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14:55  27 april  2021
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Tesla achieves first annual profit - final quarter disappoints, however

 Tesla achieves first annual profit - final quarter disappoints, however The US electric car manufacturer Tesla has managed its sixth quarter in a row with black figures and closed a full calendar year with profit for the first time. Nevertheless, there is reason to be disillusioned on the stock market. © Daniel R.

The Electroautobauer Tesla has recovered its highest quarterly profit at the beginning of the year. The company of Tech-Billionär Elon Musk earned $ 438 million in the first quarter of $ 438 million (362 million euros) - after only 16 million dollars a year earlier.

Tesla verdiente im ersten Vierteljahr 438 Millionen Dollar. © Christophe Gateau / DPA Tesla earned $ 438 million in the first quarter.

meanwhile, Tesla has no clarity about when there is green light of the authorities for the start of production in the new plant in Grünheide near Berlin.

Because a timetable for a decision on the final approval of the factory is still aimed. "It then rolls the first car from the band when the final authorization is present and the factory is finished», emphasized Brandenburg Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) on Tuesday. "When the approval procedure will be completed, no concrete date can be named here and today - because here is clearly the principle of quality before speed."

E-Cars: More than just a T: The secret meaning of the Tesla logo

 E-Cars: More than just a T: The secret meaning of the Tesla logo The Tesla logo shows a T. And actually a lot more. As Tesla boss Elon Musk confirms, the logo has an even deeper meaning, the origin of which goes back decades. © Picture Alliance / Artur Widak / The Tesla logo has a deeper meaning The logos of car manufacturers are extremely recognizable, after all, they are emblazoned on every hood. That is why the brand name is often a direct part of the logo - for example with Kia, BMW or Fiat.

Tesla had requested a production start for July 2021. From industry circles it was still called until a few weeks ago, the start is further advised for July. In Teslas Annual Report for the first quarter is now for the first time that the project is on course, "late in 2021" with production and deliveries to begin. So far, Tesla builds on its own risk - via preliminary permits.

The Group had criticized the approval procedure a few weeks ago - and referred to as "particularly irritating" that there is still no timeline for the granting of definitive approval.

The first European factory in Grünheide, which is designed for 500,000 vehicles annually, is an important pillar of Tesla's future strategy. Currently, however, it works well with the main plant in California and the factory in China. Tesla, after former high losses, managed the seventh quarter with black numbers in a row.

It's not the electric cars: Balance sheets show what Tesla really earns its money with

 It's not the electric cars: Balance sheets show what Tesla really earns its money with The American electric car manufacturer Tesla has published its figures for 2020 and was in the black for the fourth consecutive quarter. The company was able to post an annual net profit of 721 million dollars for the first time despite the pandemic. However, the automaker is not primarily in the black with the sales of its e-cars, but through trading in carbon credits. According to the US news channel CNN , the car manufacturer has earned 3.3 billion US dollars in sales over the past five year

However, an important money charter was once again the trade in exhaust certificates that other car manufacturers need to build their emission balance and thus fulfill legal requirements, for example in California or Europe. In the first quarter, Tesla thus implemented $ 518 million. In addition, the balance sheet benefited from an investment in the crypto currency Bitcoin, with which the company had made headlines in February. Tesla had covered for $ 1.5 billion with Bitcoins, then sold around 300 million again and earned a good 100 million.

sales rose by 74 percent to $ 10.4 billion. Tesla delivered 184,877 E cars in the first quarter - this is more than a doubling and a new record in the history of the company founded in 2003 compared to the previous year. Especially in China, demand was high, even though Tesla had been trouble here. A woman claimed in a protest at the car's in Shanghai, the brakes of her car had been defective. After Tesla returned, authorities took the car maker arrogance and the company apologized to Chinese customers.

Bitcoin more lucrative for Tesla than electric cars

 Bitcoin more lucrative for Tesla than electric cars At the beginning of February, Tesla's Bitcoin Invest caused a stir. The electric car maker had invested 1.5 billion US dollars. That could prove to be more profitable than selling cars in the future. © Chinnapong / shutterstock Bitcoin-Invest Tesla is proving to be lucrative. Tesla struck in January on an unprecedented scale and bought Bitcoin with a value of 1.5 billion dollars at the time.

Notwithstanding the criticism in the most important foreign market and rising competition through established car makers such as Volkswagen or General Motors that penetrate into the electrical segment, Tesla confirmed its growth targets for the current year. The company continues to expect an increase in global deliveries by around 50 percent. In 2020, Tesla had brought to the clientele over half a million e-cars.

In the telephone conference on the quarterly figures on Monday evening, a mysterious fatal accident with a Tesla in Texas came to language. The car was crashed against a tree and burned out, both inmates died. The police found one of the men in the passenger seat and one on the back seat - and went after first findings assumed that at the time of accident nobody sat at the wheel. This triggered new debates around Teslas precautions against an abuse of the driving assistance system "AutoPilot". However,

Musk briefly announced that the "autopilot" had not been activated after available data in the accident. On Monday, the Tesla boss reaffirmed that reports that the system had been turned on, "completely wrong". The responsible journalists should be ashamed.

Tesla manager Lars Moravy said that the steering wheel had been "deformed", which has evidence that someone had sat at the wheel. Tesla is still waiting for the evaluation of data from a memory card in the vehicle.

Tesla has long been under pressure because of the term "autopilot". Critics find that the name is an exaggeration that could invite negligent use. The next evolutionary stage of the program also calls Tesla "Full self-driving" (completely self-propelled) - although after popular criteria, only one assistance system remains.

Tesla lays out the right dispute with ex-employees for theft of AutoPilot software at .
The electric autobauer Tesla ended a legal dispute against a former Tesla employee after two years. One has agreed on a comparative amount. © Provided by Finanzen.net Peter Bischoff / Getty Images • Legal dispute for theft intellectual property • Comparison payment decided • suddenly denies passing on data The dispute over the transfer of trade secrets between Tesla and the former Tesla engineer Guangzhi Cao is over.

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