Reviews George Russell: Mercedes has already shown in the F1 season 2021, as it goes

16:25  26 march  2022
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Electric cars: Daimler Caps Shares in China Flop Denza Clearly

 Electric cars: Daimler Caps Shares in China Flop Denza Clearly The car maker will only last ten instead of 50 percent of the brand. The models of the BYD-operated E-Auto brand are considered to be a shopkeeper. © DPA The Swede focuses Mercedes-Benz consistently on its core. more than a decade ago Daimler and BYD started an ambitious project under the Denza brand. The aerial goal of the two corporations was to become the "most successful manufacturer of vehicles with alternative drives in China".

George Russell lässt sich seinen Optimismus (noch?) nicht nehmen © Motorsport Images George Russell can not be optimized (yet?) Do not take

Mercedes is currently clearly the third force in the formula 1. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell reached the places three and four only thanks to the double loss of Red Bull. And on Friday in Saudi Arabia, they were back on the positions five and six festival, half a second behind the day best of Charles Leclerc.

is still lost. Only one of 23 planned races in the Formula 1 season 2022 is behind us. But the trend is currently not the friend of Mercedes. Hope the star brand draws mainly from the course of the past season. At least Russell expressly comments with reference to the year 2021 optimistic about the further season.

stopped driving from his Mercedes, the doctor had been driving for more than 30 years without license

 stopped driving from his Mercedes, the doctor had been driving for more than 30 years without license © Beatrice Le Grand / West-France The gendarmes controlled a driver without a license for 31 years, in Haute-Savoie. A 64-year-old motorist was controlled to a toll of the A40 in Haute-Savoie, Thursday, December 30, 2021. This radiologist circulated without driving license, and this for 31 years. He finished his trip to Switzerland by taxi.

"I think in Formula 1 things are changing incredibly fast. We have the great luck that the calendar, as I said, is not very close at the beginning of the season. And even if it takes a few months Only six or seven races completed in a season with 23 races, "the young Brite first executes.

Russell is convinced: "Even if you are incredibly fast from the starting blocks after the summer break, as Mercedes and Lewis have done last year, you still have a chance." In fact, the Mercedes in the final phase of the season 2021 was considered the superior vehicle in the premier class.

Lewis Hamilton turned again in the fall with three wins in a row in Sao Paulo, Doha and Jidda. Without the controversial finale in Abu Dhabi, there could have been four successes in series - and thus the highly desired eighth World Cup title.

Unification with Mercedes: Red Bulls New Engine Technology Chief starts in May

 Unification with Mercedes: Red Bulls New Engine Technology Chief starts in May © Motorsport Images Mercedes and Red Bull have an agreement achieved The new motor project of Red Bull continues to take shapes. After being announced in April 2021 the commitment of Ben Hodgkinson, it is now clear when the long-standing Mercedes man can start as a technical chief at Red Bull Powertrains. From May 24, Hodgkinson, who previously worked for Mercedes for Mercedes, is allowed to record the work at the bulls. Both teams have announced on Friday in a joint statement.

George Russell: If you need to operate damage

Therefore, currently the motto applies to Russell: "We have to run damage limitation at the moment, the residues collect if there is an opportunity to throw away unnecessary points, even if it may only be five or six or six or six Hopefully something goes, and make sure we are always in striking distance. "

"And then we can hopefully, if the car improves, come back and fight. It's a very long season, and I think we are all confident that we can, if we do everything right, can close the gap and possibly overtake "

Mercedes has with the introduction of the new Formula 1 vehicle generation most with the phenomenon known as "Porpoising", ie with the hopping of the vehicle at high speeds, which arises when the "Ground-Effect" is strongest to carry comes. Even in fast curves this becomes a problem.

to find a solution for this on the W13 is difficult. However, it is also proof that much undiscovered potential in the Boliding slumbers. However, Russel also knows that progress at Mercedes must be greater than Ferrari or Red Bull. Otherwise you can not catch up with the top in the royal class.

"We also know that Ferrari and Red Bull will constantly improve. So if we can catch up six tenths, there is no reason why they can not catch up six tenths." So we have to play after hearing. " If you create the turnaround, an electrifying three-fight around fame and honor can be created at the top.

explains: That's why it shone under the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton .
© Motorsport Images on the underbody The Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton lit by Lewis Hamilton who was very precise, which could noticed a strange light in Australia under the car of Lewis Hamilton. That was not there to make the W13 look better. No, it was a sensor to help Mercedes to get the Porpoising problem under control.

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