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14:00  17 september  2022
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hairstyle trend: In autumn 2022

 hairstyle trend: In autumn 2022 we love these hair colors The new hair color trends can be inspired by nature in autumn 2022 and create a variety of beautiful tones that we can try out © imaxtree hairstyle trend: These hair colors If we love in autumn 2022 IMAXTREE this year it is thanks to the abundance of inspiration that we have seen on the catwalks, on social media and for celebrities in the A-list, easy for a new hair color or an to decide new haircuts .

Balayage was yesterday. From now on we are relying on the new coloring technique Palm Painting for an even more natural look, because it gently conjures up the most beautiful autumn colors in our hair

Palm Painting: Der neuste Färbe-Trend imaxtree © imaxtre palm painting: The latest coloring trend imaxtre

balayage has been the hottest and most popular in the last few years Hair trends. Because with its delicate reflexes, the technology not only caused hair like freshly kissed from the sun, but also for a very natural look. Now there is a new method that Balayage will compete in autumn: Palm Painting .

Therefore, we love Palm Painting

, unlike at Balayage, the hair color at Palm Painting is not applied to the hair with a brush, but - as the name already reveals - with the palm. This should look even more softer and more natural. In addition, the color merges perfectly with the natural tone and can grow out without leaving an unsightly hairline.

This trend hairstyle for autumn 2022 is simply every age!

 This trend hairstyle for autumn 2022 is simply every age! When it comes to trend hairstyles , we have already participated. We like some trends straight away - with others we just don't get warm. And that's not bad either. Because actually we know almost exactly what we are and what is not. © Getty Images of the Mixie The trend hairstyle in autumn Getty Images becomes the trend hairstyle that this article deals with is a perfect all -rounder . It will be celebrated in autumn 2022 because it should stand all age.

New hair color trend: In autumn we wear bronze-hair

so it works palm painting

What palm painting is so natural is the dyeing technique, because there is no exact procedure. In contrast to other hair dye methods, the strands are not painted individually with the brush, but the color is only applied with the fingers in the hair lengths. As a result, there are no hard transitions and the colored hair parts flow fluently into the rest of the hair. Big plus: Since the approach is left out at Palm Painting, no regular reeling is required.

Prisma, cylinder, cuboid: With this pocket trend for autumn 2022, geometry is finally fun .
"Form follows function" is probably the motto of the designers this season: inside. Because where the eye looks, cuboids, prisms and cylinders frolic on the catwalks. We can calm down those in whom the neck hair is now set up because they feel back on the school desk: it is not a computing task, but the pocket trend for autumn 2022 .

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