenue Montaigne in Paris The founder of the LVMH group would have acquired three prestigious Parisian addresses this summer. In terms of real estate, the great business is linked to the Parisian... >>>

Flat rate price can increase afterwards

Sunday  01:40,   25 september 2022

The booked travel price applies - right? Not necessarily, as the European Consumer Center explains. Under certain conditions, organizers can also raise the flat -rate travel price after the booking, without the need for approval, and by up to eight >>>

Sub -iled: How to make sure?

Sunday  16:10,   18 september 2022

© Francois Henry/REA Immobilier Practical - Ensuring your accommodation is most of the time a legal obligation. This aims to protect the owner, but especially the tenant. In the event of sublet, the rules are special. The sublet designates a... >>>

eerie case: Woman swallowed 55 AAA batteries

Sunday  14:40,   18 september 2022

Astonishing cases with patients who have to be treated due to the bodily bodied objects are not uncommon at St. Vincent's University Hospital in Dublin. © Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash for recycling batteries But the problem of a 66-year-old... >>>

bridge repair: No S-Bahn traffic via Elbe on Saturday

Saturday  06:50,   17 september 2022

Before completing a bridge repair, Hamburg S-Bahn traffic via the Elbe will be completely interrupted on Saturday for 24 hours. From 1:00 a.m. on Saturday until 1.00 a.m. on Sunday morning, single-track commuting will also be will be out every 20... >>>

Medicians sees Wiesn without great concern

Friday  19:21,   16 september 2022

The infectiologist and pandemic officer of the University Hospital on the right of the Isar of the Technical University of Munich, Christoph Spinner, looks forward to the Oktoberfest without major corona care. "The number of respiratory diseases as >>>

Hautot Fauve separated from Jules Renault? This confidence that says a lot!

Friday  15:50,   16 september 2022

© provided by Starmag Fauve-Hautot since Friday September 9, 2022, Fauve Hautot is playing with Dance with stars . associated with Billy Crawford , some people already see her winning a new trophy. Fauve Hautot is undoubtedly one of the stars of... >>>