Reviews high-tech cooling cushion: How this implantable ice pack against pain helps

14:00  28 july  2022
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That belongs in every first aid kit

 That belongs in every first aid kit no matter where it is going: nasal spray, wound care products and pain relievers are part of the first aid kit on every trip. This advises the “Stiftung Warentest” in the current issue (issue 8/2022). Because if vacationers get sick, they usually move in a cold or a small injury. This was the result of the DAK vacation report 2021. © Christin Klose/dpa-tmn If you go on vacation, you usually do well to take a small first aid kit.

The world of implants is enriched by an invention: US scientists have developed a new cool pack inside that is supposed to help against local pain.

Kühlpacks sorgen bei Schmerzen oft für Linderung. © Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock Cool packs often cause relief in the event of pain.

with smaller (sports) injuries should help bad luck. Most of the time you already had it before, but unlucky is an acronym for a break, ice cream, compression and high. Eis or cooling packs in particular can ensure the first relief of the symptoms in the event of pain. However, this cooling process is inaccurate, explains the Portal Spectrum .

App-based implant enables cross-sectional-paralyzed, go again

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 Sunburned Blush: Red Wangen how lightly burned from the sun are the beauty trend 2022, which stars like Hailey Bieber love yes, of course long sunbathing is not recommended even with UV protection and of course each sunburn , No matter how pronounced, the skin too unnecessary damage. However, it is not completely denied: slightly reddened cheeks like after a long day of vacation give the face an immediate freshness of freshness and look summer sex.

"groundbreaking": brain implant can detect and relieve pain

batteries from nuclear waste should provide medical implants with energy. And to alleviate more targeted, the American Northwestern University has therefore developed a special cooling pack. The special thing about the high-tech gadget: it is not placed chilled in a painful area, but rather implanted directly to the problem area. An ice pack as an implant, so to speak. The cooling pack under the skin

The cooling pack consists of the spectrum of the nerve -like material polyoctandiolcitrat (POC). POC can melt in the body and thus cause a cooling effect. A chemical reaction is triggered by temperature fluctuations in the body in pain that enables a precise cooling. Initial tests on rats are said to have confirmed the effectiveness of the cooling implant, emerges from the report.

The use of the cooling implant is conceivable for amputations in order to counteract phantom pain. However, there is also the risk of permanent nerve damage, the temperature of the implant should drop too far, the portal quotes the scientists: inside. According to the spectrum, it is still a long way to use the human object.

Until then only the well-tried cooling or ice pack remains from the ice compartment in the event of pain. However, it should be noted that the cooling should only be made for 15 to 20 minutes at the affected area, otherwise there is a risk of so -called cold burn.

The teachings from the Grand Prix of Hungary .
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