Reviews Aston Martin Vantage and DB11 wars Electric cars as successor

22:13  20 july  2021
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Marc Surer: Aston Martin has the "car wasted"

 Marc Surer: Aston Martin has the © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin has so far on his own goals behind only five points from four races for Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel still without top 10 place in This year: the formula 1 kick-off 2021 team and driver had imagined very differently. But Marc Surer believes: the turnaround will come. in the 'Sport1' podcast explains the former Grand Prix racer, which is why he emanates from a rising form curve at Aston Martin: "The future looks a rosy somehow.

market launch is only from 2025, until then there is only hybrids and Phevs

apart from racing cars, Aston Martin from 2030 wants to sell only electrified cars from 2030. This has already announced brand Chief Tobias Moers in March. Now the CEO announced more details that now reports Automotive News Europe.

Aston Martin DB11 (Quelle: https://de.motor1.com/photo/2408840/db11-kriegt-biturbo-v8-von-amg/) © insideevs Germany Aston Martin DB11 (Source: https://en.motor1.com/photo/2408840/db11-bieg-biturbo-v8-von-amg/)

However, the British brand sets on Plug-In Hybrid (PHEVS) and hybrid. In March it was said hybrid (probably including PHEVs) would make 45 percent of sales at the end of the decade, electric cars 50 percent. The rest would be burner for the racetrack.

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So starts in September 2021 the Valkyrie, a full hybrid with V12 . In addition, the company presented the Valhalla on the last Thursday (15 July), a plug-in hybrid with V8 engine , which is to start 2023. A plug-in hybrid version of the SUV model DBX will be presented shortly. And the series version of the Study Vanquish Vision of 2019 will be a PHEV.

But right electric cars are planned. The first one should replace a burner model with front engine and come to the market in 2025, so Moers. That Aston Martin wants to build from 2025 electric cars in England , was already known. The first electric sports car is already 2025 or 2026 an electric SUV follow, as Moers betrayed in May.

The current front engine sports car including Vantage and DB11 (our cover picture) should only get electric drive in the next generation, Moers said. The current model range with the entry-level Vantage, DB11 and the top model DBS should be maintained, there will be a "halo model", so a car with broadcast, which is mainly good for brand image. According to Moers, the electric models should have at least 600 kilometers range.

SUV Review: 2021 Aston Martin DBX

  SUV Review: 2021 Aston Martin DBX The new Aston Martin DBX smells extravagant. I don’t know if it’s just the Bridge of Weir leather my tester was clothed with. Perhaps some fresh English spring air was somehow part of the climate control system. Cripes, maybe the boys from Gaydon have slipped one of those infernal scent machines into the sport-brute’s cabin, creating an internal bouquet of “Benjamins.” Whatever the case, the DBX literally smells like money. Like the first time you walked into the lobby of a five-star hotel — for me, it was the Beverly Hills Hilton — and knew you couldn’t even afford the flowers. Nor does it just smell expensive, the décor being as artisanal as the aroma.

The current sports car range is to remain longer on the market because of the introduction of electric cars than previously planned. DB11 has been built since 2016, the Vantage since 2017 and DBS since 2018. After the industry habits, these models should be sent to retirement approximately between 2023 and 2025. This fits the date for a first electric car, which should start as mentioned in 2025.

manufacturers, which change faster to the electric car than on:

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Bentley: First electric car should use the Artemis platform

The first startup to the electrification did Moers' predecessor Andy Palmer. He wanted to introduce the electric sports car Rapide E with 800 volts technology, and just a purely electric brand with the traditional name Lagonda justify. But 2020 Aston Martin was almost broke, and the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, who saved the brand, were the electric plans too expensive.

As with the burners, Moers also wants to set Mercedes technology for the electric cars. For drive technology, the Stuttgart offers shares in Aston Martin. Thus Daimler wants to gradually increase his share to 20 percent. At a takeover, the German Group is not interested in how it is said.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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