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NEL ASA operates in the industry of renewable energies and is the largest electrolysis company in the world. Everything about the development and development of the company.

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• NEL ASA - Pioneer in the electrolyzer installation

• 2014 takes place the IPO in Oslo

• NEL ASA expands its product portfolio

within 13 years to the world's largest hydrogen -Electrolysis company

Nel ASA is a Norwegian company that operates in the energy industry. It has specialized in hydrogen technologies which should enable the generation, storage and distribution of hydrogen.

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The company was founded in 1927 in Norwegian Notodden. Nel asas mission was and is still today: "We supply optimal solutions for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen from renewable energies." The company focuses from the beginning to the installation of electrolyzers, a device in the water with the help of electric current in hydrogen and oxygen is split.

Already 13 years later, Nel ASA had its hydrogen electrolyzer installation in Rjukan, Norway, its first great success: Nels Hydrogen Installation in Rjukan was the largest of the world at the time.

Commissioning of further hydrogen systems

Then, the commissioning of the second major hydrogen electrolyzer plant in the Norwegian Glomfjord was commissioned in 1953. This was intended to provide ammonia production in Norway with hydrogen.

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The year 1959 represented another milestone for NEL. The company structured its electrolyzer unit from the ground up and thus created the basis for the atmospheric electrolyzer, which represents the basis of today's business model of NEL.

Nel dares the step and offers its products in the market at

1974 began NEL for the first time to make his electrolyzer technologies available for the broad market and thus available for other companies. In addition to other companies, NEL also reached other industries and became increasingly international. In 1988, NEL continued his position in the international market. The hydrogen company becomes the world's first supplier and supplier for asbestos-free alkali electrolyzers. However,

Nel did not stand out on his success and continued to focus on the further development of its products. So it happened that Nel 2001 celebrated the launch of his first pressure electrolyzer and brought it to the market.

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 Nemetschek share far in the plus: Nemetschek remains optimistic for 2022 The construction software company Nemetschek is optimistic about 2022. © Provided by Finanzen.net Tannen MAURY / AFP / Getty Images in the current year If the currency-adjusted sales increase by 12 to 14 percent, the company announced. The EBITDA margin should be between 32 and 33 percent 2022. Last year, consolidated sales increased by 14.2 percent and currency-adjusted by 15.6 percent to 681.5 million euros.

Nel expands and acquires further companies

Only two years later Nel reached another milestone in Reykjavik, Iceland. There, the company opened the first publicly available hydrogen tank station - and was thus ahead of the world.

Also on the stock market Nel Asas pioneering spirit, 2014 fully fulfilled Nel on the Oslo Stock Exchange his IPO. The special feature: the company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange as the first to 100 percent specialized in hydrogen.

Nel ASA now started to enlarge his product portfolio and expand its market position. For this purpose, Nel 2015 acquired the company H2 Logic, which was a leader in hydrogen tank stations. Thus, NEL ASA only launched a year later with the construction of the world's largest production plant for hydrogen tank stations, which has a capacity of 300 hydrogen tank stations per year.

2017 Nel ASA took another company, the company Proton Onsite, which specializes in PEM electrolysis technologies. By buying Proton Onsite, Nel ASA became the largest electrolysis company in the world.

, however, do not stay the only big event. The electrolysis company found a new partner in the same year in Nikola . Nikola plans to build a hydrogen tank station infrastructure for its hydrogen firing cells operated vehicles.

NELS Future prospects: Green Hydrogen Catapult Initiative

Last global players from the industry of renewable energies to the "Green Hydrogen Catapult Initiative" joined. These are the companies ACWA Power, CWP Renewables, Envision, Iberdrola , Ørsted , SNAM and YARA . Although NEL is not directly part of this initiative, it can help the company to new opportunities. Thus, nel works together as an electrolysis specialist with Iberdrola and Yara. As the shareholder reports, this could be a chance to get the initiative to new, large projects.

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