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10:00  25 september  2022
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The Giant of Cinema Francis Ford Coppola crowned by the Light Prix

 The Giant of Cinema Francis Ford Coppola crowned by the Light Prix © Romain Lafabregue / AFP Francis Ford Coppola received Friday evening in Lyon the Prix Lumière for the whole of his career, for the ten years of the Lumière festival, dedicated to the classics of the 7th art. The American director, author of the legendary "godfather" and "Apocalypse Now", received the Lumière Prize for the whole of his career on Friday, ten years after Clint Eastwood.


The summer lilac is not only extremely popular with hobby gardeners because of its impressive floral splendor. Even butterflies are very popular with the fragrant flowers of the plant. Actually easy to care for and robust, the summer lilac with very cold winters does not cope and requires light winter protection.

Einfach schön und einfach zu Pflegen. Wie Sie den Sommerflieder über den Winter bringen. © provided by the house simply nicely and easy to maintain. How to bring the summer lilac over the winter. summer lilac overwinter

of the summer lilac is a plant that every hobby gardener wishes: flower -rich, easy to care for and undemanding. The genus Buddleja belongs to the family of brownwurz plants (Scrophlariacae) and is located in the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, Africa and America. Summer lilac grow as dominant neopytes on barren and very dry soils, so it spread greatly. The nectar -rich and fragrant flowers attract numerous butterflies, which is why the plant is also referred to as butterfly lilac. The colorful butterfly, about the dayfall and small fox, flutter the flowers of the shrub into droves in the summer months. Incidentally, the plant is not related to the real lilac (Syringa).

Mobility for everyone: Rome is supposed to be barrier -free

 Mobility for everyone: Rome is supposed to be barrier -free For people with disabilities, this can be a terrible experience in the Italian capital. According to the applicable legal provisions of 1986, the Italian communities are obliged to remove all structural barriers - but only less than 5 % of the municipalities have actually done something. People with restricted mobility are often the first to B. have to pay the price for waste disposal problems of a city, because the garbage often stands in the way.

In particular, young shrubs must be protected from strong frost in our latitudes. If the summer lilac in the garden has a few years on his bump, it gets along better with the cold. The species are Buddleja Davidii and Buddleja Alternifolia in old Froshart. Once a shrub is firmly rooted in its location, the plant also drives out of the rootstock again if the parts above the earth should freeze to the ground. Light winter protection for the summer lilac can form soil cover planted under the shrub. In addition, you should generously cover the root area in autumn with a thick layer mulch , leaves or branches. You should only cut back the shoots slightly in autumn, after which a winter fleece around the crown of the plant cannot harm.

container plants hibernate frost -free

Several types of summer lilac are not too large and are therefore suitable as container plants . Popular species for the pot are the ball summer lilac (Buddleja Globosa) and yellow summer lilac (Buddleja X Weyeriana). If you cultivate your butterfly lilac in the bucket, you definitely have to ensure winter protection. The earth in the pot freezes comparatively quickly and can damage the root ball sustainably.

hibernate the summer lilac outside, first choose a wind -protected location. Use a thick wooden or styrofoam plate as an insulating pad so that the frost does not creep into the bucket from below. Use a frost protection made of nop foil, jute bags or fleece and, last but not least, cover the root area with brushwood, leaves or mulch.

you have enough space, you can also hibernate your summer lilac in the house. Place the bucket at about 10 degrees in a light place. During the winter months, the shrub needs only a little water and no additional fertilizer.

nantes. The madness of the plants, the Nantesais love it with madness! .
© Marc Roger/Ouest-France many visitors to the madness of the plants, at the Grand-Blottereau Park on Saturday. The largest exhibition of western plants full, Saturday, September 3, at the Grand-Blottereau Park, in Nantes. Plant enthusiasts come to look for advice. "How long does this achile (1) flourish?" », asks a retiree from Nantes to a nurseryman. "Three months", answers the latter. Not enough for his taste.

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