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Transport Canada Cracks Down on Phantom Cars

  Transport Canada Cracks Down on Phantom Cars The Minister of Transport has just announced new rules to help bring Canadian drivers out of the dark. The Minister of Transport has just announced new rules to help bring Canadian drivers out of the dark. New headlight regulations will put an end to phantom vehicles on nighttime highways.

5 dumb things drivers do . There you are, yakking on your cellphone while I sit at a green light one car behind. And that's just one of many things that American drivers do .

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Poor driving etiquette: shutterstock_52777060© Travis Persaud shutterstock_52777060

We have all experienced frustrating—or in many moments, full-on angering—moments on the road dealing with other drivers. Here we look at five dumb things drivers do that get our blood boiling.

Drivers Who Don’t Signal

We only have two ways to properly communicate with each other on the road: signals and beeps. The former is preventative, the latter is reactive.

Are you changing lanes? Signal. Do you need to turn? Signal. Are you entering traffic from a street parking spot? Signal.

It’s quite easy, but for some reason I face non-signalers everyday on the road. It’s dangerous, can cause collisions, and is just a selfish and boneheaded way to occupy space on the road.

How safe are we if our cars can’t be seen?

  How safe are we if our cars can’t be seen? After 2021, new vehicles will have auto lights on, but you can still make your older car stand out for safetyThere are many ways to improve our vehicle’s visibility to other drivers and of course the first and best way is to simply turn on all the exterior lights every time. In darkness or dim light situations this is a no brainer, but even in good daylight it can make our rides stand out in a sometimes very crowded field. But there are others.

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It will also lead to a reactive beep…

a person riding on the back of a car: Poor driving etiquette© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Poor driving etiquette

Misguided Anger

…which too often results in misguided anger.

I remember one recent moment driving along the Gardiner Expressway. A small truck cut me off, without signaling of course. I honked. Not a lean-on-the-horn honk. But one that brought attention to the dangerous maneuver.

The driver responded by giving me the one-finger salute out the window.

I get it. No one likes to be honked at. However, if you make a mistake on the road, own it. You might be honked at—remember, it’s one of only two ways to properly communicate with each other. That’s OK. Swallow your pride and move on safely.

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Tailgating in Traffic

Sometimes you’re in a hurry. That’s understandable. Signal and move into the passing lane. Get around the slower traffic and head on your way. Do it safely and keep your speed in control.

Apple grows its self-driving car fleet, but what exactly is it doing?

  Apple grows its self-driving car fleet, but what exactly is it doing? Everyone's favorite purveyor of slick glass-and-aluminum computers and phones has been rumored to be in the self-driving car game for years now, but what do we actually know?Thanks to the California DMV (and MacReports), we know that Apple currently has a fleet of 55 vehicles, up from 27 in January, registered for autonomous testing with human safety drivers on public roads. We also know that the company has 83 drivers that are certified to serve as the safety drivers for these cars. Interestingly, Apple has not applied for one of California's new fully driverless autonomous testing permits.

Rookie drivers are guilty of most (if not all) of these dumb things while driving . If you're new to this game, then listen up! ----- Follow Car Throttle

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However, in rush hour? Calm down, put on a podcast and relax. You’re in it for the long haul.

There’s no need to tailgate anyone when you’re moving at 10 km/h along Highway 401. That’s just stupid and you’re looking to get into a fender bender.

Merging From the Shoulder

Some drivers believe they can do whatever they want if it serves their end of getting ahead of everyone else.

This means they’re fine to enter the highway and zoom past the long line of merging cars, ride the shoulder and dip ahead of an unsuspecting vehicle.

Don’t be this fool. Merge onto the highway within the lane limits. This gives everyone a full view of what you’re doing and when. By pushing onto the shoulder to get ahead, you’re increasing the chances of a collision because most drivers won’t be expecting a vehicle to come up along the shoulder to merge onto the highway.

In a crash with an on-ramp cheater, who’s at fault?

CAA Brings Pay-Per-Km Insurance to Canada

  CAA Brings Pay-Per-Km Insurance to Canada Pay-as-you-drive insurance is coming to Canada. Pay-as-you-drive insurance is coming to Canada. CAA Insurance is launching a new way for drivers who don't cover much mileage to benefit on their premiums.

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Um, You’re Welcome!

This has happened way too often to me: I’m driving along without a care in the world, moving at a nice pace and enjoying the fact that I’m not stuck in traffic. All of a sudden, another vehicle realizes their exit is coming up much quicker than they anticipated (I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt right now…) and they must change lanes. Well, I see their predicament and slow down to allow them into my lane.

And then, nothing.


No thank-you wave. No acknowledgement of my undying kindness on the road. Nothing.

I’m not looking to make friends, but I’m all for ensuring the roads are safe and friendly. Do your part and say thanks for those who make room for you in your time of need.

a person riding on the back seat of a car: https://www.wheels.ca/news/in-a-crash-with-an-on-ramp-cheater-whos-at-fault/© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited https://www.wheels.ca/news/in-a-crash-with-an-on-ramp-cheater-whos-at-fault/

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