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17:30  06 may  2021
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TUI wide range on other southern holiday destinations from

 TUI wide range on other southern holiday destinations from The Tourist Group TUI expands its offer after the much discussed Easter reboot in Mallorca shortly even more southern holiday destinations. © nicolas pomer / dpa The travel company TUI expands its offer from May. From next weekend (May 1st), there are traveling to the Balearic neighboring islands Ibiza and Formentera, announced the company. A few days later, the first flights to Faro on the Portuguese Algarve are planned on 5 May.

N26 leads its own German IBAN for its sub-accounts to simplify the management of invoices and cash receipts. For self-employed, there is an additional added value.

Die Metal-Karte gibt’s jetzt auch für Business-Kunden von N26. © N26 The Metal card is now available for N26 business customers.

One of the most interesting features with which digital Challenger banks with apps as a central element provide customers with added value, subnatines . These make it possible on the one hand to provide or define budgets for themselves, but their real potential but only in conjunction with other customer accounts, such as family budgets or in the shared flat.

However, this is so meaningful this will only be with a feature that has introduced the competitor Vivid last year, for example, and also planning individual other banks: own IBAN, ie unique account numbers for such sub-accounts. N26 has now announced the expansion of its spaces mentioned below accounts. Customers with the paid account models N26 Smart, N26 YOU and N26 Metal can use such spaces not only as independent sub-accounts, but also assign their own individual IBAN to each Space. Thus, direct debit payments can be set up for sub-accounts and receive SEPA bank transfers directly. A kind of automation brings the calculations, regular payments and abomasis cells.

"turning point" in terms of prey art

 German museums will soon return first art treasures of Benin bronzes applicable as a predatory goods - as a contribution to the work-up of Germany's colonial history. © Daniel Bockwoldt / DPA / Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Wave "We introduce ourselves of the historical and moral responsibility to get in Germany's colonial past and work out.

Better configurable direct debits and regular payments

According to a N26 survey, more than a third of customers wishes payments directly via spaces. Whether subscription payments, additional costs or memberships - separate spaces with their own IBAN help to determine budgets and retain the rule-based control over expenditure. The customers of the above-mentioned account models indicate the Spaces IBAN by first create the space in the app and then select (or if already available) via the "Add IBAN to Space" settings.

Additional benefit has the new feature also for the freelancers and independent that use a N26 account. For example, you can assign an individual space to each customer and forgive up to ten IBAN for this. In this way, incoming payments can be easily tracked up to download separate bank statements for each space and optimize the management of your business finance. As another feature, N26 also plans the possibility of enabling outgoing transfers as well as individual spaces.

Player Women Visit Bayern Stars in Quarantine Hotel .
Some stars of FC Bavaria are allowed to look forward to supporting their loved ones in their quarantine training camp. © Peter Kneffel / DPA Pool / DPA Some stars of Bayern may look forward to supporting your favorite in your quarantine hotel. After a few players, like the Munich football professionals and the supervisor staff, had undergone the requirements of the hygiene concept with Corona tests and domestic quarantine, they were allowed to move to their men in the team hotel.

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