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NewsThis Custom Bike: Come Get Offended At Terrible Welds With Me

20:05  17 july  2019
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Reimagined And Amazing: Custom Honda CB1000R

Reimagined And Amazing: Custom Honda CB1000R This is not a boring standard motorcycle by any stretch. Sometimes a custom build is such a stunner you just need to stare at it a while to take it all in. This is one of those times. The Honda CB1000R seems to be a perfect blank slate for this build. Start With A Great Standard: Epic Honda CB Customization Contest Is A Sight To Behold Details: Honda CB1000R Stock, this motorcycle is a true standard with a bit of a bobbed tail. It has a 1000cc inline-4 engine like some of Honda’s sport bikes but is re-tuned and sits at a more upright, comfortable position.

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Custom bicycles and tandems for years Hand-built in Seattle. With a good company, you'll get lots of attention to how your bike will fit, and good advice from staff that listens to your concerns. You'll find good educational materials, attention to your needs, and long term staff members in every department

This Custom Bike: Come Get Offended At Terrible Welds With Me
This Custom Bike: Come Get Offended At Terrible Welds With Me
This Custom Bike: Come Get Offended At Terrible Welds With Me

This Custom Bike: Come Get Offended At Terrible Welds With Me© KrautMotors Bauhaus 1

Calling it Bauhaus doesn't make it so.

Like a lot of you out there, we love a good custom build. The reimagined lines, the beauty of a machine brought out from under its stock form, no longer dictated by manufacturers’ bean-counters but by the imagination of craftsmen in a small workshop.

Some Gorgeous Customs:

Reimagined And Amazing: Custom Honda CB1000R

Moscow Custom Shop's Triumph Thruxton Is A Stunner

From Cruiser To Café Racer: You Can Call This Street 750 Sexy

From Cruiser To Café Racer: You Can Call This Street 750 Sexy Harleys can be sexy too!

Many of the amazing DIY Recumbent Bikes , Trikes, and Choppers shown in our Builder's Gallery were built by first timers to this fun DIY Hobby. Show off your own home built bikes and trikes in our Builder's Gallery, and discuss your works in progress in our friendly Support Forum.

26 reviews of Mikkelsen Bicycle Frame Repairs Painting & Brazons "Bernie, repaired my hopelessly dented Ritchey Breakaway steel frame bike in 4 places after an attempted robbery. He chatted with me about frame making, told me about his homemade tools and jigs.

This is not one of those builds. Wander over to this contraption out of the KrautMotors garage.

Look, I know right off the bat someone’s going to stop in just to say “well, could you do better?” And while I’ve never tried, I’m starting to think I could. Usually, we share custom builds that are amazingly good. This one, however, is not, and has left me baffled.

From far off, this motorcycle design looks like pure art, and not really rideable. The closer you get, the more you realize that the busy stuff in the middle is in fact a fuctional BMW F850 engine, and the pipes surrounding it a functional frame.

Then, you get even closer, and you realize that some of those pipes are supporting a flat, barely-upholstered seat that’s more suited to a dentist office’s waiting room. And the more you look at the welds on that ersatz gas tank, the more you’re not sure the bike would actually hold up to being ridden, or, you know, not leak. Anyone who knows anything about welding will tell you those welds are super goobery. I mean, maybe nobody else really notices or appreciates when a bead is really artfully laid down on a piece of metal, but I sure do. I’ve seen pieces of motorcycles that are welded fancier than cake decorations, and that is the sort of thing I consider good art. I love metal as art.

Unwrapped Like A Birthday Present: This Gorgeous Triumph Thruxton TFC

Unwrapped Like A Birthday Present: This Gorgeous Triumph Thruxton TFC It might not be your birthday but this video will make you feel like it is! Oh, we all love unboxing videos, don’t we? Especially when they’re special edition, carbon fiber, very pretty, Factory Custom Triumphs. Oooh, Thruxtons: Triumph Launches Sexy Thruxton TFC And Hints At Future Rocket The R TFC Is An Angry Limited-Edition Thruxton Coming In 2019 Motoprimo Motorsports out of Lakeville, Minnesota, is the lucky dealership to get this Triumph Thruxton TFC and share it with all of us.

Rivendell bikes are designed to be used hard and handed down for generations of riders. And behind the fancy paint you'll find a commitment to quality, supply-chain responsibility, and a healthy work environment for our staff. Give us a call some time or visit us in Walnut Creek, California.

Mountain bikers don't like kickstands because they can get caught on vegetation on the sides of the trail, and also they can rattle, which they find annoying. My Worksman Industrial Bike came with a kickstand, and the wife's cruiser from Wallyworld did too.

This bike is art, but it is not good art. It is at best a six-footer, and the design choices are interesting, I will give it that. But the execution leaves quite a lot to be desired.

Can we talk about girder front ends for a minute? I know that traditional forks aren’t pretty, and when you get into form over function perhaps they don’t deliver your specific aesthetic. But if a bike is going to be ridden, and that is what motorcycles are for, ultimately, then form should follow function. Why make an art bike that is miserable to ride? Do the best custom-built motorcycles not bring out the best in form and function?

Can we also talk about the way the drive chain routes and rolls over the… footpeg? And the complete lack of front brake but the tabs for one, on one side? Also I know there are still some hard-tail enthusiasts out there, but no rear suspension at all, combined with a girder front end, is going to make this bike a real challenge to ride. If, after all, it was not built to ride, then why build a motorcycle?

Check Out This Gorgeous Custom Honda CB500 All In White

Check Out This Gorgeous Custom Honda CB500 All In White It's a bit like cake frosting, or jewelry, or fine china ... We at RideApart do love a nice custom build. This motorcycle is serious hotness. Even if you don’t like the aesthetic, you cannot deny the skill that went into it. Duke Motorcycles out of Tourrettes Sur Loup, France, built this dreamy thing, and we are here for it. More Awesome Honda Builds: Reimagined And Amazing: Custom Honda CB1000R Amazing Dude Builds Honda Grom Sidecar For His Brother This particular bike began life in or around 1973 as a Honda CB500.

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I urge you to go look at the rest of the pictures at DesignBoom; the machine is a sight.

Source: DesignBoom, KrautMotors

Photo Credit: DesignBoom

Behold This Futuristic Custom Bike With Very Old Tech.
Are girder front ends making a popularity comeback? A custom build called the “Extreme Machine” lets you know, right out there, what you’re going to see before you see it. Meet “Macchina Estrema,” the extreme, and extremely Italian, custom build. Simone Conti Motorcycles, a one-man outfit out of Modena, Italy, created this interesting little thing for this past May’s Motorcycle Arts & Designers (MOARD) exhibition, held in Milan’s historic Palazzo del Ghiaccio.

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