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19:01  14 november  2017
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Aston Martin Will Go Hybrid Everything Over The Next Decade

  Aston Martin Will Go Hybrid Everything Over The Next Decade Talk about going zero to 100: Aston Martin, which today has no hybrid cars, will go fully hybrid across the board by the mid-2020s. But I guess when you only offer about five models at a time, hybridizing all of them isn’t a huuuge task. Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer, said, “We will be 100 percent hybrid by the middle of the 2020s,” while speaking with the Financial Times. The outlet notes that 25 percent of all Aston Martins will be fully electric “by the end of the next decade.

An electric bus is a bus that is powered by electricity . Electric buses can store the electricity on board, or can be fed continuously from an external source. Buses storing electricity are majorly battery electric buses , in which the electric motor obtains energy from an on-board battery

The new bus comes as school districts and transit commissions across the country are plugging in to the idea of electric public transport. Benefits of EVs Charge your EV Choose your EV FAQs. Business.

a close up of a van: Thomas Jouley.jpg© http://www.autotrader.ca/ Thomas Jouley.jpg

Daimler-owned Thomas Built Buses has just launched the company's first electric bus. The new bus comes as school districts and transit commissions across the country are plugging in to the idea of electric public transport.



The formal name of the bus is the Saf-T-Liner C2 electric bus, but Thomas is calling it Jouley. Named for the joule unit of energy. The zero-emission bus offers what Thomas calls "full OEM vehicle performance."

That means a top speed of 105 km/h, with no shifting thanks to the direct drive motor. That 0-100 km/h might put you in detention, though, as it takes 45 seconds.

Detroit Electric Teases Future Sports Car, Crossover, And Sedan

  Detroit Electric Teases Future Sports Car, Crossover, And Sedan The trio is expected to reach production phase in the next three years.The electric vehicle manufacturer explains it will work on all three models in the next couple of years, and will introduce final production versions in about three years. The Leamington Spa-based automaker has recently received a financial injection of $1.8 billion from a joint venture agreement.

Electric buses need a "fast" charge at least every 30 miles, which means every time the bus arrives here it sits and charges up for four minutes. These stations are used for the electric buses Foothill Transit uses on Route 291. Learn Something New Every Day.

School Buses . Makers and models. Transit use. Asia. "India's first electric bus launched in Bangalore - The Times of India". "Design Guidelines for Bus Transit Systems Using Electric and Hybrid Electric Propulsion as an Alternative Fuel".

Thomas says that the reduced maintenance costs and lower fuel costs make cost of ownership comparable to a conventional bus. The bus has a 160 km range, but larger battery packs and a longer range are optional. The standard bus has a 100 kWh back, with up to 160 kWh available. The standard battery can charge in eight hours using a standard charger. Production will start in 2019.

Electric transit, via school bus or by city bus, is starting to gain a foothold in Canada.

Parkland County, just west of Edmonton, AB, was one of the first school districts in the country to move to an electric bus. Their service started this year. It joins Montreal, whose largest school board began plans to swap out their entire fleet over a decade starting last year. The company operating that fleet said electric buses were 80 percent cheaper to run than conventional diesel vehicles.

Check Out This New Japanese Electric Supercar

  Check Out This New Japanese Electric Supercar If it ever reaches production, that is.

Electric Bus Analysis for. New York City Transit . Changing the entire fleet of buses to electric buses would result in a reduction of emissions within the city of approximately 575,000 metric tons of CO2e per year.

Electric transit . This article is about buses powered by electricity . The first all- electric school bus in the state of California pausing outside the California capitol building in Sacramento. In October 2016, Ashok Leyland, launched First 100% India-made electric bus .

The Province of New Brunswick also purchased two electric school buses that are currently operating in the Moncton area. That pilot program is ongoing. It's part of NB DOT's commitment to adding more electric vehicles to the province's fleet.

All three of those districts use a bus from Canadian manufacturer Lion. The eLion offers a similar 90 to 150 km range per charge. It does still use a diesel-powered auxiliary heater to keep kids warm in a Canadian winter, so is not technically a zero emissions vehicle.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation announced last August that as part of the province's Climate Change Action Plan, that they would be starting an electric bus pilot program. That program is scheduled to start December 1st, but successful applicants haven't yet been notified.

Toronto's Transit Commission is also making a stop for electricity. The TTC is planning a $50 million purchase of electric transit buses and wants to add 30 to the fleet by 2019. It's part of a larger plan to green the entire fleet by 2040. The TTC is the third largest transit operator in North America and has 2,031 buses in their current fleet.

Mazda to make all models hybrid, electric by early 2030s: Kyodo

  Mazda to make all models hybrid, electric by early 2030s: Kyodo Mazda Motor Corp plans to make all of its vehicles electric-based, including petrol hybrids, by the early 2030s, Japanese media reported on Friday, as more automakers shift strategies to meet tightening global emission regulations. The Japanese automaker plans to use electric motors in all of its models by that time, Kyodo News reported, without citing sources. A Mazda spokeswoman declined to comment on the report.At the moment, Mazda's line-up does not include any all-battery electric vehicles, though it sells one hybrid model, a version of its Mazda3.

Adomani and GreenPower recently partnered to build electric school buses for California from the ground up using technology developed for transit buses , says Jim That bus is being launched by Starcraft and Creative Bus Sales, says Jim Castelaz, founder and CEO of Motiv Power Systems.

Planned weekend changes . Updated bus schedules. Say hello to the new CTA 700-series—the first, all- electric buses to be added to CTA’s bus fleet! We are proud to once again be at the forefront of the industry and be the first major U.S. transit agency to use all- electric buses as part of daily service.

Bem Case, the head of vehicle programs for the TTC said that "it’s the first step in the adoption of this technology... We’re buying these buses, so we’re committed to making them work."

The TTC is also looking at alternative fuels, like hydrogen fuel cells, but their report suggests the technology is not yet ready for transit. The TTC's current fleet is nearly one-third diesel-electric hybrids.

Edmonton announced plans last fall to stop buying diesel buses and buying only electric buses starting in three years. The city is looking at vehicles with a 500 km range.

Vancouver signed a deal last month that committed to purchasing only electric transit buses by 2025. The city approved $7 million earlier this year to purchase four battery-powered buses and two charging systems for the start of a two-year pilot project. The city already operates electric buses, but those use overhead wires for power.

There are currently only 10 electric transit buses in service in Canada. Montreal, Winnipeg, and St. Albert, AB, are all conducting trials.

For vehicles that only run short distances twice a day, electrification seems a good fit for school buses. Plug it in after the morning run, and again after it's done for the night. For transit buses, bigger batteries are needed, up to 600 kWh in current options. That allows for a range of over 300 km on a charge. Rapid rechargers located at terminals can give an extra hour of operation in just six minutes.

Mercedes-AMG to launch high-performance electric cars .
Pure electric cars now in the works at AMG to supplement new hybrid models, Merc’s R&D boss has hinted“Are we going to see all-electric AMGs?’ said Mercedes R&D boss Ola Kallenius, “Why not? It is not a concrete programme at the moment, but it is conceivable. Besides we have been there before.

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