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Tire Trend Alert: Car Tires on an SUV?

Wednesday  17:21,   15 march 2017

Tire Trend Alert: Car Tires on an SUV?The friend in question had recently bought a 2017 Honda Pilot, and ordered some winter tires from an online retailer. Once delivered, he brought his steel wheels, and new tires, into a shop, to have them...[...]

The myth and science behind your gauge cluster illumination color

Monday  16:08,   13 march 2017

That classic red-orange BMW hue is there for a reason,I can't fault that; it's sensible. After all, messing with the dimmer is just another type of distraction. I was thinking about this because I had just driven her car, and left the dash lights...[...]

Is Waze Worthwhile?

Monday  15:47,   13 march 2017

Is Waze...[...]

10 Tire and Brake Problems All Drivers Need to Know

Friday  17:21,   10 march 2017

Because unreliable brakes are the last thing you want.Wide-open acceleration might fun, but slowing down that speeding hunk of metal is much more important. Any driver's safety depends on consistent, reliable deceleration, or in other words, working [...]

How to Fix Car Bumper Scratches

Friday  17:03,   10 march 2017

Bumper scratches and scuffs are unsightly, and alarmingly easy to get. You don't have to cover your car with hard-to-remove bumper stickers to make it look better, however. Fixing damaged plastic bumpers involves grinding, sanding, sculpting and [...]

When Should You Fight a Traffic Ticket?

Friday  17:02,   10 march 2017

Advice from our resident consumer protection attorney.But before you start trying to figure out how to fight your ticket, consumer protection attorney and R&T contributor Steve Lehto says you should first figure out whether it's worth fighting in...[...]

Shedding light on a century of headlamp development

Wednesday  17:22,   01 march 2017

Difference between 1908 Ford Model T and 2016 Mustang like night and dayThe automobile has come a long way in our lifetime, while retaining its basic set up of an internal combustion engine sending its power to four wheels via a transmission, so...[...]

Sleet or freezing rain? Here's how to handle them

Tuesday  17:07,   28 february 2017

Be patient, slow down, be smooth, to arrive safely when roads turn to iceRoad surfaces can quickly become skating rinks and even vehicles equipped with the best winter tires, all-wheel drive and the latest anti-skid technologies can’t always cope...[...]

Five important questions to ask about remote starters

Monday  16:36,   27 february 2017

This tech is ideal for Canadian winters, but not all remote starters are equalWith all the choices out there, from a wide variety of auto electronic manufacturers, a factory-installed remote-starter system is still the best option. It guarantees no...[...]

3 Technologies Making Car Suspensions Better Than Ever

Tuesday  19:22,   21 february 2017

The state of the suspension is good. Very good.Suspension systems don't tend to get much publicity, but they're probably the most crucial factor in the day-to-day enjoyment of your car. Automakers are always tweaking and refining their designs in...[...]

What Does a Car's Alternator Do?

Friday  19:37,   17 february 2017

The alternator charges the battery and powers the electrics People may think that the battery powers the electrics in your car, but that's not the case. The battery provides electricity needed to start the car with the electric starter motor. When...[...]

What Is a VIN Number?

Tuesday  16:21,   14 february 2017

If you go to register or insure a car, someone is bound to ask you for its VIN number. If you go to register or insure a car, someone is bound to ask you for its VIN number. Short for Vehicle Identification Number, the VIN is a 17-digit number...[...]

Prepare yourself for surprise whiteout road conditions

Monday  18:10,   13 february 2017

When visibility is lost, it's lights on, slow down and focus on your surroundingsDriving into whiteouts or snow squalls is different from driving into the jaws of a snow storm. Weather forecasters work hard to update conditions to give drivers...[...]

How to Jumpstart a Car

Wednesday  16:11,   08 february 2017

It's never too late to learn.Jumper...[...]

Do diesels really save you money?

Thursday  17:51,   02 february 2017

Analysis of Canadian diesel data reveals some surprising resultsBut there is more to the cost of ownership than just the fuel...[...]