News "Not directly a red card": Lieberknecht demands yellow for himself and operates self-protection

01:40  20 march  2022
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Darmstadt had to play in the top game against Bremen in the lower room and lost in the end. For Darmstadt Torsten Lieberknecht, the red card was not the only decision he did not agree.

Waren oft anderer Meinung: Darmstadts Torsten Lieberknecht und Schiedsrichter Robert Schröder. © Imago / Nordphoto were often different: Darmstadt's Torsten Lieberknecht and referee Robert Schröder.

Darmstadt's coaches with many referee decisions do not agree

Darmstadt 98 laid a good start to the top match in Bremen, until the 23rd minute: There referees Robert Schröder decided to smoothly red for Klaus Gjasula. First, the referee had shown only yellow, in the review area, Schröder then saw that the Darmstädter had caught the Bremen Romano Schmid with open sole full of the knee - and revised his decision.

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Lieberknecht with red card Do not agree

Darmstadt's coach Torsten Lieberknecht did not agree with this change of opinion. "In the video images, it always looks a bit more violent," the SVD coach tried to relativize the scene at "Sky". "The leg is not, the leg is in the air and the kick from Klaus comes - but I do not find in the sharpness. If you stand in the square and has also strayed such a kick, that's out of my view It is said that this is a red card direct, "explained love of love its law exclusive view.

"Such kicks have often deserved"

Especially in his active time, Lieberknecht "such kicks have often deserved". The coach wishes the evaluation of such scenes also the fact as to whether the players made can continue. This red card was "the crunching point in this game, because we were until then the clearly better team".

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After the reasonable red card, Bremen came up and gained some opportunities, but often failed shoes on the strong Marcel. At the end, Niclas Füllas Füllskrug the keeper shortly after restart but and hit Bremer 1: 0 victory goal.

Lieberknecht demands his own yellow card

In addition to the point reference, Lieberknecht did not agree with several dummy ratings of the referee team. The complete frustration eventually unloaded in minute 68 when Jannik Müller saw the yellow card for his foul on Eren Dinkci. "If a similar situation happens on the other side, then my patience's thread is over to an end," Lieberknecht explained his excitement and thus said a foul of Jean-Manuel Mbom at Mathias Honsak, where the Bremer did not get a yellow card.

The carton looked for favorite boss itself. "I also demanded my yellow card itself that he should finally give me." Even after the game, there was no pronunciation with referee Schröder - on the contrary: "That was self-protection to me that I did not go today."

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