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Women are good at buying cars, so why do they hate it so much?

Monday  17:46,   22 october 2018

Despite an industry changing at a record pace, stubborn stereotypes... >>>

NACTOY jurors road-test semi-finalists

Monday  17:45,   22 october 2018

Record crop of contenders available at drive event for 26th annual... >>>

These are the cars that depreciate the most after 5 years on the road

Monday  21:51,   15 october 2018

The average car loses about half of its value after five years on the road. But some vehicles depreciate a lot faster. Here are the 10 cars that depreciate the most after 5 years.All cars depreciate, but some are worse than... >>>

Chevrolet Announces Pricing for the 2019 Silverado 1500

Monday  17:31,   15 october 2018

We now have an idea of how much the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will cost, which has been thoroughly redesigned and will soon be on sale. The Silverado 1500 Work Truck Double Cab 2WD will get a base MSRP of $35,000 before freight and delivery... >>>

The 10 Hardest Things To Get Used to on the Tesla Model 3

Thursday  00:06,   11 october 2018

Because sometimes the future is hard to get used to. 2/5 SLIDES © Andrew Moseman Tesla Model 3 3/5 SLIDES © Andrew Moseman Tesla Model 3 Performance Edition 4/5 SLIDES © Andrew Moseman Tesla Model 3 Performance Edition 5/5 SLIDES © Andrew Moseman... >>>

30 SUVs Worth Waiting for in 2019

Wednesday  15:51,   10 october 2018

30 SUVs Worth Waiting for in... >>>

FIRST DRIVE: 27 big things about little Cadillac XT4

Tuesday  15:51,   09 october 2018

2019 XT4 signals the first salvo fired in Cadillac's product... >>>

20 Most (and Least) Reliable Used Pickup Trucks

Thursday  15:51,   04 october 2018

20 Most (and Least) Reliable Used Pickup... >>>

The Most Popular Sedans in North America in 2018

Tuesday  16:27,   02 october 2018

The Most Popular Sedans in America in... >>>

The Best (and Worst) Cupholders

Friday  16:27,   28 september 2018

Let’s take a moment to step back from all the trivial news you’re reading about today to examine something of utmost importance, an issue that impacts untold millions across North America, and to a lesser extent, the world.... >>>

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Car Safety

Monday  18:52,   24 september 2018

Proponents of self-driving vehicles say the technology can improve the lives of commuters and travellers in many ways, including potentially reducing the severity of car crashes or even eliminating them altogether, simply because computers are... >>>

Inside Look into Polestar: The New Guiding Star of Electrification

Monday  18:52,   24 september 2018

It sure sounds like Apple’s store model . It's also the vision of Polestar, Volvo's first offshoot brand now specializing in electric, high-end performance.“We look outside the auto industry to define what the future holds,” explains Gregor... >>>

What Truck Should I Buy?

Thursday  19:06,   20 september 2018

So you want to buy a truck, but you’re not sure what you need – or want? You’re in luck, because we’re here to tell you about All Things Pickup .Those new to trucks often buy more than they need, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, why chew... >>>

Audi Reveals E-Tron Quattro Electric SUV

Tuesday  15:52,   18 september 2018

We've seen the e-tron concept. We've seen the e-tron with camouflage. And now we're finally seeing Audi's e-tron Quattro, the first fully-electric vehicle from the four-ring brand with more than 400 hp and more than 400 km of... >>>

Auto Tech: Mazda Catches Up on Infotainment

Thursday  17:27,   13 september 2018

“How about some Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration?” “Does it come with CarPlay?” “CarPlay CarPlay CarPlay CarPlay CarPlay.” This, according to Mazda, is what the comments have looked like on most of their recent new model announcements on... >>>