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This Is Volkswagen's New Small SUV for America

Monday  20:10,   20 may 2019

Smaller than the Tiguan, this model is called the Tharu or Tarek in other markets. Reportedly, it should arrive in the U.S. around 2021. Volkswagen is working on a new small SUV model for the U.S. market, and we now know-thanks to a report from... >>>

GM engineers hid secret tailgate in storage room for 2 years

Monday  16:10,   20 may 2019

The secret story behind one of the most innovative features on the new 2019 GMC Sierra pickup, made by General... >>>

2019 Jeep Cherokee vs. 2019 Jeep Compass: Which Jeep Is the Better Compact SUV?

Monday  15:26,   20 may 2019

Despite their many differences, these two small Jeeps compete in the same... >>>

Should I Be Worried If a Used Car Has an Incomplete Service History on Carfax?

Friday  22:55,   17 may 2019

Should I Be Worried If a Used Car Has an Incomplete Service History on... >>>

2020 GMC Sierra 1500 gets more technology, revised powertrain lineup

Friday  20:55,   17 may 2019

A 10-speed automatic is now available on more... >>>

The 2019 Buick Envision Is a Better Buick, but Will You Notice It?

Friday  20:41,   17 may 2019

While still short of full luxury accommodations, the Envision benefits from an improved powertrain and mild cosmetic... >>>

Test Drive: 2019 Lexus UX 200

Friday  18:40,   17 may 2019

Striking styling and a comfortable ride are strong points, but the 2019 Lexus UX is undone by its awful infotainment system. Still, it’s worth a look for those looking for a premium badge at an affordable price, with stronger reliability than the... >>>

The 1999 Honda Prelude Type SH Was Great 20 years Ago. How Good Is it Now?

Friday  16:45,   17 may 2019

We track test a pristine Prelude from Honda's collection to see if it's as much fun as we... >>>

The 2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years Has Insane Gold Interior Trim

Friday  16:10,   17 may 2019

It gets a bunch of other cool stuff, too, but seriously, look at that... >>>

Test Numbers Are In for the Highly Anticipated 2020 Toyota Supra, But Can It Outrun a Chevy Camaro V-6 1LE?

Friday  16:05,   17 may 2019

The Supra's performance numbers are just in, and we're already having fun playing them against... >>>

Refreshed Cadillac XT5 Spy Shots Completely Undisguised

Friday  03:10,   17 may 2019

The infotainment system gains new controls. A new batch of spy shots reveals the refreshed Cadillac XT5 without any camouflage on the exterior or on the interior. The changes aren't significant but look attractive. On the outside, the revised XT5... >>>

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC400 Is the Safe Choice Among EVs

Thursday  20:42,   16 may 2019

As competition among electric vehicles intensifies, Mercedes-Benz antes up with the EQC400 4Matic crossover... >>>

Figure Out the True Value of Your Trade-in

Thursday  20:15,   16 may 2019

Wholesale? Resale? Red Book? Market value? Pricing your used ride for sale or trade-in can be a confusing process. Input the details of your car, truck, or crossover into a variety of online tools, and you’ll likely be presented with a variety of... >>>

Figure Out the True Value of Your Trade-in

Thursday  20:15,   16 may 2019

Figure Out the True Value of Your... >>>

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Can Cost More Than $60,000 Fully Loaded

Thursday  19:05,   16 may 2019

While the base model starts at under $37,000, the new Corsair can get pricey very... >>>