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11:30  07 april  2022
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Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing speaks against a speed limit on German highways - the justification triggers hand shaking with many people.

Volker Wissing © John MacDougall / Getty Images Volker Wissing

by the Russian Attack Culture G on Ukraine and the associated consequences for the energy market is also discussed in Germany via savings potential to reduce the dependence on Russian energy imports.

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also an speed limit on German highways is on the test bench - Federal Traffic Minister Volker Wissing , however, issues this plans a cancellation.

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Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing against Tempolimit on highways

According to Wissing, there are too few traffic signs for such plans.

The FDP politician opposite the "Hamburger Morgenpost" : "You would have to set up appropriate signs if you do that for three months and then reduce again. We do not have so many signs in stock."

Green Chief Ricarda Lang had recently made for a temporary speed limit. Compared to the editorial network of Germany, she founded this as follows: "No measure will end our dependence on the oil immediately. But now it counts every liter of oil and any possibility how we can reduce consumption. And because otherwise there are hardly measures that work quickly, Now we need a temporary speed limit on highways - for example for nine months and thus until the end of the year, ie the time we want to become at the latest independently of Russian oil. " Also from the coalition partner SPD there was approval for this push.

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Tempolimit: FDP is positioned clearly

Wissing also informed that the topic "is very splitting and liable by both sides with very many emotions". His party colleague Daniela Kluckert is clearly clear in the Handelsblatt: "We explicitly not agreed a speed limit on highways in the coalition agreement, and this decision is".

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