News Gas: Poland signs an important supply contract with Norway

17:30  25 september  2022
17:30  25 september  2022 Source:   latribune.fr

"We get the prices under control": Gas price lid is far from coming

 Olaf Scholz invites the social partners to the second concerted action. Gas Commission should make suggestions by the end of October.

La Pologne sécurisé 15 % de ses besoins en gaz avec la Norvège. © provided by Tribune secure Poland 15 % of its gas needs with Norway.

Norway confirms its new status as the first gas supplier in Europe. The Norwegian energetician Equinor has just signed an important long -term agreement with the Polish Gassier PGNIG for the supply of gas to Poland via a gas pipeline which is about to be inaugurated, and with a capacity of 10 billion M3 per year. The contract relates to 2.4 billion m3 of gas per year for ten years, the equivalent of 15 % of the annual Polish consumption. Gas should be delivered to market prices, said the Equinor group.

This is an important point because Europe seeks to negotiate with Norway a ceiling price, in the name of European solidarity. The Polish government had also called Norway to "share" its exceptional gas profits. For the time being, Norway is at least reluctant in the face of these calls for solidarity and refers the ball to the oil groups and European states which refuse to conclude, since the 2000s, long -term contracts at fixed prices and not more depending on market prices.

Sub -iled: How to make sure?

 Sub -iled: How to make sure? © Francois Henry/REA Immobilier Practical - Ensuring your accommodation is most of the time a legal obligation. This aims to protect the owner, but especially the tenant. In the event of sublet, the rules are special. The sublet designates a situation where a tenant wishes to keep his lease while giving the right to have the accommodation to another occupant. Sub -iledness is only possible in some cases. Most of the time, it requires the owner of the premises of the intention to do sublet.

Get out of Russian gas

In the meantime, Norway benefits from the energy crisis in Europe and its commercial balance came close to an excess of 20 billion euros in August. In an attempt to overcome the quasi-stop in Russian supplies, Norway produces gas as much as possible.

Poland, like all countries of the European Union, seeks to reduce its dependence on Russian gas to almost zero, which however covered two thirds of its needs before the war in Ukraine. The Russian supplier Gazprom suspended its deliveries to Poland, which refuses to pay its purchases this Russian gas in rubles. Last July, Gazprom had already reduced its gas deliveries to 20 % of the capacity of the main Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline before completely interrupting its flows in September.

Multi -production for ID.Buzz? - VW in Hanover "full"

 Multi -production for ID.Buzz? - VW in Hanover because of the high demand for the ID.Buzz, the Volkswagen Urzank Daughter VWN is expanding to expand parts of the production. However, many customers will have to wait a while for the electric buses ordered. At the VWN headquarters in Hanover, the new model "is initially equipped for a capacity of up to 130,000 per year," said brand boss Carsten Intra of the German Press Agency. Up to 150,000 units annually can be reached here.

Tour in the Middle East

At the same time, Germany, also very dependent on Russian gas, seeks by all means to diversify its sources of supply. The country has just signed with the United Arab Emirates an agreement on the supply in 2022 and 2023 of liquefied gas and diesel. The public oil company Emirati DNOC must provide up to 250,000 tonnes of diesel per month in 2023. The contract was signed during the tour of Chancellor Otto Scholz in the Gulf with the objective of sealing new energy agreements to replace supplies Russians and alleviate the energy crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Moscow.

According to a study of Deutsche Bank, the pressure exerted by Moscow on the gas supply of Europe could lead to a longer and more serious recession than expected this summer. Not to mention the impact that a particularly rigorous winter would have on households and businesses. Clearly, the bank has revised upwards its recession forecasts for next winter.

Fabien Roussel continues to defend the left of work with a Tour de France .
© Thomas Samson / AFP Fabien Roussel persists and signs on the left of work the leader of the Communists, who had created the controversy in September by taculating "The left of the allowances", launches a Tour de France. The objective: to defend "a policy in favor of work". The free electron of the French left persists and signs.

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