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20:15  12 may  2018
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  Your Corner Wrench: What happens when you use the wrong fuel? When you pump diesel into your gas-powered car, or vice-versa, prepare your walletSome drivers report their shops simply drained the offensive fuel, refilled the tank with the right blend and sent them on their way. Others will recommend replacing various fuel system and emission-control components such as injectors, pumps, oxygen sensors and catalytic convertors. And, as you might expect, those owners whose wallets got away with light relief sometimes worry about what might happen down the road, as a result of their – or the gas station’s – error.

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My reader eventually was able to secure coverage with another provider, but at a substantially If he did not have a vehicle during that time , then went to purchase insurance , he may have been rated You know a traffic ticket will make your insurance go up, but there are other factors that might

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LED (light emitting diode) lamps for automotive applications seem to be taking off like a wildfire lately with even some of the least expensive econo-boxes sporting this high-tech illumination in one form or another. But when you consider that few factory LED lamps have replaceable bulbs, and when you get a shocker at their replacement prices, you might want to rethink those ultra-high liability insurance deductibles on your ride, if you can.

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Next to bumper components (fascias, trim, brackets, etc.) lamps are one of the most common categories of auto parts to get damaged in collisions. After all, they’re right out of the corners of almost every model and fairly vulnerable to even the slightest impact. Stop asking why carmakers went this route in the first place. LED lamps take a fraction of the electricity that incandescent bulbs do and this means improved fuel economy (albeit a small improvement). And thanks to the growth of the sight-impaired demographic of our globe, stronger and brighter lights are in high demand.

In addition to all this, few automakers provide LED bulbs as separate replacement parts but only service them in lamp assemblies. The cost of these units can be fairly heavy, running at more than $1,000 per unit in some cases for mainstream vehicles. For example, on FCA’s all-new 2019 Ram Longhorn model truck, there are no bulbs available for either the LED headlamps or tail-lamps, with the former running at more than $1,300 each and the latter costing more than $1,000 each.

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  How safe are we if our cars can’t be seen? After 2021, new vehicles will have auto lights on, but you can still make your older car stand out for safetyThere are many ways to improve our vehicle’s visibility to other drivers and of course the first and best way is to simply turn on all the exterior lights every time. In darkness or dim light situations this is a no brainer, but even in good daylight it can make our rides stand out in a sometimes very crowded field. But there are others.

Think about repairing or even replacing those tools that come with your car for emergenciesIf all drivers used their autos’ wheel wrench /jack set even once, this little feature would likely soar to the top of the Your Corner Wrench : With LED lamps , it may be time to rethink your insurance coverage .

Homeowners Insurance . Major improvements in your home may make changes in coverage desirable. An addition or major renovation will increase the living Acquisitions may also prompt you to increase coverage . New jewelry or electronic equipment or furniture may raise the value of your household

So what’s all this got to do with insurance? Many consumers will try to lower their insurance premiums by opting for a high claim deductible. Carrying a $1,000 deductible is not uncommon. And to avoid premium hikes due to claims history, often drivers will pay out of pocket for vehicle damage rather than going through their insurance company. When you ride is equipped with expensive lights, these practices might not turn out to be money savers.

But collision damage isn’t the only reason to change a lamp. While LED lights do last a lot longer than their incandescent predecessors, they can still fail and liability insurance won’t be of much help. You may want to ask about extended warranty coverage when purchasing a vehicle equipped with LED lamps. Few automakers cover lamps with their extended plans presently, but if enough consumer interest is expressed, and enough shoppers shy away from LEDs due to replacement costs, this may change.

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Insurance companies cannot increase rates willy-nilly whenever they want.  For an insurance company to receive approval for a rate increase it must be able to show that it has actually had losses in one of the categories—home, auto, etc.

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