Reviews United States. Fourth discovery of human remains in Lake Mead in three months

15:50  08 august  2022
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Thousands of fish found dead in Indian lakes and ponds

 Thousands of fish found dead in Indian lakes and ponds This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred: the massive death of fish in the Bangaga water tank, located in the west of The India , has even been qualified as "annual tragedy" , as the reports Quartz . It is consecutive to the holding of Religious rituals: each year, large quantities of food are thrown into the pond, causing the poisoning of thousands of fish.

De nouveaux ossements humains ont été découverts le samedi 6 août 2022 dans le lac Mead aux États-Unis. © Ethan Miller / Getty Images via AFP of new human bones were discovered on Saturday August 6, 2022 in Lake Mead in the United States.

Since May 2022, discoveries of human bones have multiplied in this lake near Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. Latest: Saturday August 6. The historically low water level due to the drought that strikes this region in the United States could explain these discoveries.

The calm waters of a lake can hide ... corpses. This is in any case what the recent macabre discoveries taught in Lake Mead, known as the most important water reservoir in the United States . Located near Las Vegas, at the junction between Arizona and Nevada, the artificial lake is gradually being a cemetery. This Saturday, August 6, human bones have been discovered for the fourth time since May 2022. A period from which the lake water has gradually evaporated, as drought has settled.

A third body discovered in a lake during drying up near Las Vegas

 A third body discovered in a lake during drying up near Las Vegas © Patrick T. Fallon The level of Lake Mead, here on June 27, 2022, very close to the American capital of the game and very popular with boaters , fell to recently reaching historically low levels for the third time since May, human remains have been discovered on the dry bank of Lake Mead, near Las Vegas, an artificial reservoir whose level continues to drop Under the effect of a chronic drought.

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Four discoveries in three months

on Saturday, the lake forest guards, as Slate tells, received a call informing them of the presence of human bones. These remains were then recovered by divers from the Metropolitan Police of Las Vegas in the Swim Beach area.

On July 25, human remains had already been found on the same site. Rangers have recovered the bones, which would still be under examination.

On May 1, A skeleton was found in a metallic was on the banks of Lake . According to Las Vegas police, the person found was killed in the 1980s. According to the first results, it would be the skeleton of a man shot down in the head, stuffed in a barrel and thrown away At the bottom of the lake, around forty years ago. It was based on personal effects found with the body that the Las Vegas police estimated that murder dates back to the late 1970s or early 1980s. The police also specified that he could Acting a victim of the underworld, particularly active in the region at that time.

A must for picnic: mini club sandwichs with blue cheese

 A must for picnic: mini club sandwichs with blue cheese due to the low water level in Lake Constance, especially on the western bank, the first boats have to be brought out of the ports. "We have been on the away for 14 days," said the port master of the municipality of Moos (district of Constance), Martin Graf. "With us there is actually no boat where it should." Around a third of the boats on the approximately 400 berths were either laid or taken out of the water.

Less than a week later, two sisters who were paddle on the lake discovered other bones.

A historic drought

on August 2, 2022, The UN alerted in a press release that the two largest tanks in the United States, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, which provide water and electricity to Millions of people, were about to become dead pools (dead basins).

The satellite images of Lake Mead demonstrate "a striking illustration of climate change and a long-term drought that could be the worst in the west of the United States for twelve centuries", commented NASA in early July in a statement.

researchers make uncanny discovery under the ice .
Antarctic researcher: Inside from New Zealand, 500 meters under the ice have discovered a "hidden world" full of water. The enthusiasm is huge! © Mantapaphoto/iStock Ice area A New Zealand research team made a spectacular discovery as part of a study on the effects of global global warming in Antarctic.

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