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Your Corner Wrench: Take care with spring cleaning your car

Thursday  16:36,   12 april 2018

Hosing your car down or using cleaning chemicals may do more harm than goodWater and electronics (or pretty much anything electrical) do not mix. This might seem simple enough, but it happens. Few vehicle owners ever take into consideration what... >>>

When Can I Put My Summer Tires On?

Friday  15:36,   06 april 2018

Naturally, the uncommonly temperate daytime temperatures we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks have many motorists thinking that it might be time to remove their winter tires.He is not alone, as classic car sightings have become an almost daily... >>>

We Need John Deere's 30-Second Oil Change on Cars

Thursday  16:41,   05 april 2018

The Easy Change system turns oil changes into a super-simple no-tools job.As our colleagues at Popular Mechanics explain, doing an oil change with a John Deere Easy Change system involves nothing more than unlocking and twisting off the old... >>>

Useful AWD Features People Don’t Even Know Exist

Thursday  16:41,   05 april 2018

Your next AWD vehicle will likely use a generous helping of high-tech engineering and processing power to provide added traction and control in a wide range of situations – and it’s also likely packing one or more supplemental features that works... >>>

How Much Did Your Remote Starter Cost You This Winter?

Tuesday  18:10,   03 april 2018

Humans like to be warm. This is why some drivers won’t scrape the ice from their frozen windshield on a cold morning for all the tea in China. This is why some drivers won’t scrape the ice from their frozen windshield on a cold morning for all... >>>

Is it Illegal to Splash Pedestrians?

Tuesday  18:52,   27 march 2018

Does this sound familiar? You’re walking along a city sidewalk on a mild spring day, revelling in the welcome scent of melting snow, when a passing driver hits a puddle of dirty run-off on the roadway and sends up a wave, leaving you soakedAt best,... >>>

Your Corner Wrench: Signs your vehicle needs a new battery

Tuesday  18:21,   27 march 2018

Just because your car won't start doesn't mean the battery is the problemVideo: A paint job you can peel off (provided by Autoblog) Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"], function (binding) { binding("wcVideoPlayer",... >>>

How to Polish Your Car

Tuesday  16:31,   20 march 2018

Planning on giving your car a polish? Look no further.Polishing is an important step in the car-cleaning process, and it's something any diligent enthusiast should learn how to do. Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC put together an incredibly detailed video... >>>

Illustrated Guide to Your Car’s Heater

Thursday  17:37,   15 march 2018

When it’s cold and wintry, being warm is the best. But what actually happens in your vehicle when you turn on the heat? Why does it take a moment for the heat to arrive on a cold morning? What’s going on at the other end of the climate control... >>>

Goof of the Month: Engine Problem or User Error?

Wednesday  17:25,   14 march 2018

This month, I had a chat with service advisor Lori Boerio about an interesting discussion I stumbled across in an owner’s forum, while researching one of hundreds of used vehicle reviews for autoTRADER.ca. This month, I had a chat with service... >>>

Need Collision Repairs? Read this first

Tuesday  17:52,   13 march 2018

In the past two decades, the automotive collision repair industry has seen many innovative changes in technology, education, communication, and the environment. However, three important issues are at play, which could affect the quality of... >>>

Cold-Weather Testing – Making Cars that Survive Canadian Winters

Tuesday  17:26,   13 march 2018

Polar vortex. Weather bomb. Traditional winter. A brisk day. Call it what you like, but in parts of Canada, this winter has been a record-setter in terms of cold temperatures that have dragged on. And on. And on. Winter is hard on... >>>

Car insurance looks to ditch pink slips, but it’s not as easy as it sounds

Thursday  18:46,   08 march 2018

Survey shows most Canadians want it on their phones, but there are still a few regulatory hurdles to jumpThey are if consumers have anything to say about it. Like rotary phones and letters in the mail, the inconvenient tiny documents are often... >>>

Should you buy a dash cam?

Wednesday  17:55,   07 march 2018

At this point, a decent dash cam is relatively inexpensive, but what is a dash cam used for, and should you spend the money on one? To answer that question, let's examine the purpose of dash cams, and then dive into the considerations... >>>

Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Engine Blocks

Thursday  21:05,   01 march 2018

The best part? It’s only a guy talking about an engine block.You know what I hate about YouTube videos? You go on to try and learn about something, and so many of them utterly ruin the experience by playing some kind of obnoxious intro or loud... >>>