News Elon Musk & Co. ensure record year for insider sales: what can still be expected by the end of the year

05:25  08 december  2021
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The one tech share that can be relaxed in pension

 The one tech share that can be relaxed in pension would not be nice to invest its money in a share to buy over the years more and more of it and sometime have built up a fortune for the pension? Such a company would have to have an extremely stable business model, which will be even relevant in 20 years and beyond. This would have to grow the year after year and have a strong competitive position.

Never before have company links and insiders sold so many shares, as in 2021. And a slowdown of the process in December is not to be expected .

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• New record value for equity sales in 2021

• Tax changes in view

• Promotional transaction after a good run

Elon Musk has thrown 2021 Tesla shares in the billions value on the market . But the CEO of the electric autobauer was not the only top manager who has separated shares of their own company in the year's year.

New Sales Record 2021

as CNBC reports on an appeal to INSIDERSCORE / VERITY, the sales of shares, which have made company insiders and CEOs made since the beginning of the year, increased to $ 69 billion. That's about 30 percent more than last year. The ten-year average was even surpassed for a whopping 79 percent.

Tesla will start production from its European plant in Berlin, with 6 months late

 Tesla will start production from its European plant in Berlin, with 6 months late © SP / Tesla Tesla will start production from its European plant in Berlin, with 6 months late and while the installation n 'still has not received definitive validation for its construction. In spite of the controversy, the Giant Tesla plant in Germany will begin the production of Model Y. The Grunheide site, located near Berlin, has already begun the assembly of some electric cars for an industrial test. , unveils the automobile magazine , Monday, November 29th.

It has been particularly large-scale sales promotions of "supersellers", which would have contributed to the sales record. Thus, Elon Musk Sesla shares alone has sold worth around ten billion US dollars. Amazon -Founder Jeff Bezos threw a share packet of Internet trees in a comparable amount on the market. Also the richest family clan in the world, the Walmart -founder family Walton, and Facebook -founder Mark Zuckerberg are among the four largest sellers of our own business shares this year. Overall, they accounted for 37 percent of this year's total, Ben Silverman, Research Director at Insiderscore / Verity is quoted. The Walton family separated from Walmart shares in the total value of $ 61.8 billion, Zuckerberg brought in the context of its 10b5-1-Plan META shares in the total value of $ 4.47 billion under the people.

2022 Mazda CX-5 SUV starts at $27,125, lands at dealers this winter

  2022 Mazda CX-5 SUV starts at $27,125, lands at dealers this winter It's still good-looking and probably still great to drive, so we're glad to see it's still affordable too.But before we get to the cost structure for the 2022 CX-5, we have to talk about its available trim levels. There are eight of them. That's a lot considering there are only two available engines. You start at the base model, the 2.5 S, and then work your way up to the tippy-top of the trim stack to end up at the 2.5 Turbo Signature.

Comprehensibly manageable in this context, the share sales of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who had sold alphabet shares worth 1.5 billion US dollars. Microsoft Chef Satya Nadella has sold almost half of its Microsoft shares for around $ 285 million last month, which he founded with "personal financial planning and diversification reasons".

New Tax Laws and High stock Excesses

In fact, tax grounds may have been the occasion to make stock participations in money. Because from the next year, in the state of Washington, a 7 percent tax on capital gains is due when they are above $ 250,000. The Microsoft boss, for example, by the sale before January 2022 saved in the amount of $ 20 million, calculates CNBC. Jeff Bezos even has achieved a tax savings of $ 700 million.

Also, Elon Musk had pointed to tax due to the sale of its Tesla shares, but in this context still emphasized, the sale of Shares is its only way to pay taxes at all.

In addition to changing the tax legislation, the high stock prices of the affiliated companies should also be a reason why CEOs and insiders have led to profit transactions. The Tesla share alone has increased 49.04 percent this year, in the last three years, it was more than 1,300 percent upwards. Amazon titles have gained more comparatively 8.1 percent since January since January, but have more than doubled on a three-year reception.

The record value for equity sales may increase even further in the last commercial weeks 2021: December is considered a popular month to make last adjustments in the tax planning.

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