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Wards 10 Best Engines of 2019 Loaded with Non-Engines

Friday  16:55,   14 december 2018

Wards Auto has just revealed its list of what they think are the 10 best engines of the year . But it might be time to change 10 Best Engines to 10 Best Powertrains as there are fuel cells and electric motors making the list along with the usual gas >>>

autoTRADER.ca Top 10 Most Searched Vehicles in 2018

Friday  16:55,   14 december 2018

Canadians' love affair with SUVs continues to grow, as their penchant for sedans and some luxury vehicles appear to be waning – this is according to 2018 data just released from autoTRADER.ca's annual top 10 most searched vehicles list. Featuring... >>>

autoTRADER.ca Announces 2019 Top Pick Awards

Wednesday  22:20,   12 december 2018

The Genesis G70 has claimed autoTRADER.ca’s 2019 Overall Top Pick award after a detailed voting process involving our team of award-winning journalists, in a unique process that considered every 2019 vehicle available in Canada. Unlike some other... >>>

Refreshing or Revolting: 2020 Lincoln Aviator vs. Rivals

Monday  16:55,   10 december 2018

After we saw the redesigned Navigator, we had high hopes for Lincoln’s smaller three-row, the Aviator. Lincoln met those expectations, and the Aviator was one of our favorite models to debut at the L.A. auto show this year. Technically replacing the >>>

Mercedes-Benz adds better traction to Sprinter 4x4

Friday  17:30,   07 december 2018

Full-size van now comes with AWD for all-condition driving... >>>

Find Of The Week: Near Million-Km 2011 Ford F-250

Wednesday  22:40,   05 december 2018

Normally it takes many years and a whole lot of time – plus a tanker full of fuel – to see an odometer roll over a million kilometres. But this week's autoTRADER.ca Find of the Week gives you a bit of an easy button: a vehicle that's already almost... >>>

Spot the difference: Porsche 911 new and old compared

Wednesday  15:55,   28 november 2018

The new '992' Porsche 911 is – as expected – hardly a visual revolution. We compare it with the car that came before The post Spot the difference: Porsche 911 new and old compared appeared first on Motoring Research. >>>

2020 Toyota Corolla Sedan First Look: Civic's Prime Competition Is Back

Monday  20:41,   26 november 2018

Just in time for Christmas—a Corolla in TNGA... >>>

10 Reasons the 2019 Kia K900 Is a Way Better Luxury Sedan than Before

Thursday  18:18,   22 november 2018

Once trading purely on plushness, there’s more to recommend the big... >>>

The 10 best-selling pickup trucks in Alberta

Thursday  18:05,   22 november 2018

More than anywhere else in Canada, Albertans are snapping up trucks like it's nobody's... >>>

Why Air Suspension Is the Secret Weapon for Towing Anything

Wednesday  17:42,   21 november 2018

Yeah, torque is important for towing. Suspension is more important. After many years and thousands of miles towing trailers, I've come to a few realizations. Always add one more safety chain, rope, ratchet strap than you think you need. Grease your... >>>

Motor Mouth: Are pickup trucks the new kings of luxury?

Friday  18:25,   16 november 2018

Never in a million years will you guess which automaker is the fastest-growing player in the luxury... >>>

Seven Winter Beaters for $7,000

Thursday  17:43,   15 november 2018

Chionophobia is the clinical term for being afraid of snow. Not to be confused with chinophobia, which is the fear of cotton twill pants. Given our familiarity with the white stuff – we Canucks have to put up with a lot of it between November and... >>>

Ford Wants to Get Rid of that New Car Smell

Wednesday  23:45,   14 november 2018

That new car smell has long been one of the prime perks of the new car. Well, that and the car being shiny and brand new. But still, that smell is irreplaceable. No matter how many cheesy air fresheners tell you otherwise. Turns out, though, that... >>>

Used Vehicle Review: Toyota Tundra, 2014-2018

Saturday  04:36,   27 october 2018

Most Tundra owners report a positive experience, with ride comfort, performance, a solid and robust feel, and easy-to-use features being praised... >>>