Reviews Automobile: How to explain the shortage of electronic chips which blocks factories?

01:22  11 february  2021
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Renault Sandouville (Seine-Maritime) pâtit du manque de pièces équipées de semi-conducteurs. © David Ademas / Ouest-France Renault Sandouville (Seine-Maritime) suffers from the lack of parts equipped with semiconductors.

Renault Sandouville, which employs 1,800 people, is stationary for two days this week from February 8 to 12, 2021. Cars are increasingly using semiconductors. And we lack it worldwide.

The Ministry of the Economy received the automotive sector on Wednesday February 10. On the menu: the world shortage of electronic chips. How is she explained? Here are some answers.

What is an electronic chip?

The basic component of electronic devices. It is a silicon bar, cut into small slices, on which the information storage and transmission systems are located, ”summarizes Claude Cham, president of the Federation of Automotive Equipment Manufacturers (FIEV).

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We also speak of “semiconductors” because these devices allow the passage of current to be finely metered. In ten years, their use has tripled in the automobile, continues Claude Cham. But this only represents 10% of the semiconductors consumed in the world.

Why are we talking about it again?

Because a shortage of chips is hitting automotive suppliers. This slows down the production of many systems: injection, gearboxes, driving assistance… At the end of the chain, manufacturers suffer. The Sandouville plant (Seine-Maritime), which notably manufactures utility vehicles, is shut down two days this week, "Renault said. It employs 1,800 people. The Dacia plant in Pitesti in Romania (10,000 employees), which assembles the Duster, is shut down for three days. Ditto for one of the two production lines in Tangier (Morocco).

Employees of an automobile foundry which works 80% for Renault occupy it to avoid a “killing”

 Employees of an automobile foundry which works 80% for Renault occupy it to avoid a “killing” © Pixabay Employees of an automobile foundry which works 80% for Renault occupy it to avoid a “killing” In the Aveyron, 357 employees of an automobile foundry which works “80% for Renault”, went on strike and blocked this industrial site. Only the Spanish group CIE Automotive has submitted a takeover offer, which provides for the elimination of 214 jobs. "The takeover of 150 people out of 357 means the killing of our factory, which will not be able to ensure production", assures the CGT.

To date, we do not have a closed plant, "says the Stellantis group (Peugeot, Opel, Fiat, etc.). Since last week, many electronic parts are missing and are disrupting production at the Rennes plant, "wrote the CGT, however.

Who manufactures these semiconductors?

Taiwanese groups achieve more than 50% of world production, underlines Claude Cham. But scaling up is not easy because their factories are already running at full speed.

Teleworking and 5G have boosted the consumption of chip-hungry computers and phones, to the detriment of automotive supplies. The market is picking up again, especially in China.

What to do?

On Wednesday February 10, the automotive sector was received at the Ministry of the Economy. This shortage will have social repercussions, notes François Roudier, of the Builders' Committee. We have to think about answers, for example via partial unemployment.

The industry is also concerned about negotiations with Taiwanese manufacturers. A European strategy is needed. We must prevent the industries in each country from trying to obtain chips on their own.

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