Research “It’s sacred savings!” : Souad Romero (large families) explains how it takes advantage of a product in its region

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A video of an Israeli journalist in Mecca arouses a controversy

 A video of an Israeli journalist in Mecca arouses a controversy © Delil Souleiman / AFP of Muslim pilgrims during the annual hajj pilgrimage to the great mosque of the holy city of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, July 6 2022. An Israeli journalist created a controversy after the broadcast of a video that shows him to wander in the Saudi city of Mecca, the first holy place of Islam, prohibited from non-Muslims. Two days after its publication on Twitter, the video led to an avalanche of hostile reactions on social media on Wednesday July 20 in Saudi Arabia.

“Ça fait de sacrées économies !” : Souad Romero (Familles nombreuses) explique comment elle tire profit d’un produit de sa région © Capture Screen Instagram @family_omero.officiel "that makes sacred savings!" : Souad Romero (large families) explains how she takes advantage of a product in her region this Sunday, October 2 in her Instagram story, Souad Romero (large families: life in XXL) gave his trick to spend less thanks to a Product that she uses daily in her kitchen.

Having several children often involves finding tips and tricks to save money. This is the case of Souad Romero, known thanks to its participation in the Family Families: Life in XXL on TF1. In his Instagram story this Sunday, October 2, the mother of five and wife of Mario unveiled a photo of some of them in the middle of a harvest of olives. Facing the camera, a little later, she explained to her 108,000 fans "only once picked up", This little fruit which is used to make oil is "brought to a Moulin" in her region, at the Baux valley (Provence).

Gas crisis: No reason to panic, say economists

 Gas crisis: No reason to panic, say economists can Germany cope with a complete gas delivery stop in Russia? According to a new study, it can. © Uniper SE Provided by Deutsche Welle "In the event of a stop in Russian Gas imports , neither mass poverty nor folk uprising threatens that Germany has already mastered in the past if it had to face crises," write Rüdiger Bachmann (write ( University of Notre Dame in the US state of Indiana), Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn) and other economists and energy management in the study "How to do".

7 kg of olives for a liter of oil

"The olives were not treated [...] And suddenly, that makes us our olive oil and an economy!" , she launched with pride, advising "to all those who have olive trees" in their garden to do the same to avoid buying their bottle in supermarket, at high prices. "Seven kilos it's a liter of oil", underlined Souad Romero, who therefore pays for inexpensive professionals, "just for packaging". It is therefore possible to bring back your own "empty cans" to have them filled at a lower cost. "For info, it's good to pick them up [olives], but there are many who have worms. So you have to be careful, but otherwise it is starting to be a bit of the period [of harvest, which generally takes place during the fall]. Normally, it is around October 10 ", developed the mother, who always takes pleasure in sharing her little daily tips on her subscribers.

"Save Now, Pay Later": New Startup Cherries wants to offer alternative to debt trap

 The increasingly louder criticism of services such as Klarna, which have a large number of users sink into debt, bears fruit in the startup scene: The new Fintech Cherries founded wants to offer a concept called "Save Now, Pay Later", in which customers save on a product instead of accumulating debts by receiving it before they receive it. © provided by Finanzen.net Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Save Save Payment services such as Klarna or AfterPay have recently become increasingly criticized because t

"Les Tips de Sousou"

Souad Romero also takes advantage of his notoriety on Instagram to help his community take care of their house. Housekeeper by profession, She regularly puts her best techniques online to clean and maintain a home, a barbecue or even white sneakers. Very hardworking, she even worried her daughter Rachel this summer, at point that the latter had to come and lend her mother to relieve her a little. "For my part, it's normal to help your parents, to clean and participate in the cleanliness of the house […] My mother, it hurts me too much because she works a lot Right now ", she said on social networks.

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