Reviews Tesla competitor in the fast lane: BYD now the no.2 for e-car batteries

07:40  30 september  2022
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Tesla is being sued! Guardian mode of e-cars calls consumer protection on Plan

 Tesla is being sued! Guardian mode of e-cars calls consumer protection on Plan Berlin-The Federal Association of Consumer Centers accuses the e-car manufacturer Tesla misleading advertising on CO2 emissions and lack of clarifying buyers in data protection. © provided by TAG24 The e-cars produced by Tesla with guard mode ensure criticism. The association therefore sued the group before the Berlin Regional Court, as the VZBV announced on Tuesday. The court confirmed the receipt of the lawsuit. (File number 52 O 242/22) From Tesla there was initially no reaction.

BYD (Build Your Dreams) was able to further improve its market position in electric vehicle battery cells in July and has risen to global No. 2.

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• Electric cars in China on the advance

• BYD strong for electric cars and batteries

• Chinese manufacturers dominate market for e-car batteries

for the first time in the investor focus moved BYD in 2008 when Berkshire Hathaway took part in the investment company of Börsengurus Warren Buffett in the car manufacturer based in Shenzhen. After that, it initially became quiet around the group, which was mainly due to the fact that BYD mainly focused on the Chinese market.

Tesla share attracts: Tesla reports profit jump - Bitcoins sells

 Tesla share attracts: Tesla reports profit jump - Bitcoins sells The electric car maker Tesla has informed investors about the past annual quarter. © provided by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images Despite the pandeme -related loss of production in China and persistent supply chain problems, Tesla almost doubled the win in the second quarter. Thanks to strong price increases, the electric car manufacturer earned $ 2.3 billion and thus 98 percent more than a year ago. This was announced by star entrepreneurs Elon Musk on Wednesday after the U.S.

But then a bang followed at the beginning of July 2022: The Chinese electric car maker was able to pass the number of extraditions for the first half of to industry leader Tesla . The fact that Tesla production in Shanghai had been severely affected by Corona Lockdown measures, which BYD was able to produce unhindered in the south of China.

Ascent to e-vehicle batteries

According to the South Korean analysis company SNE Research, BYD has now been successful in July 2022: As "Bloomberg" reports on Sne data, BYD moved to the LG belonging to South Korean Group Energy over and thus rose to the world's second largest manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles. remained at the top of the Chinese battery giant Catl (Contemporary Amperex Technology), which produced batteries with a total capacity of 13.3 gigawatt hours (GWH), followed by BYD with 6.4 GWh. LG Energy with 4.4 GWh has fallen back to third place, followed by the Japanese

Tesla share: PG & E and SCE customers can earn money with Tesla Powerwalls

 Tesla share: PG & E and SCE customers can earn money with Tesla Powerwalls California's electricity supplier PG & E and SCE cooperate with Tesla to secure the power supply: If you have a Tesla, you can get the electricity from the wallbox for two US dollars per Sell ​​kWh. This is how the "largest virtual battery in the world" is to be created. © provided by Finanzen.net Andrew Burton/Getty Images • Households with Tesla Powerwall can feed the electricity from the Wallbox at peak times into the power grid • At the end of the season, the participants receive two US dol


group with 2.9 GWh. For comparison: worldwide, battery sales in July amounted to 39.7 GWh - an increase of 80 percent compared to the corresponding month of the previous year. With this, Chinese manufacturers now clearly dominate the market for electric vehicle batteries. In the Middle Kingdom, increasing petrol prices are currently ensuring that interest in electric cars increases significantly. In addition, the manufacturers are increasingly electrifying their fleets.

is considered the seven-month period January to July 2022, the distribution of the market, according to the SNE data, remained unchanged: Catl remained the market leader with 34.7 percent, followed by LG Energy with a market share of 14.2 percent and BYD with 12, 6 percent.Redaction finanzen.net

Amazon or Tesla: Which fallen tech share is now more attractive? .
© provided by The Motley Fool Ziel Many tech shares have been properly under the bikes in the past few weeks and months. Until a year ago, they were strong in the favor of investors. Two stocks that have suffered this fate are the Amazon share (WKN: 906866) and the Tesla share (WKN: A1Cх- $ T).

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