Reviews Even no audience, "Enfoirés" 2022 did strongly on TF1

02:45  05 march  2022
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Miss France 2022: Winning the general culture test ensures a good ranking?

 Miss France 2022: Winning the general culture test ensures a good ranking? © Laurent VU / SIPA / TF1 MISS France 2022: Winning the general culture test ensures a good ranking? This is one of the events of the Miss France election: the famous test of general culture dreaded candidates and very expected by the public. But by the way, the prettior is a real asset? Statistics.

« Un air d’Enfoirés », le dernier spectacle des artistes au profit des Restos du cœur, a été enregistré en janvier à Montpellier. TF1/Christophe Chevalin © Christophe Chevalin "An air of bastards", the latest show of artists for the benefit of the restaurants of the heart, was recorded in January in Montpellier. TF1 / Christophe Chevalin They did not have a public, but they put some heart. "An air of bastards", the last show of artists for the benefit of the restaurants of the heart, recorded in January 2022 in Montpellier, was broadcast this Friday, March 4th at 9:10 pm on TF1. It is first of all the head in the stars that it all started, with the Handisport Tennis Player Pauline Pauline Dropped perched on the moon overlooking the footballer Kylian mbed . Soon joined by dozens of other bastards, they chained the "higher" titles of France Gall and "by weightlessness" of Calogero. Nice moment of emotion then when they diverted the words of "Lake Connemara" by Michel Sardou to greet all the artists present, even sliding a wink to Jean-Jacques Goldman, who left the bastards there. At six years old . The succession of musical paintings was very rich. On one side of the numbers sometimes very energetic or playful: "crazy" of Soprano, "the rest" of Clara Luciani, "God gave me the faith" of Ophélie Winter, "Katchi" duo ofenbach, "Mambo of the decalco "from Richard Gotaginer," the Seine "of M ... a slam of Patrick Bruel on the other, more solemn moments:" Ordinary "of Robert Charlebois," I come back to get you "from Gilbert Bécaud," here "of Barbara Pravi Beautifully resuming by the Trio Camellia Jordana, Anne Sila and Nolwenn Leroy, "Châtelet Les Halles" of Florent Pagny, "Dear friend" by Marc Lavoine ... All took advantage of XXL staged in his eyes. Among our favorite moments of this evening: the recovery of "behind the fog" of sick big body and Luane, where we heard Patrick Bruel singing Slam, it does not happen every day. But also the return as majesty of Catherine Lara joined by Renaud Hooded violin on "he changed the life" of Goldman or the moment of communion touching between Jean-Louis Aubert, Patrick Fiori, Claudio Capeo and Benabar with four children on " Beautiful daddy "from Vianney. Note also the friendly participation of Kad Merad and Vanessa Paradis remotely, who recorded video scenes serving as a decor on certain titles. Band organized in ch'ti mode for once, the majority of humorous sequences were successful. By taking advantage of the absence of public to turn them behind the scenes, the rendering was frankly convincing, whether they are the jokes on a wig of Gérard Jugnot, the parodies of pubs Nespresso or Carglass, or the diversion of band organized , The collective of Marseille rappers led by Jul, Ch'tis or Breton way. Small flat on the sketch of the football coach a little long, and downright a big no for that of the spatial shuttle that fell completely flat, pretext to stage Thomas Pesquet in a combination of astronaut ... the absence of public, for reasons of safety in the full pandemic of Covid-19, sometimes felt, especially in broad shots that showed empty armchairs, but the bastards preferred to turn the situation in derision, devoting several sequences to Nicolas Canteloup tempting from Sell ​​DVDs from the show in deserted blends. Being deprived of spectators, the restaurants of the heart accuse a shortage of EUR 4 million s. Donations and purchases of CDs and DVDs of this evening (19.99 euros and 24.99 euros, each sale representing 17 meals), available from Saturday, March 5, are all the more important.

Residual Program of the 2nd League: The Climbing Race at a Glance .
Current Stand Before the 30th Matchday Place One: FC Schalke 04 © imago images / Treese Schalke_Jubel_Rest Program The FC Schalke is located before the 30th matchday in place one with 53 Points and a goal ratio of 59:53. matchday opens date first leg 30. matchday sv darmstadt 98 4. (a) so 17.04.2022 13:30 2: 4 31st matchday Werder Bremen 2. (H) Sat 23.04.2022 13:30 1: 1 32. Game day SV Sandhausen 15. (A) Fri 29.04.2022 18:30 5: 2 33. Gameday FC St. Pauli 3. (H) Sat 07.05.2022 20:30 1: 2 34.

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