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This Should Settle The 4WD Vs. 2WD Winter Braking Debate Once And For All

  This Should Settle The 4WD Vs. 2WD Winter Braking Debate Once And For All Team O’Neil Rally School shared a video recently about the differences between braking with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, but people complained the test methods were unfair. So, the school tested it again, and drove home their surprising point: A 4WD system can actually brake better than a 2WD one. In the first 2WD-4WD test, Team O’Neil used a Ford F250 and concluded that driving in 4WD mode helped reduce the stopping distance.

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12. Getting Off a Car . This refers to the rule on blind spots mentioned above. First of all, you will need to follow traffic rules strictly yourself, especially when there are children in the car with you. Never use the mobile phone when you drive with your kids or indulge in any other dangerous traffic

a person sitting in a car© Provided by Driving.ca When you write about the auto industry for enough years, you learn there are a handful of perennial questions you will get from readers, the same ones that pop up over and over again. Sure, there are more queries around hybrids lately, and some people demanding more round-a-bouts and some demanding fewer, but my top three have remained: should I use regular oil or synthetic, why do idiots hog the passing lane, and what’s the best used car to buy for my kid who is going away to college?

The first question can be answered in your owner’s manual, not even Kreskin knows why those idiots can’t get out of the passing lane, but the used car question? That one is fun.

Tesla, Porsche Cut from EV Rebate Program in Ontario

  Tesla, Porsche Cut from EV Rebate Program in Ontario New changes to Ontario's Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program see a big change in the province's electric vehicle rebates.New changes to Ontario's Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program see a big change in the province's electric vehicle rebates. The new rules slash payouts on popular models, increase the rebate on a few, and leave Tesla and Porsche out in the cold.

But you just can’t get your ex out of your system. You feel you need him back. And, guess what: he’s open to the possibility. So, how do you go about this without instantly crashing and burning—again? Follow these rules .

For example, in the car on your way to church, instead of telling your child, "No loud talking!" remind him to speak in a whisper during the service. To turn things around, give her some simple rules you know she can follow . Pinterest. When Your Kid Bosses You Around.

There are still some tendrils of old school thinking that show through, especially when it’s a grandparent asking the question. Bigger must be safer, right? I mean, my parents sent me off to school in a 1976 flaming orange AMC Matador wagon, and despite the hole in the passenger side floor and the fact I had to call for a boost most nights, it was perfect. My parents imagined me safely ensconced in a tank. They didn’t know it essentially made me a taxi service, as I happily ferried all of my friends around. I’m sure my parents didn’t realized they were creating a clown car, but there is nobody as inventive as university kids when it comes to doing dumb things with cars.

Which brings me to my first rule of Which Car Should I Get My Kid. No matter how hard you think you’ve covered all the bases, they will come up with new ways to make you crazy. The condition of that vehicle is about to test your patience. Here are a few more rules:

Car Companies Are Arguing Against Basic Science On Climate Change

  Car Companies Are Arguing Against Basic Science On Climate Change Automakers are preaching the gospel of clean energy when it comes to their plans for electric cars, but when it comes to vehicle emission standards they’ve turned to refuting basic science. Automakers are preaching the gospel of clean energy when it comes to their plans for electric cars, but when it comes to vehicle emission standards—which are currently being reevaluated—they’ve turned to refuting basic science that’s behind climate change.

The rules for child car seats and booster seats - height, weight, age, type of vehicle, car , minibus, licensed taxi. Contents. Using a child car seat or booster seat. When a child can travel without a car seat.

You broke your own rule mama! You used the car as a closet! 25 Questions That Get Kids to Talk About School - September 5, 2018. 10 Positive Parenting Tips For More Family Happiness - August 27, 2018. Specially when he is choosing to not liaten 100% of the time and not following any rules .

Bigger is not necessarily better You may be anticipating your student on the highway traipsing back home for holidays, but in reality, that car is probably going to be used in a more urban setting. Think packed parking lots, jaunts for groceries, or half the residence floor cramming in to head out for the evening. With the versatility provided by even compact cars these days, your student can maximize cargo space without having to wedge a barge into tight parking spaces. If your student is commuting daily, fuel economy will be important. Having said that, understand no matter what size vehicle you get, it will come home with door dings on the outside and garbage up to the windows on the inside.

You’re probably gonna need a bigger budget Today’s cars are built better and last longer. You are not going to get a three-year-old car for a few thousand dollars. The upside is there are some great cars out there that are eight-years-old and have lots of life left in them. Consider using a Certified Used Car seller for added protection, but if you buy privately, make sure any purchase you’re considering has the okay of a good mechanic as well as a seller’s package.

Toyota's Simple Tuning Tricks Make Big Efficiency

  Toyota's Simple Tuning Tricks Make Big Efficiency The Dynamic Force engine achieves 40-percent thermal efficiency, a number once thought impossible in production car engines.There's a huge amount of new innovation going on in traditional internal-combustion engines. Mazda's Skyactiv-X uses diesel-style compression-ignition; Infiniti has a variable-compression design. Automakers are realizing that, while electric and hybrid cars may be a tempting option, there's plenty of advancement left in the gasoline-burning piston engine.

Drunk & drive is crime & you have to pay heavy fine & also get you in jail. So, always remember this point. So, you must have to follow “Three Second Rule ”. It is simple rule , when the car ahead of you passes a permanent object on the side of road, start counting & at least 3 second passed before

Dr. Laura Blog. Getting Kids to Follow the Rules . When I was a kid , that meant taking everything and shoving it in the bottom of the closet so that the room looked clean. You need to be clear about what the expectations are and keep them reasonable.

Determine true need If you’re only thinking about slogging a roomful of furniture into student housing, you might be overlooking the fact it’s easier, safer and cheaper to do that trip twice a year with a rental. Instead, consider the true day to day needs of your student. That smaller car will make more sense.

Get good information This may seem like a no-brainer, but the used car world can be overwhelming. Check places like Driving.ca for reviews, and plenty of classifieds for a general guide on prices. I also wouldn’t buy anything without checking online with sites such as Consumer Reports or an actual copy of the Lemon-Aid Car Guide, put out annually by the Automobile Protection Association (APA) (full disclosure: I work with the APA, and they produce my TV show, the Lemon Aid Car Show). You may be sidling up to a great deal for your kid, but these guides will tell you how the vehicle has fared over its lifespan and if the mileage means it’s time to ask about the timing belt.

Maintaining a long distance relationship This is how you will now be dealing with that vehicle. You’re probably used to have a hands-on approach to things like tire rotations, oil changes and sorting out that funny grinding noise. Accept that your student, busily immersed in school away from home, will be less fastidious about upkeep. Make sure it has decent tires, switch them to winters at Thanksgiving, and put an extra washer fluid jug in the trunk. I’m aware if a kid is old enough to be away at school they’re old enough to maintain a vehicle. I’m also aware if this is a first car, there will be a learning curve and it will take place in a new city. If the oil change interval is close, let your student know that a quickie oil change at a franchise is fine, but not to okay any of the upsells that will inevitably be tried. Make an appointment with your own mechanic when you know the car will be home.

Tweaking NAFTA Could Mean Fewer New Vehicle Sales, Cost Consumers Billions

  Tweaking NAFTA Could Mean Fewer New Vehicle Sales, Cost Consumers Billions A new study by the Center for Automotive Research in the United States paints a dim outlook if the proposed changes to NAFTA are enacted. Negotiators from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico are busy hammering out the details in Washington, attempting to reach an agreement. The process remains very fluid and no final proposal has been reached.One of the issues at hand is the requirement that every vehicle sold on the continent use more North American parts, use primarily American steel and favour production in the U.S. and Canada as opposed to the cheaper alternative Mexico. If a vehicle fails to meet the standards, it would be subjected to a 2.

Most kids spend some time in a car or a school bus every day. When you get into a car , always buckle up right away. Following these simple rules means you'll be more protected during a car or bus trip — and have more fun!

That's why it's important for you to understand road safety rules for kids and ensure your children follow them no matter where they are. Running on the roads is a big no for kids . Children get impatient when they see open spaces As parents, you should never leave your kids alone in a car .

Check insurance first Check with your broker to ascertain how the vehicle will be insured because this will have implications on what car fits your price bracket. If your kid has successfully talked you out of a ten year old Caravan (lovely tanks, those, in spite of having to replace so many brakes), don’t let them lead you into a two-seater slingshot. Newer cars are often cheaper to insure because they have so many safety features. Where we were once conditioned to see size as being the relevant safety feature in a crash, now we know its airbags and collision avoidance. Weigh those things carefully.

As for the actual cars? I’m frequently surprised at which cars turn out to be the workhorses in some households. I had a ’94 Chrysler Intrepid from my late mother and that thing ran forever. I’m a Hyundai fan in recent years, and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if my first new vehicle, a 1984 Dodge minivan, is still on the road somewhere, that thing performed so well.

Readers? Your turn. What’s the best low-maintenance, sturdy vehicle you’ve ever owned?

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