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Toyota Concept-i Ride makes mobility easier for the handicapped

  Toyota Concept-i Ride makes mobility easier for the handicapped It will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show alongside a Segway-like craft for sidewalk travel.The first concept, the Toyota Concept-i, was originally unveiled at CES 2017. The concept focused on a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) agent that could anticipate the occupants' needs and respond in kind, whether it's suggesting a destination or changing the cabin lighting. It's designed for both autonomous and piloted driving, and exterior screens allow the AI to "communicate" with others.

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Why is My Ride So Cold© autoTRADER.ca (Justin Pritchard) Why is My Ride So Cold

Does your trusty ride seem to be taking, like, forever to heat up on cold days? Is it harder than usual to de-fog the windshield? Are you shivering aggressively through ever-greater portions of your wintertime commute? Pretty sure your ride just isn’t heating up like she used to?

Video: Using Your Car Seat To Keep Your Pizza Warm (provided by Autoblog)

Well, it may not be – and you’re probably not alone.

Toyota Concept-i Ride Heading To Tokyo With Gullwing Doors

  Toyota Concept-i Ride Heading To Tokyo With Gullwing Doors Engineered to easily accommodate a wheelchair.After introducing the Concept-i at the beginning of the year during CES, Toyota has downsized the formula for the new Concept-i Ride tailored to city use. It might just be one of the smallest cars to feature gullwing doors and these have been installed not just to make the concept look more interesting, but also for ease of access inside the cabin for people in a wheelchair.

When your riding mower won ’ t start, it can ruin your day. This video will help you identify some of the most common reasons why it isn’t starting. You can

This video shows you the warm -up exercises you can do in just five minutes before heading out on the bike For all the latest cycling news visit



Below, we’ll look at a few reasons that your ride’s heater and defogger systems may be performing poorly, and a few mistakes you might be making that aren’t helping either.

You think it’s silly to use A/C at 20 below

a close up of a stereo© Provided by autoTRADER.ca

Turn on your defogger, or set the climate control to Auto, if equipped, and sometimes, you see the air conditioner turn on, even in extreme cold. Stupid idea, turning on the A/C while you’re trying to warm up, right? Actually, no: your ride’s air conditioner cools air, but also dehumidifies it – which makes it a powerful tool when you need to de-fog your windows. Many cars automatically switch the A/C on to remove frost and fog-causing moisture from the cabin in extreme cold, and many owners turn it back off, not knowing any better. Leave the A/C on when it turns itself on in the winter, or turn it on manually when you’ve got frosty interior windows. You’ll have a clear outward view much faster than without it.

Toyota Fine-Comfort Vehicle Concept Aims To Be A Premium Sedan

  Toyota Fine-Comfort Vehicle Concept Aims To Be A Premium Sedan Ok, the name isn't that great, but this six-seater is quite interesting.While to some people this looks more like an elongated minivan from the future, Toyota says it's actually an attempt to create a new type of a premium sedan. Like the Mirai, the concept has a fuel cell setup and has enough juice for a maximum range of around 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) based on Japan’s JC08 test cycle. Once you’re out of fuel, a full refill is going to take roughly three minutes.

When your riding mower won ' t start, it can ruin your day. This video will help you identify some of the most common reasons why it isn't starting. You can also use the links below to find step-by-step instructions to fix specific problems and get running again.

New Riders . # ride 5000miles. Free MCN Newsletter. Win Stuff. Fastasfox: I have a 2003 ZX-6R and I can' t get the headlights on. The lights should turn on when the engine is fired up and I have looked at the bulbs, connections, new battery (on a battery conditioner) and fuse box (replaced with a used part).

You’re cranking the heat too soon

When you turn on the heat in your ride, a variety of processes kick into place to transfer heat from the engine coolant into the cabin, warming those inside. Thing is, in extreme cold, cranking the heat the instant you start a cold engine can slow the rate at which that engine heats up, meaning it’ll likely take longer before the engine actually generates enough heat to get the cockpit nice and toasty. After all, turning on your ride’s heat effectively helps cool its engine. And if the engine is trying to heat up, while you’re cooling it down, it won’t heat up as quickly. It’s like walking up a “down” escalator.

Solution? In extreme cold, let your engine run a few moments with the heat off, or on a low setting, when you first start it up. Chances are, you’ll get warmer, more quickly, if you do.

Your heater core is clogged

The heater core of your ride is like a mini radiator through which two things pass. The first of these is hot engine coolant, and the second of these is the air pumped through the climate control system. The climate control fan pumps air past the hot heater core, transferring heat to the cabin of your ride. But sometimes, the trusty heater core can require attention, and in many cases, can become plugged up with age. If your vehicle just isn’t heating up the way it used to, many shops can perform a heater core flush, which removes deposits that may be affecting its performance. Go from a clogged heater core to a clean one, and your heating performance will improve – but talk to the technician of your choosing for help in deciding how to tackle your specific heater performance problems.

Foggy Windows, and How to Stop Them Fast

  Foggy Windows, and How to Stop Them Fast You know when you finish your morning shower, and you go to check your fine self out in the mirror, and you can’t see diddly-squat because of the fog? Or, when you can see your breath in the morning, so you know the day will be cold and miserable, and you start to wonder why you don’t live in Miami? Both of these types of fog are the same type that proliferate in various thicknesses and intensities on your vehicle’s glass and body, which can be an annoyance, with the potential to be dangerous.Foggy windows aren’t too complicated, but they’re a little complicated. Is your knowledge of fog a little hazy? This is something we mist address.

“A rider has to walk the tightrope of wanting gloves to breathe so they don’t get soaked, which makes you cold, while having enough protection to keep the windchill at bay,” Fryda says. Keep your core warm . Gloves won ’ t help much if you’re wearing the wrong cycling jacket for your ride .

Warming up before a ride helps you kick things into gear and ward off injury. Get the most out of warmups by going through this five-stage method every time. For a winter LSR or century: You likely won ’ t need a special warmup, Wenzel says. It’s always a good idea to include that early period of self

Your cabin air filter is clogged

  Why Won’t My Ride Get Warm? © Provided by autoTRADER.ca

Do you know what a cabin air filter is? If not, chances are, the one in your vehicle is clogged full of dust, bugs, dirt, leaves, and other debris. Many vehicles have a cabin air filter, through which all air used to heat (or chill) the cabin must pass. Over time, as filters do, this filter will clog up and require replacement.

Auto service technician John Kennard says that most shoppers he sees don’t know about the cabin air filter, and never change it.

“It’s funny how many people don’t read their owner’s manual, and a lot of these customers look at me like I have two heads when I ask them when they last replaced their cabin air filter,” he says. “If a customer has some problem with their heater or A/C, and they haven’t ever changed their cabin air filter? It’s badly clogged, and affecting system performance significantly, more often than not.”

A clogged cabin air filter is a leading cause of lousy heater and defogger performance in cold months. The clogged filter prevents proper air flow into the cabin, and can drastically reduce the performance of the air conditioner as it tries to suck moisture from the cabin. In extreme cases, a badly clogged cabin air filter can even cause the A/C system to turn itself off.

Your Corner Wrench: Keeping your ride warm this winter

  Your Corner Wrench: Keeping your ride warm this winter When the cold winds blow, here's how to keep your ride nice and toasty“I need a new thermostat!” is the most common rallying cry from chilled drivers and passengers. But new thermostats seldom bring any relief and good mechanics won’t recommend them unless there are cooling system problems. After all, thermostats only restrict engine coolant flow for a short time on start-up to lessen the time it takes for an engine to reach operating temperatures, in order to control emissions.

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Starts right up when it's cold but after mowing for a while if I have to stop it to empty the bag or refuel it won ' t re-start until it has cooled I'd bet it's still the valve lash as it won ' t make it smoke unless the valve guide is worn out which it'll be out of speck but not enough to do what you're illuding to.

If you are running a years-old cabin air filter in your ride, changing it will likely make a huge improvement to the performance of your HVAC system.

Snow and ice are blocking your air intake

a car covered in snow© Provided by autoTRADER.ca

Another possible cause of poor heater performance is a blockage of the climate control air intake system. Typically, air is sucked into your ride’s cabin through a vent in the area between your windshield and hood, down in the vicinity where your windshield wipers park. If this vent is blocked by leafy tree debris from the fall, and then covered in frozen snow and ice, it’s not sucking up enough air, and heater system performance will suffer. Determine where this important air intake vent is located, and keep it clear.

Your Corner Wrench: Signs your vehicle needs a new battery .
Just because your car won't start doesn't mean the battery is the problemVideo: A paint job you can peel off (provided by Autoblog) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_740a755e-2504-402c-9edf-6ef17824010b").

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