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18:20  05 december  2022
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Disney's worst flop in years is supposed to lose $ 147 million-and the fans know the guilty

 Disney's worst flop in years is supposed to lose $ 147 million-and the fans know the guilty Disney's one of his biggest box office defeats in recent years. Up to $ 147 million losses are waiting for the studio. © Disney Disney's worst flop in years should make $ 147 million-and the fans know the guilty no continuation and no spin-off: with Strange World , Disney published an animated film last week that goes back to an original idea and also came up with the first gay protagonist in the history of the studio. But the science fiction adventure failed completely on the box office.

Two zodiac signs have been dancing around each other for some time. Now the year 2022 is coming to an end and they finally jump over their shadows. Curtain up, for a romantic love final!

Das Bridgerton-Traumpaar: Anthony Bridgerton und Kate Sharma LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX © Liam Daniel/Netflix The Bridgerton dream couple: Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma Liam Daniel/Netflix

What lasts for a long time will finally be good. This applies not only to Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, but also to these two zodiac signs: they sneaked around for far too long, but nobody dared to take the first step. Both felt this special attraction from the start . The moment is coming this year, they simply cannot help but give in to the desire and lay the foundation for a fantastic love story. We are talking about this pair of zodiac:

USA/Capitol: The founder of the Oath Keepers found guilty of seditious conspiracy

 USA/Capitol: The founder of the Oath Keepers found guilty of seditious conspiracy by Sarah N. Lynch Washington (Reuters) - The founder of the Oath Keepers ("Oath Guard"), Stewart Rhodes, and another militia leader extreme right were found guilty on Tuesday of seditious conspiracy for their role in the deadly assault against the Capitol, in Washington, January 6, 2021. Stewart Rhodes was accused of having fomented a plot to prevent the © Thomson Reuters Congress Archives photo: Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers, poses during an interview with Eureka by Sarah N.

bull and scorpion will finally be a few

Who would have thought that the down-to-earth bull finds his perfect partner in mysterious scorpion? But according to the stars in 2022, this couple is created for each other: both are traveling, they share the same values ​​as respect and trust. The open affection of the earth sign makes it the ideal opponent for the cautious watermark that needs exactly this form of security to open up.

You can laugh together - and argue together. Because that is also part of a relationship. The stubbornness of the bulls and the stubbornness of the scorpions ensure potential for conflict. But if the bull also puts its ego in the back and the scorpion gives him its undivided attention, these small arguments only make them stronger and the love flame will never go out again.

The slap of Will Smith shades the film "Emancipation" on slavery

 The slap of Will Smith shades the film © Michael Tran The actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith during the first of the film Emancipation in Los Angeles, 30 november. It was to be a poignant film on the flight of a slave through the marshes of Louisiana, but before its release, "Emancipation" was added an unexpected label: it is the first film of Will Smith since his slaps to the Oscars. What worries its director, Antoine Fuqua.

PSt: This is the love language of each zodiac sign

these 3 zodiacs start in 2023 as singles

While December 2022 could turn out to a love month full of happiness moments for bull and scorpion, other zodiac signs will probably end the year as singles. This includes the Libra air sign, for which a separation is now an extreme liberation. But Löwen also realized in the last weeks of the year that they feel restricted by their previous relationship and may still pull the ripcord in 2022. And another fire sign will also celebrate New Year's Eve without a partner at his side: Sagittarius . This may be painful at first, but it quickly realizes how much it can enjoy your own society. Time to strengthen yourself, spend a lot of me-time and make up for everything that has been neglected lately. This is how a great start to the new year 2023 works without the great love!

The France-Maroc match will not spoil the release of Avatar according to the cinema networks .
© 20th Century Studios, Gabriel Bouys/AFP according to the first booking figures in the cinemas, the match of Kylian Mbappe and his Acolytes facing Morocco does not shade the Na'vis de Pandora de James Cameron. in La Rochelle, in Charente -Maritime, the cradle of the Multiplexes CGR, nearly 4000 people reserved their places to see Avatar - The Water Wednesday, from the first day of its release.

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