Reviews Is the iPhone 13 more expensive? Chip manufacturer TSMC increases the prices

15:01  27 august  2021
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TSMC, the largest chip manufacturer in the world, will raise its prices by up to 20 percent. This is likely to affect the prices of smartphones up to cars. Allegedly, the iPhone 13 could be more expensive.

In allen iPhone-12-Varianten steckt der neue Sechskern-Chip A14 Bionic. © T3n; Apple In all iPhone 12 variants, the new hexagon chip A14 Bionic is set.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, short TSMC, is the largest chip manufacturer in the world and the group responsible for chips of Apple, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm and even a handful of Intel processors. In the midst of the persistent semiconductor crisis, the company will increase prices for its products. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the company is planning to increase prices for its more advanced chips by about ten percent and for less advanced products by about 20 percent. The new pricing could pass the manufacturers to their customers.

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TSMC: Chip price increase could result in more expensive products

According to WSJ, TSMC will increase its chippy tours towards the end of this or early next year. The price increases fulfill a double purpose for TSMC to counter the shortage: At short notice, the higher prices expressed demand and enabled customers who depend on chips to keep the offer. The longer term would help higher revenue TSMC to invest aggressively in new capacities, quotes WSJ analysts.

The Taiwan Industry Blade Digitimes (Paywall) (via Macrumors ) wants to get more details about the price increases. Thus, the prices for sub-seven nanometer process technologies should increase by three to ten percent. Apple, TSMC's largest customer, whose orders make up more than 20 percent of the total wafer sales, will experience a price increase of three to five percent, so the sources.

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Study shows bottlenecks: 5 million new cars less by chip deficiency

iPhone 13: All we believe about the new Apple Phones

Chip Deficiency: Apple fights with production of iPads and MacBooks

A15 chip could make the iPhone 13 more expensive

to "mitigate the effects of rising costs for profitability," say Apple's reports to increase the cost of the upcoming iPhone 13 Series . At least observers assume that brand manufacturers like Apple could overlap the rising production costs on end customers.

Already in the course of the announcement of the last quarterly figures, Apple warned that the chip deficiency can affect the iPhone production in the third quarter, which ends in September. Already in the first two quarters iPads and Macs were affected by the bottlenecks .

Whether TSMC customers like Apple overall the higher costs for consumers this year, or only at a later date, is currently difficult to estimate. Some other manufacturers of notebooks and other gadgets have already responded to bottlenecks, as WSJ is watching . Both products of HP and Dell and Asus have already become more expensive. In the next few months, the situation should become even more problematic, especially since not only TSMC reports on production bottlenecks, but draws the problem through the entire industry.

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