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21:36  23 may  2018
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Your Corner Wrench: Signs your vehicle needs a new battery

  Your Corner Wrench: Signs your vehicle needs a new battery Just because your car won't start doesn't mean the battery is the problemVideo: A paint job you can peel off (provided by Autoblog) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_740a755e-2504-402c-9edf-6ef17824010b").

Choosing the right wheels and tires for your new RC car or truck can be difficult because there are a lot of options available. After watching this episode

But if you want tires that make a car really stick in the twisties, you want a tire with a softer rubber compound, which naturally wears faster. Sounds (and looks) pretty wild, right ? To learn more about this unique vehicle, Volvo brought us out to their headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, where we got

Tire shopping can be daunting. It's much more than just what you drive, and what's your tire size.© Supplied, iStock.com via Getty Images Tire shopping can be daunting. It's much more than just what you drive, and what's your tire size.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed shopping for some new tires, you’re not alone. With the number of different tire makers out there, compounded by the ever-growing variety of different types, it’s no wonder many people are confused when trying to decide.

For the average driver who purchases tires once every few years or so, becoming a smart shopper is hard from experience alone. If you have any pity to spare, save some for tire company designers – they toil in relative anonymity, striving to put better products on our vehicles, only to end up with something that looks, well, like a tire, sold to people who seldom think about tires and are loathe to spend money on them.

Your Corner Wrench: Take care with spring cleaning your car

  Your Corner Wrench: Take care with spring cleaning your car Hosing your car down or using cleaning chemicals may do more harm than goodWater and electronics (or pretty much anything electrical) do not mix. This might seem simple enough, but it happens. Few vehicle owners ever take into consideration what might be hidden beneath floor carpeting before they take a home steam cleaner to some stubborn salt stains. Most automakers run a variety of electrical harnesses and even some computers here and if you absolutely have to use moisture to clean it, use a very small amount.

Choosing tires that are right for your truck or SUV involves more than simply finding the correct size. Pros: The employees in the tire shop will be well-trained and knowledgeable about what kind of tires will suit your car best; this is a good option for those with a limited knowledge and limited budget.

Buying car tires is a piece of cake. However, finding the right ones can be difficult. If you choose wrong car tires , your car ’s performance will be They tend to have better cornering grip than S- and T-speed rated all-season tires , and they generally provide better handling and braking than regular

I had a chance recently to review an industry insider document from a well-established tire company detailing their marketing efforts to consumers for some new designs. Like most of these shamelessly self-serving missives, it was full of fluff, but it did unintentionally provide some useful tips for drivers on the hunt for just the right set of boots for their car.

For most shoppers, the questions they’re asked are usually short and few. Tire size and the type of vehicle are often the only things asked before a retailer looks up various tires to prepare a price quote. What’s more important is where and how you drive, how long you plan on keeping your current ride, and what type of budget you’re working with.

For example, you may be driving the meanest 4X4 on the block, but if 99 per cent of your travels are on paved roads, buying an aggressive off-road tire can be the worst mistake you can make. Or, if you’re driving a sports car and you want tires that last longer than one or two seasons, getting a soft and sticky performance tire isn’t the way to go, as they wear out quickly.

Your Corner Wrench: Winter tires are no good for warmer weather

  Your Corner Wrench: Winter tires are no good for warmer weather Driving on your winter tires during warmer months isn't exactly a wise ideaCost. While you might be trying to save money by leaving snow tires on, it will actually cost you more in the long run. Winter tires, with their softer rubber compounds, will wear out substantially faster on warmer road surfaces than a traditional summer or “all-season” tire due to harder rubber compound.

Installing incorrectly sized tires on your car or truck can make the vechile sluggish, put strain on the drive line, and even damage wheel wells and

Winter tyres will be on the minds of millions of Brits at this time of year - but how do you choose the right ones for you? We found out with a day of

Or, you may even find yourself on gravel or broken roads regularly and don’t want to collect a few pounds of pebbles each time. In that case, keep in mind certain tread designs seem to attract stones like moths to a flame. Or, you could be dropping your car at the end of its lease in a month or so, and don’t want to invest in a premium tire.

Another example to consider is with light-truck tires. You may like the strength and tread endurance of an LT-rated tire with its sronger sidewalls, but these often provide a much stiffer ride than conventional, P-rated tires. Keep in mind that on a vehicle originally equipped with P-rated rubber, moving up to an LT-rated won’t increase the cargo or towing capacity so much as an ounce.

So, when you’re at the tire shop, make sure you’ve done your research and take the time to have a good discussion to cover all the bases.

For engines and transmissions, when do you repair or replace? .
It takes an expert eye and common sense when dealing with these major and complex componentsBut what about the big two items under the hood; engines and transmissions? When is it time to draw the line between repairing and replacing? The first battle is finding a shop/tech that can do both. Engine rebuild specialists for mainstream vehicles seem to be an endangered species. Fortunately for automatic transmissions, the situation isn’t nearly as dire, but few small independent shops have the specialized tools and technician skill-base to complete gearbox overhauls.

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