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12:50  01 december  2022
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freight accident: Until the salvage, it can “take days”

 freight accident: Until the salvage, it can “take days” after the serious accident of two freight trains in the Gifhorn district, the cold makes the work of the emergency services. In the late Monday evening, the flaring of the explosive propane fiser from a fallen Kesselwaggon was stopped, a fire brigade spokesman said on Tuesday. Finally, the gas has been torched on a wagon since the morning, initially pumped out as far as possible on another.

The Silesian Museum has developed a new app. This allows you to explore the historical relationships and beyond the Neisse.

Katarzyna Wilk-Sosnowska vom Schlesischen Museum war Projektleiterin bei der Entwicklung des digitalen Geschichtspfads. © Paul Glaser/glaserfotografie.de © Paul Glaser/Glaserfotography.de Katarzyna Wilk-Sosnowska from the Silesian Museum was the project manager in the development of the digital history path. © Paul Glaser/Glaserfotography.de

A city map is initially the classic access to explore Görlitz and Zgorzelec. However, the Silesian Museum now publishes a free plan that contains a QR code with which you can get to a website via smartphone. This offers much more than a printed card: namely, six different thematic paths with photos, films, 3-D objects and short texts that inform about the common history of the two sides of the city.

Benjamin Castaldi threatens Mylène Farmer live in "TPMP"!

 Benjamin Castaldi threatens Mylène Farmer live in © Berzane Nasser/Abaca Benjamin Castaldi threatens Mylène Farmer live in "TPMP"! Mylène Farmer is back. In a few days, the famous singer will unveil a brand new album entitled "L’HIMP". In full promotion of this new project carried out in collaboration with many artists, the interpreter of "Désenchantée" recently granted an exclusive interview to the Journal du Dimanche. An interview during which the star was able to confide in her record, but also on her personal life.

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under the topics of "museums", "bridges" or "Jewish traces", for example, carry these routes From the Silesian Museum to the Lusatia Museum, from the old town bridge to the city bridge or from the Görlitz Synagogue Kulturforum to the St. Bonifatius Church in Zgorzelec.

The Greek traces that combine Görlitz and Zgorzelec can be followed from the city cemetery to the obelisk on the east side of the Neisse. The path "war and captivity" leads from Biesnitz reason to Staag VIIIA. And from the cathedral of Kulty to Kaisertrutz you get under the title "Culture in Change".

Special project for the European City

When presenting the historical path on Wednesday in the Silesian Museum, both mayors, the Görlitzer OB Octavian Ursu and Rafal Gronicz from Zgorzelec, are very impressed by the new way to deeper into the common history of the Eurostadt. Gronicz says many people in Zgorzelec, residents and guests, asked how the city separated.

report considers electricity price brake for unconstitutional

 report considers electricity price brake for unconstitutional The planned electricity price brake of the federal government with the exhaustion of war and crisis-related excess dissolves of the energy sector is unconstitutional according to an expert opinion. The draft law violates EU law and violates the guarantee of ownership, the Hamburg energy provider Lichtblick said on Thursday, referring to a legal opinion commissioned. © Picture Alliance / dpa The counter state of an alternating current meter in a household.

For them, the German-Polish-English app is ideal to learn more about it. "Our European city is already a organism that works across the border," says Gronicz, "through this app, both sides are connected even more."

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The Mayor of Görlitz Ursu calls the app a "very special project of the Silesian Museum" because it not only invited to the museum and its exhibitions, but also does something connecting for the European city. She tells history over the Neisse and invite people to get to know both sides.

In addition, the app serves to get to know individual facilities better. Ines Haaser from the Cultural History Museum at Baroque House Neißstraße 30 says that the app at this station lusts to visit the museum without revealing too much. The same applies to the Schönhof, the Jakob-Böhme-Haus, the Messiaen Center and many other places east and west of the Neisse.

Released forty years ago, Thriller by Michael Jackson also revolutionized the music clips

 Released forty years ago, Thriller by Michael Jackson also revolutionized the music clips © Photo: Robyn Beck / AFP The album "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, in 2009 in a store in Los Angeles, in States- United. On November 30, 1982, Michael Jackson released the best -selling album of all time: Thriller. A foundation of pop music, of course, but above all a pivotal moment in the history of video clips. Those of Beat It, Billie Jean and especially Thriller have changed the music industry forever.

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Achievement of a rare "neurological disorder", Céline Dion postpones the beginning of her European tour .
© AP - Jacques Boissinot Célien Dion during the first concert of her courage World Tour, in Quebec, September 18, 2019 (image D 'drawing). Canadian singer Céline Dion postponed the European dates on Thursday, December 8, scheduled for her tour, scheduled for February. In a video of almost five minutes posted on Instagram, in French and English, Céline Dion, visibly very moved, says to have "health problems for a long time".

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