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Abandoned Subaru Dealer Adds More Cars, Including An Audi 80

Friday  16:21,   13 september 2019

A few more Subarus also join the garage. Remember the abandoned Subaru dealer in Malta, where a bunch of never driven vehicles from the 1980s and 1990s were hiding? Back in February 2018, our colleagues from Cars Addiction shared an exclusive video, >>>

Mustang GT Road Trip: Burnouts, Bourbon, and BBQ in North Carolina

Friday  12:46,   13 september 2019

Story by Dustin Woods. Photography by Dustin Woods and James Paznar; zMAX Dragway photography by John Davidson. Sport Mode: engaged. Traction Control: off. Windows: up. Slowly navigating my way into the burnout box, I bring up the revs up to 4,500... >>>

We Meet the Canadian Who Sold the World's First Mustang

Friday  12:46,   13 september 2019

There are certain corners of history at the Ford Motor Company that every gearhead knows by heart: their invention of the assembly line, Lee Iacocca’s meteoric rise before being unceremoniously booted to the curb, and – perhaps most famously – the... >>>

Airstream Globetrotter Gets Two New 30-Foot Floorplans

Monday  18:31,   09 september 2019

Prices start at... >>>

The Big-Tank 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Is One of the Rarest American Cars Ever

Thursday  15:45,   05 september 2019

Andy Cannizzo’s rare-optioned big tank 1963 Corvette Z06 Sting Ray... >>>

14 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Authorities Found Two Cars Lodged In The City's Underground Canal

Tuesday  21:40,   03 september 2019

Just over 14 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and other parts of America’s southern coast, authorities have retrieved a full car from one of the city’s underground drainage canals. There had been drainage problems in the Mid-City >>>

Sampling Italy’s Exotic Heartland At New Annual Motor Valley Festival

Saturday  01:30,   31 august 2019

Modena, Italy – The names themselves whisper automotive passion to car enthusiasts. Ferrari. Lamborghini. Ducati. Pagani. Maserati. Dallara. Alfa Romeo. Some enthusiasts may not realize it, but all these Italian sports car (and motorcycle) companies >>>

Special-ordered 1978 Pontiac Trans Am is good as gold

Thursday  19:50,   29 august 2019

Not all Trans Ams have to be Bandits! Black Trans Ams are as cool as The Bandit himself, but if you want to get a late second-gen T/A that really stands out, check out this 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. Since it was purchased in 1978, this Trans Am has... >>>

Shiniest Lada in the world has 35 layers of clear coat

Thursday  16:50,   29 august 2019

In 1,000 years when this Lada has rotted away, there will be a clear shell around its remains. Once upon a time, cars were painted in two basic steps. Shoot it with some primer, then lay down some color and you were done. It was a simpler process,... >>>

Mustang GT Road Trip: Burnouts, Bourbon, and BBQ in North Carolina

Tuesday  23:41,   27 august 2019

Sport Mode: engaged. Traction Control: off. Windows: up. Slowly navigating my way into the burnout box, I bring up the revs up to 4,500 rpm. As the 5.0L Coyote motor eagerly winds up, it emits a raucous symphony through the dual-exhaust pipes. I... >>>

These are Ten Biggest Automakers in the World

Wednesday  16:31,   21 august 2019

Whoever said good things come in small packages wasn’t talking about the auto industry. Think you know your car companies? A glance at the 10 largest global automakers today reveals unfamiliar conglomerates that formed as automakers linked together... >>>

This 1928 Cadillac Was Once Owned By Al Capone

Friday  16:10,   16 august 2019

Once heavily armored, this car belonged to the world's most famous American gangster. For sale through Clasiq is this 1928 Cadillac 431A Series once owned by American gangster, Al Capone. A 341cui engine  Harry LeBreque first purchased the car in... >>>

Unrestored Barn Find 1962 Corvette Is An NCRS Survivor Candidate

Friday  16:10,   16 august 2019

In the right hands, this first-generation Vette could go on to do great things! The 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is the last year of the first-generation run of the Corvette. It’s also evident how much of a precursor the 1962 was for the ultra-popular... >>>

Aston Martin Will Build You An Actual Lair to Fulfill Your Automotive Supervillain Fantasies

Thursday  16:15,   15 august 2019

The latest in automotive luxury from Aston Martin is a lair. We're not even exaggerating here. It's called Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs and it's designed to give you a place to put your ride that's as special as the car you're putting >>>

9 Standout People and Cars of the 2019 Subaru HyperMeeting

Tuesday  05:10,   13 august 2019

The 16th annual Toronto Subaru Club HyperMeeting was held at Subaru Canada’s head office in Mississauga this weekend. And if those words immediately found you forming a preconception in your mind of what sorts of people might turn up at such an... >>>