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NewsMotorcycle Helmets Will Remain Mandatory In Missouri After All

18:15  17 july  2019
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German Court Says Sikhs Must Wear Helmets, No Exceptions

German Court Says Sikhs Must Wear Helmets, No Exceptions The court states that safety is most important for riders and drivers. One of Germany’s top five federal courts ruled last week that Sikh individuals are not exempt from country-wide motorcycle helmet laws. This was in response to an appeal by a Sikh man, who had argued that he could not successfully fit a helmet over his dastaar, the traditional turban that Sikh men (and some women) wear to demonstrate honor and spirituality within their faith.

The Iowa legislature repealed its mandatory helmet law in 1976. Every person operating or riding as a passenger on any motorcycle or motortricycle on any highway in Missouri must wear protective Because helmet and eye protection standards can change, it's best to check with the Motor Vehicle

Head Injuries: Why Motorcycle and Bicycle Helmets Should Be Mandatory . Everything seemed to be heading in the right direction. It was 1966, the Beatles were hot, long hair was in and the Highway Safety Act mandated the use of helmets for motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle Helmets Will Remain Mandatory In Missouri After All© Helmets mandatory Missouri

Safety prevails.

Back in May, a new bill was handed over to the Missouri state Governor, calling for a repeal of the mandatory helmet law for riders 18 and older. In a surprising twist of events, the bill that was expected to go through was vetoed. Bad news for the freedom seekers, but good news for the safety advocates: helmets will remain mandatory in Missouri after all.

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Mandatory Helmet Laws Across The U.S.

The state of Missouri is one of the twenty-something states to have a mandatory motorcycle helmet law. Earlier this year, a bill was submitted to amend the ongoing helmet legislation. The new bill suggested that helmets be made optional for riders aged 18 and over with insurance.

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The Missouri House has passed legislation that would allow motorcyclists to ride without wearing helmets . House Bill 555 would lift the mandatory helmet requirement for motorcycle drivers and passenger who are at It would remain in effect for those under 21. The sponsor is Republican Rep.

People should not have to wear helmets because non- helmet usage dose not cost the government more money then helmet usage in a crash Which covers the cost just the same as an auto accident motorcyclists are 45% more likely to be injured in a cycle accident then other drivers(CDC pg or par.

While early reports stated that Governor Mike Parson who was to have the last say on the bill was likely to agree to it, the politician made a judgment call and instead vetoed the repeal. This means motorcycle helmets will remain mandatory in the state.

The repeal was submitted in an “omnibus transportation bill” (a melting pot of new bills) that included a number of other amendments the Governor disagreed with. This lead him to turn the entire bill down, including the clause about headgear legislation.

Supporters of the bill expressed their disappointment with the decision. “We’re on this big criminal-justice-reform kick, why are we wanting to turn people into criminals for not wearing a helmet?” House sponsor Shane Roden told St. Louis Public Radio. “I’ve already seen one motorcycle rider not wearing his helmet the other day I passed. They’re just not going to care.”

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Championship MotoGP Racer Petrucci Finally Gets His Road License After riding motorcycles for 20 years, maybe it was time. If you’ve ever done a track day, or if you are involved in motorcycle racing at all, at any level, you’ve probably met that guy. You know, the one who only ever rides the track and doesn’t ride the street. He’s had too many near misses, or maybe he’s a speed junkie who knows that the hooliganism he pulls on the track would get him killed pretty quickly on the street. MotoGP Speeds: Some MotoGP Catalan GP Riders Can't Use Their Usual Helmets A Gearhead Perspective Into MotoGP Motorcycle Development He’s probably not a MotoGP rider though.

Some would say that MANDATING helmet laws infringes on personal freedoms. Others would say that NOT having helmet laws is reckless and dangerous at I’m not going to get into the politics of why helmets aren’t mandatory . Instead, let me ask a question. How can anyone ride a motorcycle and

Non-DOT motorcycle helmets may still protect you, but you would need to check your state's regulations to determine whether you would be driving very interesting to know that the US does not have helmets mandatory in a majority of states. just curious to know its justifications, since the link

While advocates and rights groups’ argument revolved mainly around the right to choose to wear a helmet or not, medical experts have spoken out against the bill with statistics on their side. In fact, according to the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, a rider who hits the road without a helmet is 38-percent more likely to die in case of a crash.

While the reasons to veto the bill might seem murky and even unfair to some, ultimately, we’re glad it didn’t go through. Yes, everyone is allowed to make a choice, but safety should matter more than freedom and optional helmets shouldn’t even be a thing.

Sources: St. Louis Public Radio, Insurance Journal

Nolan Helmets Eaten By Shark.
OM NOM wait, no, not that kind of shark. 2Ride Holding Group, the parent company of French helmet maker Shark, has acquired the parent company of Italian helmet maker Nolan. Shark is the only one of 2Ride Holding Group’s brands that most of us in the US are familiar with; the others are Bering, Ségura, Bagster, and Cairn. Nolan’s parent company, The Nolan Group, also owns Grex and X-lite helmets. These are all popular brands in Europe but, as mentioned earlier, they’re not very popular over here.

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