News Over $ 230 billion: Elon Musk is richer than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet Together

05:55  19 october  2021
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MUSK shows his fans - open day's Day at Tesla

 MUSK shows his fans - open day's Day at Tesla Thousands visitors are expected to be open the day of the open door at the construction site of the first European factory of US electric autobauer Tesla. CEO Elon Musk presents itself today in Grünheide its fans. He has been promised to come and landed already on the capital airport. © Jae C. Hong / AP / DPA Tesla chief Elon Musk presents itself today in Grünheide his fans. visitors can make a tour about the construction site on the "County Fair) from Tesla.

The Tesla share continues to rise and with her the wealth of the company chief Elon Musk: most recently, the assets of the tech pioneer achieved a value of over 230 Billion dollars, which makes him with the richest man in the world. But not only that: Thus, the fortune of Musk is even greater than that of its two with-billionaire Bill Gates and Warren Buffet together.

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• Elon Musk's total assets is greater than that of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

• The value of the Tesla share rises again after the rally of the rally

• Spacex is now About $ 100 billion worth

The fortune of Elon Musk cracks the 230 billion dollar brand

The Tesla - and Spacex founder Elon Musk is a further impressive breakthrough from the financial point of view: according to the "Bloomberg Billionaires Index" exceeds the assets of the entrepreneur now a value of 230 billion dollars. This provides Musk's status as the richest man in the world not only a decent distance to the second-placed Jeff Bezos, his fortune is now even greater than that of the former first-placed Bill Gates and Warren Buffet together. According to CNBC, Musk was able to overtake his counterparty Bezo for the first time in January of this year and secure first place on the list of richest people on the planet. Bezos, the founder of the Shipping Giant Amazon and Elon Musk's largest rival, had initially had the first placement since 2017.

Tesla overtakes with Model 3 for the first time BMW 3er, Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class

 Tesla overtakes with Model 3 for the first time BMW 3er, Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class Tesla has a run in Germany. At the weekend, Company Chef Elon Musk in Brandenburg Grünheide celebrated a rushing party, also invited inhabitants, environmental associations, citizens' initiatives and Tesla selected press representatives. The event should present the Gigafactory to the public - and as much as possible. After all, the event brought the car maker nationwide headlines, which were predominantly benevolent.

The everlasting exchange of the two super-rich Tech-Moguln is always a source of entertainment. When Jeff Bezos recently recently on the Twitter platform reclined onto an old article that had predicted the failure of Amazon, and full of proudly recapitulated his own success story, the now richest man of the world of Elon Musk reacted to his usual dry, somewhat provocative way : he tweeted Bezos a silver medal emoji back.

Tesla course moves back to top

is an important reason for the enormous asset growth that Musk has recently been able to record the continued increase in the value of the Tesla share. As the Focus reports, the previous rally of the paper stabbed in spring after a parabolic increase in the previous year, but since May, the course rises again unstoppable. After the value per share last amounted to $ 870.11 and thus only about $ 30 less than the record high in the spring, the company can look at the stock market on an annual year of 23.30 percent. (Stand is the closing price of 18 October 2021). The founder and largest individual shareholder Elon Musk is the one who benefits most of this development. According to Teslamag, the increased increase in the Tesla share has contributed significantly to the $ 230 billion breakthrough due to Musk's estimated share of 54 percent.

Israel: a real "factory" of vin production of 1,500 years old

 Israel: a real The annual production of this archaeological place was estimated at two million liters © UPI / Newscom / SIPA an archaeologist holds one of the amphora Vin vin of 1,500 years discovered in Israel, on the Yavne site. Archeology - The annual production of this archaeological place was estimated at two million liters the Israeli authorities revealed on Monday the "largest" production site of wines of the Byzantine period.

also Spacex makes a large extent from

but also Elon Musk's second main project, the space company Spacex, is a crucial factor in the brilliant growth of its assets. According to Bloomberg, Musk's share of Spacex 40 makes a total of $ 236 billion of its private assets. Even the incessant increase in the value of Musk's space companies can also be documented, although Spacex is not listed. As CNBC reported, a transaction of Shares with a volume of $ 755 million took place at the beginning of October, at 560 dollars per share. After Spacex was able to procure fresh capital for around 420 dollars per share in February, the value of the shares has increased by 33 percent since then. Thus, the total value of the company is now over $ 100 billion.

At Spacex, it is its own statements to the most important project in the entrepreneurial life of Elon Musk, on Twitter, he was commented on overtaking gates and buffets, as follows, only as follows: "Hopefully he is enough to live on the Mars expand." For as Teslamag reported, Musk had already clarified in the past that the capital generated by Tesla should ultimately benefit Spacex and the higher purpose of space settlement.

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