Reviews "Mountain Doctor" Squad 16: Further Muchs & New Love for Martin?!

16:25  07 april  2022
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"disappointment and disgusting": Martin Blachier in government decision

 © Screenshot LCI "Disappointment and Deceurs": Martin Blachier Scented by a government decision Martin Blachier spoke on his Twitter account, On Friday, January 7, after the government dropped a project that was particularly important to him. He shared his great disappointment.

Still, the "Mountain Doctor" fans have not completely digested the end of this year's season. For hardly any fanblebling, the final did not make complete for a chaos of feelings! We remember: Anne decided to leave the Gruberhof and Martin. Franziska grabbed Johann and her suitcases to recapture in the US. Martin broke together. Lilli stated a look behind Roberts's mask. And Linn met her father what she was completely out of the train.

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No wonder so that the scriptwriter now has to do all the hands full of our loved ones Ellmau and Gruberhof inhabitants: restore in season 16 and bring in the right track! Not only the viewers: inside are stretched, as it continues with Martin and Co., even the actors: in themselves, as Andrea Gerhard can look through Instagram.

"The Perfect Dinner": Martin cooks "as in the Star Restaurant" - only one stood with points

 in basket at Stuttgart is General Manager Martin a bit tired of the first evening at "The Perfect Dinner" (VOX). This is not in the way of perfectionism of the ex-hotel profession and ex-restaurant manager on a cruise ship.

"Mountain Doctor" Squad 16: Offspring & New Love for Martin?

There, the "Linn" actress now released a photo on the side of Dominic Raacke, which, as well as the last season finale, embodied its serial father Paul. On the occasion of the shooting for Season 16 starting at the end of May 2022, the 38-year-old hashtags as "anticipation" and "tension" and wrote to their fans: "Family Portrait. And there they are: Paul, played by the grandiose dominic raacke, & Linn. Father & Daughter. The first meeting has not triggered a great enthusiasm at Linn ... What are you thinking about? What is between the two & what would you wish for season 16 of the two? I'm so excited about your two? Ideas & I am very happy about working with Dominic. "

Long Andreas Follower did not ask for answers and assumptions. Some of them are in one point: "Drama will give it." Only the reason for the father's daughter-dessert is diligently debated at Instagram. For example, a user believes: in, for example, "he used to have an affair with Linn's best friend, that she never forgave him," while a different / R writes: "could be that Linn's mother was seriously ill and he was It has not crafted and stolen from responsibility ... "Nevertheless, most of them seem to be sure about the outcome of the storyline:" Linn will forgive her father. "

Otmar Szafnauer and the "two popes": Why he left Aston Martin

 Otmar Szafnauer and the © Motorsport Images Otmar Szafnauer at the test trips in Bahrain The new Alpine Formula 1 team boss Otmar Szafnauer made it clear that its authority at Aston Martin was undermined, and noted that a Formula 1 team could not be guided by "two Päpsten". In the context of the test drives in Bahrain, SzaFnauer declared that his work at Aston Martin stood under the owner Lawrence Stroll in the complete contrast than before under the lead Vijay Mallyas.

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"Mountain Doctor" Squad 16 without "Anne"? | Ines Lutz is commented "Mountain Doctor" - Season 16: ZDF strokes Special Follow The Best Deals at Amazon! *

A speculation that it has actorative Andrea's quite pleased is one that is also one that is also on Martins's love happiness after the Avoid separation from Anne: "Who knows, maybe even Linn's sisters are on? That would be something ... and one of the sisters is unknownly on Martin!" The Mimin reacts to this proposal: "Ha! The sisters also! Female surplus pure - I love the idea!"

could she have already spoiled something to the action of Season 16 itself? In her story she also pointed to the photo with her colleague, wrote "the tension at the 'mountain doctor' rises ... and the family grows!" An indication that the main cap is extended by Dominic Raacke? Or however the hint that soon more than two Kempers Ellmau make uncertain? Or - and that would certainly worry for all kinds of chaos - get Linn and Hans or Susanne and Paul nearby?!

We are curious! What is known about Season 16 , is here:

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Austin Race has shown: Ducatis GP22 does not run around .
while ENEA Bastianini on the 2021 Ducati of the Gresini team at the MotoGP weekend on the Circuit of the Americas in Austin has already earned its second season's victory His Ducati brand colleagues with the 2022 version of the Desmosedici heavier. Jack Miller, who after a long lead was ultimately "only" third parties, had illuminated his race directly on Sunday and in context to Bastianinis again made a strong presentation . Millers Ducati teammate Francesco Bagnaia finished the race as fifth.

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