Reviews in vs. out: These cropped jeans are trend in spring 2021 - and not anymore!

10:15  06 april  2021
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Bring light into the dark: Ice blue jeans are the refreshing trend in winter

 Bring light into the dark: Ice blue jeans are the refreshing trend in winter © Zara Trend: ice blue jeans winter 2021 Zara Denim in light blue becomes a jeans trend in the dark season Jeans can be lighter this winter Die Trend washing for jeans 2021: Ice blue We often associate winter with darkness (unless there is snow): dark days, dark clothes, black boots. So it's time to do everything differently - just like that. Even with the color of the jeans. Because instead of black and classic blue denim, a light wash is now surprisingly all the rage.

In spring, the days are longer - and the jeans shorter. At least if you are inspired by the new fashion trends and puts in the warmer season on Cropped Jeans. Thanks to the shortened section, the focus is skilfully directed to the ankles as a narrowest batch of the leg - and thus created a trend look that could hardly be better for the new season through conscious omission.

In vs. Out: Diese Cropped Jeans sind im Frühling 2021 Trend H&M © H & M in Vs. Out: These cropped jeans are in spring 2021 trend H & M

from white jeans to Culottes : On these three cropped models we set in spring 2021, while we prefer to give up three more cuts now.

These three cropped jeans are trend in spring 2021 - and these are OUT

in: Cropped Straight Leg Jeans

In vs. Out: These black jeans are trendy in 2021 - and these are no longer!

 In vs. Out: These black jeans are trendy in 2021 - and these are no longer! © Closed In vs. Out: These black jeans are the 2021 trend Closed These three black jeans trends are in 2021: straight leg jeans, skinny jeans and flared jeans. But are currently out: wide leg jeans, cropped jeans and culotte jeans. In these times it is difficult to commit to trends. What will you wear in 2021? When can you show off your new clothes on your doorstep again? What occasions will there be? At least at this point there is no clear answer to these questions.

OUT: Cropped Skinny Jeans

A little freedom of movement should be maintained even in spring 2021 - so we say goodbye to this season of shortened Skinny Jeans and prefer to put on the straight leg variant. This makes the fashion trend of the Cropped section on a real classic, causes a stress of the waist, as well as the ankle and fits perfectly with the garments of spring. In styling, we take the Cropped Straight Leg Jeans as a base for a casual basic look and complete only a marsher shirt, Loafer with plateau sole and a XXL blazer.

in: White Cropped Leg Jeans

Out: Black Cropped Jeans

In Spring, it will not only be lighter outside, even the washes of our jeans will obviously adapt to this influence. White Cropped Jeans are the model of the hour this season and connect themselves to other fashion trends that currently have a relevance. For example, we choose this color in the form of a white straight or wide leg jeans with shortened hem. Due to the color change, these trend jeans fit best to further denim garments - such as a denim shirt with XXL collar or a jacket made of denim. In contrast to this quite fresh fashion trend, however, in spring, however, a black cropped jeans, which are currently being drag and dark.

Tapered Jeans: This new trend model is comfortable and cool at the same time!

 Tapered Jeans: This new trend model is comfortable and cool at the same time! The tapered jeans will become the model of choice in spring 2021 - because they are casual and comfortable on the one hand, but also a goodie for the figure on the other.

in: Jeans-Culotte

Out: Jeansrock

Jeans-Culottes are in spring 2021 the most stylish alternative to the jeans skirt - also wide cut, with a high waist, but much more practical. In this fashion trend you can move well and looks very fashionable at the same time. From Valentino to Slvrlake , there are various trend models in spring, which are either reminiscent of classic pants or but visually based on a wide leg jeans. In any case, you combine the jeans culotte in spring with a knit bra, a suitable cardigan and - keep feminine ballerinas. More styles can not be connected in an outfit!

Ripped Denim: Torn jeans celebrate in spring a trend comeback .
in the early 2000s were the most expensive designer jeans at the same time the splitting. They were carried among others by Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham (in the partner look with David), before they discovered the elegance for themselves and designed under their own name tasty fashion. Anyone who belongs to the generation of Millennials was probably for years, for years, that this denim trend no comeback would experience.

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