Reviews BMW and Audi Drivers Most Likely to be Psycho, UK Study Claims

19:50  22 november  2021
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We’ve all heard jokes about BMW drivers being among the most aggressive and/or inconsiderate on the road, but a recent U.K. study has found there might be something to that, with results suggesting BMW drivers are the most likely to display psychopathic traits.

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Working with market research firm 3Gem, CarScrapComparison.co.uk recently conducted a survey (of dubious scientific merit) in which 2,000 U.K. drivers answered a series of 12 questions designed to call out psychopathic tendencies. BMW drivers topped the list of those most “likely [to] show traits of psychopathy,” with a score of 12.1 out of 36, followed by those who drive Audi (11.7) and Fiat (7.0) models in the top three.

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Because the study was conducted in the U.K., the list of automakers includes several not sold in North America – for example, Skoda drivers are among the least likely to be a psychopath – but of brands you can buy in Canada, Kia drivers are least likely to display psychopathic traits, scoring 3.2 out of 36, followed by Toyota (4.7) and Nissan (5.0).

CarScrapComparison and 3Gem also gauged responses based vehicle colour, license plate type (standard or personalized), and even the vehicle’s power source – and by the way, drivers of electric vehicles scored highest on that scale, at 16 out of 36. They’re followed by hybrid drivers, at 9.8, and diesel-vehicle owners at 7.0; meanwhile, those who drive gasoline-fuelled cars scored the lowest, at 5.2 out of 36.

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In terms of vehicle colour, the responses of people driving gold and brown cars revealed they’re most likely to display psychopathic traits, scoring 12.7 and 12.2, respectively, on the 36-point scale. Drivers of green-coloured vehicles came in third with a score of 8.5. The least psychopathic car colours are red (4.9), silver (5.5), and white (6.0).

So next time you see a gold or brown plug-in BMW, maybe you’d best keep your distance.

If you want to see where you place on the psycho scale, you can take the test by clicking the link near the bottom of this page.

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