Reviews War in Ukraine: Pro-Russian events in Germany cause controversy

21:10  10 april  2022
21:10  10 april  2022 Source:   rfi.fr

Russian army: "Z" - What is this mark?

 Russian army: At the beginning of the Russian attack war on Ukraine, tanks and military vehicles move further into the country. On them you often see symbols painted with white paint. Above all, a "Z" or an "O" often marks Russian armed forces. But what are the symbols? © dpa Russian armed vehicles in the Crimea (picture of the State Agency TASS) So far, in the Russian war against Ukraine , especially pictures of Russian tanks and trucks to see a "Z" symbol painted with white paint wear.

«Arrêtez de haïr les Russes». Manifestation pro-russes à Francfort, le 10 avril 2022. © AP - Boris Roessler "Stop hating the Russians". Pro-Russian demonstration in Frankfurt, April 10, 2022.

In Germany, several pro-Russian events were organized this weekend across the country by members of the Russian-speaking community.

"against hatred and harassment", "truth and freedom of opinion rather than propaganda". In Frankfurt, about 600 people waving a tide of Russian tricolor flags gathered this Sunday near the city's banks district, under the supervision of a major police device. The protesters then won the main cemetery of the city and deposit flowers in front of the grids in memory of Soviet soldiers fallen during the Second World War.

war in Ukraine. 1,207 civilians died in Maroupol in nine days of Russian siege, according to the town hall

 war in Ukraine. 1,207 civilians died in Maroupol in nine days of Russian siege, according to the town hall © Ukrainian National Police Service / Reuters The Municipality of Maroupol, Southeast City of Ukraine besieged by the forces of Moscow, a Accused Wednesday, March 9, Russia for destroying a children's hospital through aerial strikes. The municipality of Maroupol, southern city of Ukraine besieged for nine days, lamented, Wednesday, March 9, the death of 1,207 civilians. The Ukrainian Presidency has confirmed this information.

in Hanover, in the North, the protesters were also numerous. They organized a car convoy in the Indian file under close police monitoring, while a counter-event brought together 3,500 people under the slogan "Support Ukraine!

The day before in Lübeck, the police eventually stopped a similar convoy of about sixty vehicles because of "violations of legislation", in particular "the support posted to the war of aggression of Russia against the Ukraine as well as the use of prohibited symbols, "the local police said. A manifestation of the same type also took place in Stuttgart.

The German authorities fear an importation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict into the territory of Germany. Germany has 1.2 million people from, or their families, from Russia and 325,000 from Ukraine to which has been added for a month of more than 316,000 Ukrainian refugees.

The multiplication of events denouncing the "russophobia" which would have won Germany provoked a strong debate in the country, because the authorities see it a danger of instrumentalization and propaganda for the theses defended by Moscow in the war. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the police have listed 383 anti-Russian offenses and 181 anti-Ukrainian offenses.

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Spy satellites, a decisive tool against war crimes .
© Leon Klein / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP C ' is one of the direct consequences of the war in Ukraine. As international mail explains, the role of commercial spy satellites has increased considerably since the beginning of the Russian invasion in the country on February 24.

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