Ownership Recalls: Ignore them at your and your wallet’s risk

18:29  20 june  2018
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Toyota dealer refusing to sell Prius over safety concerns

  Toyota dealer refusing to sell Prius over safety concerns A SoCal franchisee claims a recall didn't solve a safety issue with the popular hybrid, but the automaker says it's just sour grapes.Video: 2016 Toyota Prius Quick Drive (provided by Consumer Reports) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer", "#video_player_0cb79efd-102e-411d-bf45-f26f24a49c6d").

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Experts say you should never ignore a recall notice. Use your common sense a little bit, and if you read the letter you'll be able to understand the level of risk involved," said Carroll Lachnit, consumer advice editor for car shopping network Edmunds.com.

  Recalls: Ignore them at your and your wallet’s risk © Provided by Driving.ca

If your scan of the daily news makes you think automotive recalls are getting more numerous every year, you’re not alone, nor wrong. Put it down to increasing consumer expectations, growth of a litigious society, decreasing quality control or automakers wanting to avoid legal trouble; recalls for vehicles of every stripe are on the rise. Improvements in collision investigation and data collection can’t be ignored either for the increase in the numbers of those mailers and email blasts. But before you dump them in the trash or e-garbage file, consider the consequences of not getting a manufacturer’s recall repair done.

2018 Ford F-150, Mustang And Others Recalled Because They Might Roll Away

  2018 Ford F-150, Mustang And Others Recalled Because They Might Roll Away On Friday, Ford announced that a huge number of 2018 F-150s, Expeditions, Mustangs, Lincoln Navigators and some heavy work vehicles are being recalled for appearing to be in park, but actually still being able to roll away after they’ve been shut down. The same problem seems to be happening in two ways. In some vehicles, a gear shift locking clip that’s becoming unseated seems to be keeping the transmission from going into park correctly. In others, a transmission roll pin that performs a similar function is apparently missing in some cases.

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Video: What to Do If Your Car Is Affected by the FCA Recall (provided by Consumer Reports)

First understand there are several different types of recalls. Safety recalls come in two forms; voluntary and government ordered. The latter is extremely rare as most automakers cooperate with the regulatory bodies that govern them. Consumer satisfaction campaigns are what non-safety related concerns fall under. Basically it refers to problems that are common, expensive, and involve failures long before their intended or consumer perceived life-spans are up. Manufacturers simply realize that failure to act in these circumstances will cost them dearly due to lack of consumer confidence.

Ford Gearboxes Unsure What Gear They're In

  Ford Gearboxes Unsure What Gear They're In In Canada, nearly 52,000 trucks are affected, plus another 292,000 in the rest of North America.Ford Motor Company's latest safety campaign recalls every poorly edited movie car chase in which the driver is apparently clueless about how many gear ratios their transmission has and which one they're using at any moment.

Ed Soliday recognizes the risk . He pointed to high-profile recalls such as the one for Takata airbags and the incident that ended Burgess' life to show why it is so important for states to do all they can to inform drivers.

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The largest recall in automotive history involves Takata air bag inflators. These were used in a very wide variety of different makes and models. Due to the use of a propellant that had a tendency to attract moisture, the metal casings on these parts corroded and became weak enough that when they went off, they shattered and sent metal shrapnel towards passengers and drivers with enough force to injure or kill. In the US and Canada, regulators track completion rates on safety recalls and if they think automakers are slacking off, they can put pressure on them to comply. This went far enough with Honda that they started tracking down vehicles through the state license registry in California and then sent employees to knock on doors, offer loaner vehicles, take the affected vehicle in for repairs, and return it to the owner. This was precedent setting, so don’t expect this level of service from your car company.

Ford recalls EcoSport, F-Series for brake issues

  Ford recalls EcoSport, F-Series for brake issues EcoSport has incorrect bits; medium-duty trucks have brake cable issuesThe first involves the new 2018 EcoSport sub-compact crossover, affecting 273 vehicles with incorrect brake fluid reservoir caps and European owner’s manuals. All the vehicles reside south of the border and are not believed to have resulted in any incidents or injuries.

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The condition, they continued, affects about 196,500 vehicle registered in the United States and that the vehicles most at risk are in states where salt is used on the roads to melt snow in the winter. 63 Comments on “Total Recall : Ignore At Your Own Peril ”

The biggest problem in getting recalls completed is getting the right owner information. Used vehicle buyers aren’t terribly reliable when it comes to submitting change-of-ownership forms to their rides’ makers. With most auto companies this can be done online by scanning and emailing a copy of the new ownership. Or authorized retailers can perform this task. It doesn’t cost anything and it can save you more than your neck.

Some recalls involve components you wouldn’t normally associate with vehicle safety. For example FCA (Fiat Chrysler Auto) has its dealers currently working though a recall on certain alternators because they may fail and either cause the engine to stall or start an under-hood fire. These cover certain vehicles back to 2011. So if you didn’t know about the recall you might end up paying an aftermarket shop for a replacement alternator.

Almost all auto companies include a recall check function on their corporate websites. Simply plug in your chariot’s serial number and you can get the details. If you’ve paid for a recall related repair, keep your receipts. In most cases you can get a refund from the automaker. Transport Canada’s website includes a generic vehicle database that doesn’t require serial numbers.

About 145,000 vehicles recalled in Canada in June .
Kia, VW and supercar makers among the affected, while Takata impacts moreThe biggest recall of the month affected Kia vehicles, with 65,559 Forte and Forte Koup compacts, Optima mid-sized sedans and Sedona minivans from model years 2010 through 2013 afflicted with airbag control unit circuits that could get damaged, resulting in airbags and seatbelt pretensioners perhaps not deploying in collisions where they’re supposed to deploy.

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