Reviews admission of refugees from Ukraine: Land helps municipalities

21:11  26 september  2022
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Daimagüler scourges discrimination of Ukrainian Roma-folded

 Daimagüler scourges discrimination of Ukrainian Roma-folded The Federal Government Commissioner against Antigziganism, Mehmet Daimagüler, has asked for more direct help for Roma-refugees from Ukraine. Often there are no help from those affected, he complained.

With more money, the state government wants to help cities and municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein with the admission and integration of refugees from Ukraine. "We want to do this well, there are no gymnasiums," said Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) on Monday after a meeting with the municipal umbrella organizations. He described the agreement made as fair.

Ein Mann hält einen ukrainischen Reisepass in der Hand. © Jens Büttner/dpa/symbol image A man holds a Ukrainian passport in his hand.

Finance Minister Monika Heinold (Greens) put the volume at a total of around 95 million euros. However, the state parliament still had to agree to the plans. Among other things, the country wants to bear the majority of the costs that arise for accommodation beyond the 17 million euros provided by the federal government. The country wants to bear 90 percent of the costs, the municipalities have to take over ten percent.

A tourist company offers a tour of Ukraine to discover in real time the impacts of war

 A tourist company offers a tour of Ukraine to discover in real time the impacts of war A travel agency offers stays in Ukraine to show the damage caused by the conflict between Russia, six months after the trigger of hostilities. Surprising information is revealed by CNN . A travel agency offers tourists to discover the Ukraine . The Eastern European country is still in the midst of war against Russia. It is the Internet platform Visit Ukrain which offers the possibility of spending a vacation on the Ukrainian territory. The company has already sold 150 tickets.

Kiel's Mayor Ulf Kämpfer (SPD) referred to the major challenges of the cities: "We already have an enormous shortage of housing." No sports halls have been used yet, but the municipalities looked at further development. The number of minor refugees has also increased. "In the worst case, something is brewing." The country must expand the recording capacities.

The chairman of the district council, District Administrator Reinhard Sager (CDU), spoke of more planning security through the agreement. With a view to the admission of refugees, he warned against sending “further escape incentives”. "We urgently need to create significantly more places for the inclusion of refugees." The state chairman of the municipal day, Thomas Schreitmüller, also referred to the problems with the accommodation of people.

Pro Asyl: Some refugees from Ukraine from September

 Pro Asyl: Some refugees from Ukraine from September The Organization Pro Asyl and the state refugee councils have warned of the deportation of war refugees without a Ukrainian passport. Half a year after the start of the war, these people ran the risk of falling into toleration and being deported due to new regulations from September 1st, an explanation said on Tuesday. "All people who fled in Ukraine before the war must be treated equally," said Wiebke Judith from Pro Asyl.

Prime Minister Günther emphasized that integration was more than a safe place to stay. The country has promised more financial help for educational offers and support for families, for children and for young people. "With these important tasks we don't leave the municipalities alone." According to Finance Minister Heinold,

will provide another eight million euros for operating costs and for the preparation of community accommodation and living space. In addition, there will be already incurred costs for emergency accommodation in the municipalities by the end of the year. There are 15 million euros for childcare offers, with the country bearing 90 percent of the costs.

The number of war refugees from Ukraine in Schleswig-Holstein has already risen to almost 43,000. According to the State Office for Immigration and Refugees, 41,790 war refugees with Ukrainian citizenship have been recorded by the state since the beginning of the war on February 24. In addition, 1071 people from third countries were registered, which were also sold from Ukraine.

at the meeting on Monday in Kiel, according to Heinold's information, the municipalities also agreed to get a 150 million euro program for the municipal heat turnaround together with the state. "Schleswig-Holstein is taking another step to reach its energy savings goals and to switch to regenerative energy." The money is to be funded with the money.

Landkreisstag President - Land districts come with rising number of refugees to borders .
Berlin (Reuters) - The President of the German Land Council (DLT), Reinhard Sager, has warned of overloading the counties in view of the increasing figures of refugees from Ukraine. © Thomson Reuters Archive: Refugees in an emergency camp in Berlin, Germany As Sager told the editorial network Germany in advance on Friday, the counties will reach their limits with regard to their accommodation capacity.

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