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Every Car Made in Canada

Thursday  16:27,   05 july 2018

Is all this talk of tariffs making you concerned? You’re not alone. United States President Donald Trump’s threats to slap a 25 percent tariff on all automotive imports from Canada has a lot of people up in arms and worried about the potential...[...]

2019 Dodge Charger First Look: A Little More Muscle

Thursday  15:31,   05 july 2018

Sedan receives enhancements to keep it fresh . 1/15 SLIDES © Motor Trend Staff 2019-Dodge-Charger-SRT-Hellcat-grille.jpg 2/15 SLIDES © Motor Trend Staff 2019-Dodge-Charger-SRT-Hellcat-front-wheel.jpg 3/15 SLIDES © Motor Trend Staff...[...]

Will a half-ton pickup cut it? Or tow it?

Wednesday  17:09,   04 july 2018

Though modern trucks can carry more than ever before, modern trailers may require a larger pickupTruck companies are pushing their half-tons’ towing capacities past 10,000 lbs thanks to lighter-weight build materials and improvements in engine,...[...]

10 Underrated but Awesome Features All Cars Should Have

Thursday  20:26,   28 june 2018

What is your favourite feature on your car?  1/11 SLIDES © autoTRADER.ca (Jonathan Yarkony) 2018 BMW X3 2/11 SLIDES © Kia 2019 Kia Sorento 3/11 SLIDES...[...]

Used Vehicle Review: Chevrolet Impala, 2014-2018

Wednesday  17:28,   27 june 2018

Owners and reviewers alike impressed with comfort levels, real-life fuel economy, strong performance from the V6 engine, and an overall ride and handling balance nicely tuned for the long-distance driver.Full-size...[...]

2020 Rivian Pickup and SUV First Look: Elec-Trucks

Tuesday  17:32,   26 june 2018

American startup aims to build the Model S of on/off-road trucksEarlier this month, Angus MacKenzie's story "Tesla Killers: Rise of the E-Machines" detailed the headwinds that will face Elon Musk's enterprise as mainstream automakers ready some...[...]

Hands “Off” with Cadillac Super Cruise

Wednesday  17:39,   20 june 2018

What if I told you that you could drive coast to coast with no hands on the wheel and no feet on the pedals, the car only requiring your input when changing lanes? If you’re a traditionalist, you may say, “Please. Autonomous driving is decades...[...]

Buying Used: 2013-2017 Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota 86

Wednesday  17:38,   20 june 2018

“It needs a cargo net. Your groceries will be all over the place.”“It needs a cargo net. Your groceries will be all over the...[...]

Used Vehicle Review: Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, 2014-2018

Monday  05:45,   18 june 2018

The CLA effectively serves up a taste of the big-dollar motoring experience that pricier Mercedes models are known for, but on a relative budget.Luxury subcompact four-door...[...]

Insurance for EVs and Hybrids: How Does It Compare with Regular Cars?

Friday  18:57,   15 june 2018

If you’re considering an electric car or a hybrid, you may be wondering if it costs more or less to insure compared to a regular vehicle; and whether there are any insurance benefits or disadvantages to going green. We were curious too, so we asked...[...]

How to make choosing the safest car for your family easy

Thursday  18:14,   14 june 2018

It's true that vehicles get a little bit safer, cumulatively, with every passing year. Each time a car, truck, SUV, or van is redesigned, the automaker can optimize it to ace the safety ratings and incorporate new features that car buyers value...[...]

Used Vehicle Review: Chevrolet Trax, 2013-2018

Wednesday  17:08,   13 june 2018

Easy to drive, easy on the wallet, easy to park just about anywhere, and easy to adapt to any combination of passengers and gear.Compact...[...]

My Car is Made Where?

Wednesday  16:51,   06 june 2018

By now we all know our cars are built in a variety of countries, often thousands of kilometers miles from an automaker’s corporate headquarters .Many models sold in North America by the big-three, Ford, GM and Dodge are made in Mexico and Canada...[...]

Best New-Vehicle Warranties in 2018

Tuesday  17:56,   05 june 2018

Every year, automakers revise their various warranties from limited vehicle and powertrain coverage to emission control and corrosion protection. Sometimes, the customer wins; other times; they lose some benefits. As you may know, CAA-Quebec has...[...]

Used Vehicle Review: Jaguar XJ, 2010-2018

Monday  17:52,   04 june 2018

Supercharged powerplant offerings, and a great sense of quality and attention to detail.Luxury...[...]