Reviews Spacex is preparing to launch its first civil crew in orbit

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space-exploration-spacex: Spacex is preparing to launch its first civil crew in orbit

SPACEX S'APPRÊTE À LANCER SON PREMIER ÉQUIPAGE CIVIL EN ORBITE © Reuters / Gene Blevins Spacex is preparing to launch its first civil crew In Orbite

by Julio-Cesar Chavez and Steve Gorman

Cape Canaveral, Florida (Reuters) - Spacex is preparing to send its first four spatial tourists on Wednesday aboard one of its rockets for a three-day spatial mission in orbit around From the earth, baptized "inspiration4", from Cape Canaveral, the United States.

The rocket should take off from 20 hours EDT (0000 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center of Cape Canaveral, Florida and will have to captain one of the four novice spatial travelers, the US billionaire Jared Isaacman, Founder and General Manager of the company of E-commerce Shift4 Payments.

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Benji Reed, responsible for Spacex's inhabited flights said on Tuesday to the journalists present on the spot that after a last "static" test of the rocket engines the day before, "everything seemed perfect".

"Weather conditions are currently favorable to a launch in time," he added.

Flying, fully automated, will not be accompanied by no professional astronaut and should last about three days, takeoff to landing in the Atlantic.

The amateur spitation will take place aboard a Capsule Spacex Crew Dragon, baptized resilience, perched at the top of one of the company's reusable Falcon 9 rockets and equipped with a special observation dome instead of the hatch. Usual mooring.

Jared Isaacman, 38, the benefactor of the trip, paid a non-disclosed sum but probably important to Elon Musk, the spacex boss, to leave in orbit with his three teammates. US Magazine Time estimated the price of the four places at $ 200 million.

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Spacex sows its rivals

The "inspiration4" mission was designed by Jared Isaacman, mainly to raise awareness and support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, an important pediatric ontic cancer center located in Memphis, in Tennessee.

This is the very first flight of the new orbital tourism company of ELON MUSK, and an advance compared to its competitors.

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have inaugurated their own private spatial flights this summer, with their respective founding leaders, billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, but lasting a few minutes and at a shorter distance.

inspiration4 targets an orbital altitude of 575 km above the land, higher than that of the international spatial station or Hubble Space Telescope. At this altitude, the crew dragon will turn around the globe every 90 minutes at a speed of some 27,360 km / h, or about 22 times the speed of the sound.

: four American tourists are ready to take off

: four American tourists are ready to take off SpaceX © REGINALD MATHALONE / NurPhoto / NurPhoto via AFP F our humans have never been in space before they can spend only three days in orbit around the earth, by not being trained for a few months? This is the challenge that was launched SpaceX, the first space tourism mission must take off this Wednesday, September 15 evening. Dubbed Inspiration4, it is the first in history to not send into orbit as novices with no professional astronaut aboard.

The crew of inspiration4 will have no role to play in the management of the spaceship, which will be directed by ground flight teams and embedded guidance systems, even if two members of the crew are patented drivers .

Jared Isaacman will serve as "commander" of the mission, while the Geologist Sian Proctor, 51, former candidate Astronaut of NASA, has been designated "pilot" and will be the fourth African-American woman to go into space .

The other two crew members are the "chief doctor" Hayley Arnesaux, 29, a survivor of pediatric cancer that has become a medical assistant in St. Jude, and the "specialist" of the mission Chris Sembroski, 42 years old , American Air Force Veteran and Aerospace Engineer.

The four crew members spent five months preparing rigorously, including training at altitude, centrifuge (force G), microgravity and simulator, performing emergency exercises and Medical examinations.

Once in orbit, the crew will realize a series of medical experiences with "potential applications for human health on land and at future space flights," said the group in a statement.

Biomedical data and biological samples, including ultrasound, will also be collected from members of the crew before, during and after the flight.

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