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Crash Test King: Subaru XV Shows Why It Keeps Winning Awards

Monday  19:36,   05 june 2017

The XV’s crash safety results were so high that they set a new Japanese record for chassis integrity and safety. It also received an IIHS Top Safety Pick!In the annals of offset barrier crash tests at 64 km/h, no car absorbs the collision and... >>>

What Is a Car's MSRP?

Friday  18:52,   02 june 2017

It’s the most frequently cited number when you’re buying a new car, but it’s also one of the most misunderstood.The MSRP is just a suggestion because automakers cannot tell dealers what price they must charge for their products. Unlike the consumer... >>>

Should you buy a used Ford Mustang?

Thursday  18:37,   01 june 2017

Strong sales of current models mean there are plenty of 2010-14 Mustangs availableThat means there are now plenty of fifth-generation – 2010-2014 model-year – Mustangs on the... >>>

My Teenager Puts Chevrolet's Teen Driver Software To The Test

Thursday  18:37,   01 june 2017

Chevrolet's Teen Driver software aims to save lives by alerting teen drivers to their bad habits and generating a 'report card' for their parents. My son was skeptical, so I brought home a Chevrolet Cruze with Teen Driver and we put it... >>>

Warranties Defined: The Meaning behind the Quickly Spoken Selling Points

Thursday  18:12,   01 june 2017

Warranties Defined: The Meaning behind the Quickly Spoken Selling Points If you're in the market for a new car, you are no doubt considering a lot of the perks that come with getting a vehicle that has had no prior owners. Your unused ride should... >>>

6 Quick Picks: Longest lasting cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans

Wednesday  18:21,   31 may 2017

During the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, my father bought a new car every two years. Cars didn’t last as long back then as they do today, but even by the standards of the time his behavior was unusual. He was a car guy, though, and he had the means to... >>>

2015 Honda Grom - The Gromance Is Real

Wednesday  17:22,   31 may 2017

This peppy motorcycle might not win any 0-60 races but it is good for almost everything you could want from a motorcycle. You can learn how to knee drag and some people do stunts. Believe it or not, there are actual head-to-head Grom races. Most of... >>>

Tesla's bumpy relationship with Consumer Reports exposes a bigger challenge

Tuesday  17:01,   30 may 2017

How do we judge Tesla’s progress over time? Tesla, unlike other automakers, doesn’t have traditional model years. The predictable schedule of small annual updates between major refreshes isn’t part and parcel of Tesla’s DNA, nor its... >>>

Auto Tech: Ford’s Fancy Truck Towing Trickery

Monday  17:07,   29 may 2017

Auto Tech: Ford’s Fancy Truck Towing TrickeryFord gathered a group of auto writers to check out the towing technologies added to its Super Duty, which morphs into an all-new generation for 2017. These include as many as seven cameras to watch what... >>>

How Harley-Davidson Hides High-Tech Under its Old School Look

Monday  17:06,   29 may 2017

Often criticized for using ancient technology, Harley conceals modern hardware with ultra-classic styling.Hidden beneath their classic styling is a thoroughly modern motorcycle. Sure, the looks haven't changed much since the 1950s. That's partly why >>>

Have automakers given up on towing?

Monday  16:31,   29 may 2017

These days manufacturers rarely offer tow hitches as an option on smaller vehicles, but that shouldn't stop you from considering this practical add-onMost of the reasons from automakers involve vehicle weight reduction for stiffer fuel economy... >>>

Is There Still Life in the American Car Dealership?

Thursday  18:21,   25 may 2017

The concept of a car dealership has remained remarkably constant since the very first one, a retailer of General Motors cars, opened its doors in 1898.The concept of a car dealership has remained remarkably constant since the very first one, a... >>>

Your Car's Seats Are Terrible and the Industry Knows It

Friday  19:47,   19 may 2017

Your Car's Seats Are Terrible and the Industry Knows It For reasons lost to history, we once thought dry land looked better than the ocean. Then one day the trees looked better than dry land. In time we got bored with the trees and decided to... >>>

Why Does Horsepower Matter?

Friday  19:13,   19 may 2017

Horsepower is a standard measurement, whether you’re talking about a car or a shop vac, and the term is so commonplace that it’s easy to forget it has pre-vehicular origins. Watt’s horsepower formula is confusing, but there’s no need to... >>>

Great Used-Car Bargains Hide among the New-Car Losers

Friday  19:12,   19 may 2017

Great Used-Car Bargains Hide among the New-Car Losers Automobiles are crazy expensive, and nobody wants to buy a shoddy product that bleeds us dry, whether it's new or used. We want long-term quality, but nearly every single one of us is blinded by... >>>