Reviews Measures against Porpoising: Ferrari wants to prevent FIA anti-advance

16:50  10 august  2022
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Formula 1 Technology: How the FIA ​​will be the "Porpoising" to get

 Formula 1 Technology: How the FIA ​​will be the © Giorgio Piola The Formula 1 cars are raised somewhat in 2023 The conversion of Formula 1 to floor effect cars to the 2022 season, with which attempts were made To make the races closer, had an unintentional and large side effect: the so -called "porpoising". While all teams - some more, some - had to struggle with it, the drivers' complaints about the "bouncing" finally caused the FIA ​​to act.

Mattia Binotto möchte die geplanten FIA-Maßnahmen verhindern © Motorsport Images Mattia Binotto would like to prevent the planned FIA measures

should progress with its plans to the new sub-floors for 2023, which one would like to adjust for safety reasons, then it will be Ferrari is likely to defend yourself against it, as team boss Mattia Binotto emphasizes. The dispute over a new regulations for the coming year had started speed in the past few weeks.

It is still about porpoising that you want to get under control. Mercedes in particular campaigns for this and takes an medical report as the basis . However, the competition believes that the silver arrows would benefit the most from a possible change.

Ferrari sets the pace: Sainz in front of Leclerc and Verstappen

 Ferrari sets the pace: Sainz in front of Leclerc and Verstappen Ferrari again at the top: Scuderia also set the best time in the second free training of Formula 1 before France. © provided by Sport1.de Ferrari set the pace: Sainz ahead of Leclerc and Verstappen Ferrari again at the top: The SCUDERIA also set the best time in the second free training of Formula 1 before the Grand Prix - this time was the Spaniard Carlos Sainz in 1: 32.527 minutes.

A new technical guideline is already being used in Belgium, which is supposed to prevent excessive bouncing, but it should not remain: the FIA ​​wants to force the teams to raise the edges of the sub -floors and the diffuser channel. The association could play the card security in order to push through the measures against the desire of the teams.

Ferrari wants to stop FIA

But some teams are not sure whether this is really a safety-relevant problem: For Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto, there is "no reason why we should make changes for security reasons," as he says. "If you look at the past races, I don't see a security problem."

"If the FIA ​​would change the Aero rules for 2023, it would be very bad at this time. . "There is no reason why it should be done for security reasons. I think that can't happen, that's that simple."

Verstappen in front-Ferrari

 Verstappen in front-Ferrari Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has positioned himself in good time before qualifying at the Grand Prix of France. © provided by Sport1.de Verstappen in front-disturbing knowledge with Ferrari Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen was positioned in time before qualifying at the Grand Prix of France. The Dutch turned the fastest round in the third free training in Le Castellet in 1: 32.272 minutes and landed for the first time this weekend in front of the Ferrari pilots Charles Leclerc

"and you should do that," adds the Italian, "then we will try to understand how we can stop them. Because we just don't agree with you."

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem announced this week on Twitter that the revised technical regulations for 2023 had already been sent to the WMSC motorsport worldwed.

Ferrari and Red Bull on one page

, however, is unclear whether anything was agreed with the teams, since the FIA ​​does not require any approval when it comes to security issues. The originally intended increase of 25 millimeters was not well received by the teams, but a compromise was considered. The teams would like to have a quick clarification because they have to prepare for 2023.

Ferrari and Red Bull are competitors in the World Cup, but they are on the same side when it comes to underbody. "If you discuss the regulations and the future, this is for the benefit of Formula 1, and there should only be common sense that is the well -being of Formula 1," says Binotto.

"are the rules of the rules in comparison to Red Bull in our favor or not? To be honest, I don't know, I don't care," he emphasizes. "I think if you make such a balance on every single topic, then it becomes lobbying and advocacy, which is not good for sport in the medium or long-term."

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