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Automatic start/stop systems don’t always play nice with summer heat

Friday  17:32,   27 july 2018

Keep in mind is exactly how your car's stop/start system operates and when it’s necessary to override the controlsVideo: Can leaving the gas cap off harm your car? (provided by Autoblog) Your browser does not support this video... >>>

Are auto insurance premiums cheapest if you sign up in August?

Thursday  21:25,   26 july 2018

Insurance companies cannot increase rates willy-nilly whenever they want.  For an insurance company to receive approval for a rate increase it must be able to show that it has actually had losses in one of the categories—home, auto,... >>>

The 5 Best Accessories for Your Brand-New Ride

Wednesday  18:53,   25 july 2018

A reader email arrived the other week from one Mr. Ewing, of Dartmouth, NS. He was after some advice on which products he might want to consider buying, in anticipation of the arrival of a brand-spanking-new Nissan Maxima which he’d recently... >>>

In the Garage: Room to wrench

Tuesday  17:07,   24 july 2018

Growing up on a grain farm west of Saskatoon, Ryan Schan was introduced to all things mechanical at an early age. “My dad’s a third-generation farmer,” Schan says, adding, “but he did go to mechanic’s school before taking over the farm. “He’s handy, >>>

Three tips to consider before driving into the wilderness

Monday  17:52,   23 july 2018

Heading up to the cottage? Going camping? Keep these pointers in mind before hitting the backroadsOf course, every seasoned driver knows the limits of their vehicle and how to take care of it, but if you’re setting off along the roads less travelled >>>

Having trouble getting comfy in your car? It’s all in your seats

Wednesday  08:20,   18 july 2018

If you still can't get comfortable in your car's seats, it's worth looking into foam modificationsOne of the issues that can drive us round the bend faster than anything is a seat we just can’t get comfortable with. A firm,... >>>

Goof of the Month: Poltergeist Car Scares Owner

Wednesday  08:20,   18 july 2018

This month’s story comes to us from John Kennard, an automotive technician in Mississauga, Ontario.This month’s story comes to us from John Kennard, an automotive technician in Mississauga,... >>>

More than a safety issue, motorcycle lane filtering benefits everyone

Wednesday  08:20,   18 july 2018

With Toronto's pilot program, bikers splitting through traffic at stop lights will relieve congestion for every motorist on the roadLucky for Toronto, Councilman (or is that councilperson/thing?) Anthony Perruzza, Ward 8, York West, is just such >>>

How Effectively Can a Tesla Interior Keep Cool?

Wednesday  08:15,   18 july 2018

Rich Rebuilds puts his Tesla Model S to the summer heat torture test.We've written before about the dangers to children and pets overheating in parked cars during the summer months. "Aha," Tesla fans say, "But 'Camper Mode' will keep the interior... >>>

The Karate Kid Pretty Much Got Car Waxing Right

Monday  17:45,   16 july 2018

What do you do if you’ve never actually waxed a car before and aren’t sure where to start? You Ask a Clean Person, duh. Ostensibly, this is a column about how to wax a car for people who have never waxed a car but we’re all friends here so I’m gonna >>>

Don’t Underestimate what your Owner’s Manual can do

Thursday  18:39,   12 july 2018

When it comes to riveting reading, car owner’s manuals would not make any short list, and for good reason. Owner’s manuals are dry and filled with technical jargon, and most car owners have neither the time nor the patience to read... >>>

There is absolutely no excuse to leave pets to die in a hot car

Thursday  18:39,   12 july 2018

Unlike the tragedy of forgetting kids in a car seat in the back, with pets it's a conscious decision to leave them thereThe day before in identical temperatures, I’d picked up a car that had been sitting in a yard. As I opened the door, the... >>>

How to Remove Car Door Handle Scratches

Wednesday  18:33,   11 july 2018

Is the area around your door's handle covered in ugly scratches? Here's how to make it look like new.Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC put together a quick video explaining how to restore an exterior door handle and its surrounding panels. Though he >>>

The Long Run: Synthetic Oil In High Mileage Engines

Thursday  16:52,   05 july 2018

Despite the potholes, road salt, and other abuses Canadians hurl at their cars and trucks, the average age of a vehicle in the Great White North is pushing the ten-year mark. As our vehicles age, it’s only natural they accrue mileage. Older... >>>

Your Corner Wrench: Getting flushed at the service counter?

Wednesday  19:32,   04 july 2018

Fluid flushes aren't always necessary, especially on today's long-life enginesVideo: What to Do If Your Car Is Affected by the FCA Recall (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function... >>>