Ownership Spring Cleaning : Five Items to Change or Clean on Your Car This Summer

17:09  30 may  2018
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Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Car ! Here Are 17 Tricks to Make It Cleaner Than Ever! If the hubcaps on your wheels are getting dingy, shine them with this easy concoction! No need for intense elbow grease with this combination of cleaning powder and water that makes a super- cleaning paste.

Using a leather-specific cleaner will help get any built up dirt and grime off of your seats while hydrating and nourishing the leather. Hand duster. Surprisingly, most cars still do not come with any type of trash can or other compartment to put waste items . Purchasing an aftermarket trash receptacle can

Spring Cleaning Tips: shutterstock_786239308© Matthew Guy shutterstock_786239308

After a long, cold winter, there is something therapeutic about giving the family car a good cleaning. It doesn’t seem to matter if a person does it oneself or sends it to a detailer – it sure does feel good to climb into a clean and well-maintained car. The gearhead side of my brain is convinced it runs better too, even though I have no empirical data to back up that silly claim.

With summer tantalizingly close on the calendar, climb aboard while we run through not only the local car wash but also five items which drivers should give some attention to before hitting the road.

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But spring cleaning is actually pretty simple. The process of decluttering and then cleaning each Deep clean your fridge and freezer by removing all shelves, racks and storage items and washing Remove the screens and vacuum them using the handheld attachment on your vacuum cleaner

The secret to a thorough spring cleaning of your car is gathering the right supplies and choosing a I clean from the top down and leave the door wells for later. I often have to change out the bowls of The brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner can be especially helpful when it comes vacuuming

Keep Your Cool

a hand holding a white car: Spring Cleaning Tips© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Spring Cleaning Tips

Does the air from your dashboard vents huff with all the vigor of an asthmatic blowing at you through a straw? Is the air “kinda-sorta” cool with a hint of mustiness? It might be time to service your air conditioning.

The on-demand cold air from a car’s vents is chilled by a system under the hood that deploys refrigerant to drop the air’s temperature before running it through the ventilation system and into the cabin. Sometimes, that refrigerant stops working either because it has leaked away or has simply worn out. An experienced shop can recharge the system and have your car’s interior back to meat-locker levels in no time.

Another, often overlooked, part of the air conditioning system is the cabin filter through which all outside air must pass before entering the car. On most vehicles, it is a cheap and easy part to replace, one which most people with even a passing knowledge of cars can do by themselves.

When Can I Put My Summer Tires On?

  When Can I Put My Summer Tires On? Naturally, the uncommonly temperate daytime temperatures we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks have many motorists thinking that it might be time to remove their winter tires.He is not alone, as classic car sightings have become an almost daily thing around here and more motorcycles are visible each and every day.

It’s time for spring cleaning , and that includes car maintenance. Keeping your car clean will not only keep it looking great, it will also help the We’ve sourced some of the best household items you can clean your car with from across the interwebs.* We recommend testing these in a small spot on your

The 7 Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your Summer . Take the stress out of this season cleaning challenges using these shortcuts. No matter how vigilant you are about keeping coasters available to guests, inevitably someone will put a glass right on your new wood coffee table.


Sure, you’ve taken the winter rubber off your car and replaced them with summer shoes, but did you remember to give the tires a bit of a scrub before setting out on a long road trip?

Your tires are the only point of contact between you and road, so it’s important to take care of them. Unkempt tires can cause a variety of problems:

  • Stones stuck in the tread block can reduce traction
  • Incorrect pressure will lead to premature and potentially dangerous wear
  • Highway grime can, on occasion, damage a tire’s sidewall
  • Cuts from road hazards may cause air leaks

An easy solution is to apply some tire foam that will not only make your tires look like new but will also give you a chance to inspect your car’s rubber hoops for the potential hazards listed above. If anything gives you concern, especially that roofing nail sticking out of the sidewall, be sure to get it fixed by a professional. Quattro Tire.com is your Canadian expert for all things tires.

Your Corner Wrench: Take care with spring cleaning your car

  Your Corner Wrench: Take care with spring cleaning your car Hosing your car down or using cleaning chemicals may do more harm than goodWater and electronics (or pretty much anything electrical) do not mix. This might seem simple enough, but it happens. Few vehicle owners ever take into consideration what might be hidden beneath floor carpeting before they take a home steam cleaner to some stubborn salt stains. Most automakers run a variety of electrical harnesses and even some computers here and if you absolutely have to use moisture to clean it, use a very small amount.

For this spring , clean out and clear out your car of any clutter or dirt. These top five ways to spring - clean your car will leave your car fresh and squeaky- clean . It’s also a good idea to get the vehicle inspected to check it’s in good working condition. Learn more in our “National Car Care Month

Follow this 30-day spring cleaning checklist if you want to conquer this season one chore at a time. To help you keep track of all the tasks on your plate, we created this list you can use to check off one item at a time. For more cleaning inspiration, check out @GoodHouseMag on Pinterest and repin

How to Store your Car’s Winter Tires

Wipe On, Wipe Off

Spring Cleaning Tips© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Spring Cleaning Tips

Replace your wiper blades before the summer starts. After a long winter of sweeping away salt and stones flicked up from the plow, there’s a good chance they are no longer operating at peak efficiency. Torn or cracked wiper blades won’t do much good in the middle of an unrelenting summer downpour on the DVP when visibility is reduced but that guy in the BMW insists on passing you at what seems like several multiples of the speed limit.

Many car parts stores, and even the small automotive sections of department stores, have helpful resources in the form of a book or interactive computer guide to tell you what size replacement wiper will fit your car. It’s cheap insurance against that dude kicking up spray in the BMW.

Check Your Fluids

No, not the fluid level in your travel mug, although keeping that topped off is not a bad idea. In this case, we’re talking about your car’s fluids such as oil, coolant, and washer fluid.

A certified garage can provide your car with an oil change, swapping out the old lubricant for five (or six, or however many your car needs) litres of fresh stuff. Clean motor oil is essential to the smooth operation of an engine; dirty oil will break down and fail to protect the motor against metal-on-metal wear. Neglecting to replace engine oil can also result in poor engine performance and higher fuel consumption.

Your Corner Wrench: Winter tires are no good for warmer weather

  Your Corner Wrench: Winter tires are no good for warmer weather Driving on your winter tires during warmer months isn't exactly a wise ideaCost. While you might be trying to save money by leaving snow tires on, it will actually cost you more in the long run. Winter tires, with their softer rubber compounds, will wear out substantially faster on warmer road surfaces than a traditional summer or “all-season” tire due to harder rubber compound.

Make a clean start this spring with this how-to. Collect your army of cleaning supplies. Collect your army of cleaning supplies. See things you'll need for further information but feel free to add in anything else.

Spring cleaning doesn't have to take tons of time. Here are 5 spring cleaning tips and. I know I don’t. So, this season, I’m putting a few things in place to help make spring cleaning a bit easier to manage. Label the boxes and put them in the garage, a spare bedroom, or the trunk of your car

Six important fluids to check in your car

Charged Up

Spring Cleaning Tips© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Spring Cleaning Tips

Check your charging system, the main component of which is the battery. Cold temperatures can do a number on it, so now is a good time to have the thing tested. Most auto parts places will do a battery test for free without needing an appointment.

While the hood is up, also confirm the battery is securely mounted and the connections are clean, tight, and free of corrosion. Batteries more than five years old can fail to hold a charge, so consider getting it replaced. Don’t forget, most car batteries contain acid so wear gloves and don a pair of protective goggles before handling them.

Ounce of Prevention, Pound of Cure

Yes, that heading sounds like the bleating of an overbearing parent … but in this case, it’s true. The summer’s unrelenting heat, compounded by stop-and-go traffic, will take their toll on your vehicle. Add in the effects felt during the prior Canadian winter and it’s easy to understand how a neglected vehicle can be poised for a breakdown. Stack the odds in your favour by addressing some of these maintenance items listed above – battery, oil, and tires. Your vehicle should last longer and might very well command a higher resale price down the road.

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