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21:16  12 july  2018
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Jaguar may kill supercharged V6 to make way for inline-six

  Jaguar may kill supercharged V6 to make way for inline-six This could be the last year to score a Jaguar with the carmaker's 3.0-liter supercharged V6. Autocar reports that Jaguar deep-sixed the the XE S and XF S in the UK due to poor sales and difficulty coping with European emissions regulation changes taking place this year. The mag expects the XJ and F-Pace to lose the V6, too, but suspects the F-Type might retain the engine. It's possible, however, the bent-six with up to 380 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque might finally be retiring for a reason reported on for at least three years: To make way for a 3.

Time to remain resolutely Jaguar . At Jaguar , we are committed to creating electric cars that are electrifying to drive and to watch. For comparative purposes only. Real -world figures and overall EV performance data may vary according to driving and environmental variables.

An oft-cited reason people don’t buy electric cars is “ range anxiety ” — if batteries struggle to take you as far as gas and charging stations are limited in number But there is another obstacle: charging time trauma. Compared with a five-minute pit stop at your local gas station, charging an electric vehicle is a

The Go I-Pace app offers real-world data based on user's car trips.© Provided by Autofile Go I-Pace app

With its I-Pace electric vehicle just about ready to hit the streets, Jaguar is striving to alleviate the range anxiety that prevents many car-buyers from considering an EV for their next purchases.

The company has developed a mobile app that predicts how an electric vehicle would behave during your current vehicle use.

Jaguar Debuts Electric Plans With Battery E-Type

  Jaguar Debuts Electric Plans With Battery E-Type Starting in 2020, every new Jaguar will have some form of electric power. To prove it, Jaguar built an all-electric E-Type.This post was originally published on September 7, 2017, and has been republished because of today's Royal Wedding, which you may have heard about. - Ed.

Range anxiety is the fear that a vehicle has insufficient range to reach its destination and would thus strand the vehicle's occupants. The term, which is primarily used in reference to battery electric vehicles (BEVs), is considered to be one of the major barriers to large scale adoption of all-electric cars.

Range anxiety — a constant nagging feeling that your electric vehicle ( EV ) doesn't have enough juice to cover your trip or make it to the next charging Electric car makers continue to expand and improve their charging networks and apps to map and find charging spots, so range anxiety should start

“Making the switch to EV ownership is a big decision. We’re confident anyone who experiences the I-Pace will relish its engaging driving dynamics, performance, practicality and comfort,” said Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director for I-Pace. “What a test drive doesn’t show is the lower running costs and convenience of living with our electric performance SUV on a daily basis. The Go I-Pace app is designed to help potential customers make an informed decision.”

Currently available only in the UK for iPhones and coming soon for Android devices, the Go I-Pace app virtually calculates the electricity spent and how much range remains in the batteries. It also keeps track of the time the car is down to tell the owner how many times the vehicle would need to be charged per week, as well as calculating if the vehicle would need to be plugged in mid-day and for how long to top up the range.

2021 Jaguar XK Reportedly Planned As Four-Seater F-Type

  2021 Jaguar XK Reportedly Planned As Four-Seater F-Type The 2+2 sports car is expected to be based on the next-generation F-Type due in 2019. It’s a known fact that Jaguar wants to expand its sports car portfolio beyond the F-Type lineup. How are they planning to do so? There have been recent talks of a rebooted XK to join the aforementioned F-Type as a more practical alternative with space in the back for two rear passengers. That scenario seems to be increasingly more likely if we were to rely on a new report coming from Autocar.

Range anxiety remains one of the main reasons why some drivers would hesitate switching to an electric vehicle, so the new Jaguar Go I-PACE app has been developed by the automotive brand to help drivers better understand EV ownership.

These projections typically change in real time , giving you an idea of how Many drivers address this problem by getting accounts with multiple networks, just to ensure they are covered wherever they go. Range anxiety really only becomes an issue for longer trips, or other unusual circumstances.

Drivers can also check the data in real time to check how much money they would have saved with an electric vehicle instead of their current one, by entering their real-world fuel-economy as they drive and fill up their vehicle’s fuel tank. It uses accredited data sources (such as government information) to calculate the cost of electricity and fuel.

Statistics show that many drivers drive far fewer kilometres than they attribute to their needs for an electric vehicle, with an estimation of just 2% of most trips exceeding 80 km (which would mean that the I-Pace could complete about 98% of most daily driving needs without charging). An interactive map shows potential recharging points according to the vehicle’s location.

The app works in the background collecting information without the user having to log anything, except fuel stops. The app will prompt for confirmation of “unusual” routes, such as if the iPhone is used on a cycling run.

Guess How Slow a V12 Jaguar From 1991 Is

  Guess How Slow a V12 Jaguar From 1991 Is And yet, we'd still choose the Jag.MotorWeek tested a 1992 XJS V12 convertible and recorded a 0-60 mph time of 9.0 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 16.8 seconds. Yeah, that's rather slow by today's standards. That gorgeous Jag would get smoked by a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica (7.8 seconds to 60) or Honda CR-V (7.6 seconds). Even a lowly new Subaru Impreza (8.4 seconds) would beat it. And in a drag race between the Jag and a 2018 Hyundai Elantra, you should put your money on the Hyundai, which sprints to 60 in just 7.8 seconds.

Fortunately, an intriguing solution just launched this week to address so called “ range anxiety ”: Plugshare is a new mobile app that starts with the Sooner or later an EV owner may ask to charge at your outlet, and you’ll be able to talk to a real person (not a dealer or a salesman) to find out if an EV

The TomTom EV Service provides real - time availability for charging points, as well as other essential information such as opening hours, payment methods, plug types and more. After this expansion, TomTom’s EV Service will list 35,000+ charging stations with real - time availability information, globally.

“It can be hard for drivers to understand how an EV would fit into their day-to-day lives. The Go I-Pace app makes this possible by providing personalised information about how the Jaguar I-Pace could work for them based on real-world data,” said EV expert and broadcast personality Robert Llewelyn, creator of the YouTube series Fully Charged. “I’ve no doubt the app will surprise many users with the scale of the potential cost savings and by revealing how little change to their driving habits I-Pace ownership would actually make.”

Llewelyn spend a week with the Go I-Pace app, logging 586 km over 19 trips and spending $115 Canadian in fuel. The Go I-Pace app calculated the costs of using an I-Pace for the same purposes would have been about $42.

The I-Pace can get an 80%-charge in 85 minutes through a public DC rapid charger or spend 10 hours plugged in at night to get batteries to the same level through the home standard AC outlet.

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